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At Home Teeth Whitening: Bye, Bye, Coffee Stains. Hello, Pearly Whites.

In this post I will review Smile Brilliant’s at home Teeth Whitening System. Bye Bye Coffee Stains, Hello Pearly Whites!

Today I am going to share my honest review of Smile Brilliant’s at home teeth whitening system.

This post is sponsored by Smile Brilliant. All opinions are 100% my own, and I would never recommend a product that I did not love. This post does contain affiliate links and ads.

In this post I will review Smile Brilliant's at home Teeth Whitening System. Bye Bye Coffee Stains, Hello Pearly Whites!

I have worked in the service industry for almost 15 years now.

One of the things I take pride in when going to work is my appearance. I like to have a fresh face, nails done, and a clean uniform because I feel like if a guest can tell an employee takes care of themselves, then they will take great care of their guests.

That may be my opinion, anyways.

Thanks to Smile Brilliant, I Have More Confidence in My Daily Life

Regardless, one thing I have always struggled with is my smile. I don’t really like my teeth in general, but multiply the 15 years since I started drinking coffee, times ten cups of a day, my teeth were working their way to an easter-yellow.

I have tried numerous products in the past; whitening strips, “whitening” mouthwashes, and, most recently, Plus White 5 Minute Speed Whitening Gel. I had zero luck with these products. The strips would always fall off my teeth, the mouthwash just freshened my breath but did not whitened, and the 5-minute speed gel required constant application, and it was extremely temporary.

Once Smile Brilliant reached out to me for a collaboration with their Teeth Whitening system, I was pretty skeptical, but I figured I’d give it a try.

I was quite impressed with the process, so much so, that I would love to give you my honest review in the description below.

How long did the teeth whitening system process take?

From the time Smile Brilliant got in touch with me, the entire process took a little under 8 weeks. It took me a little longer to send my impressions back in since Lennox came down with a bad cold and double ear infection. You never know where life will take you with a toddler.

Here is the timeline for the teeth whitening process

  • After you place your order online, within a week and a half, you will receive a special package in the mail. This package includes the teeth whitening system, along with 3 sets of impression materials to mold your teeth to make custom trays for your teeth.
  • Once you send back your trays, it takes approximately two weeks to receive your customized trays.
  • After you receive your trays, the whitening process can begin. Keep reading for further details.

What Comes in the teeth whitening system?

Since I have experienced teeth sensitivity with previous whitening products, Smile Brilliant so kindly sent me a teeth whitening system made for sensitive teeth.

In my kit, I received:

·      Two blue impression trays

·      3 sets of impression materials. Three blue (base) and three white (catalysts). If correctly done, you will only need to use two sets of the impression materials, but since it is a time-sensitive process, Smile Brilliant makes sure you are equipped in case of error.

  • Four Teeth Whitening Gels
  • Four Desensitizing gels
  • A prepaid envelope to send back your impressions.
Teeth Whitening System

How to make the impressions

To get your custom-fitted trays, you must first correctly mold your teeth. This is time-sensitive, so I recommend taking the time to read the instructions first. 

First, you mix the one base and one catalyst together until they are fully blended. Then, you have to evenly distribute the putty throughout one of the trays and quickly place your teeth correctly into the tray.

    Smile Brilliant offers some useful tips:

  • You want to make sure the putty is distributed evenly.
  • Making your impression in front of the mirror will make the process easier.
  • Teeth need to be pressed far enough into the putty.
  • Make sure you leave the impression on your teeth for at least two minutes, or until the putty has completely hardened.

Again, don’t be worried if you mess up, because as I mentioned earlier, Smile Brilliant sends an extra set of impression materials in case of error.

Once your molds have hardened, send them back to the Smile Brilliant Laboratory in your prepaid envelope.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening System Review and Free Giveaway

How does the whitening process work?

Once you have received your customized impressions, you can now begin the fun part, the whitening process!

Since I have the most time after my little one is tucked away for the night, I did my whitening at night.

The process is super simple. All you have to do is take one of the whitening syringes in the orange packet, twist the top off, and apply a thin line on the top and bottom impressions.

Note* one syringe has three to four applications!

Insert both impressions and relax. You can leave your trays in for 45 minutes to three hours.

In the first couple of days, I experienced some sensitivity, so I left them in for less time. By the end of my whitening process, I was leaving them in closer to two-three hours.

Once you are done whitening, clean, and dry your trays. Then, twist the top off of the purple syringe to apply a thin ribbon of the desensitizing gel. Dry your teeth, and then insert the trays for 15-20 minutes.

After 15-20 minutes, spit the rest of the gel off, but leave the remainder on your teeth, and do not consume food for a minimum of 30 minutes.

By day seven, I was already seeing tremendous results. At the end of the process I hardly saw any yellow on my teeth. I was, and still am, so excited.

Check out my before and after pics below!

Before:After Smile Brilliant

After finishing all of my sessions, I am pleased with my outcome. Not only did I have a great experience with Smile Brilliant’s teething whitening kit, but my confidence has improved drastically. Last week, I even had one of my bar guests tell me that my smile was radiating. I was over the moon, to say the least. Below you can see a picture of me on my last day of the whitening process. I was headed to work and ready to spread my contagious, white smile =).

So here’s the fun part

Since I had such a great experience with my teeth whitening kit, Smile Brilliant is allowing me to give one of you, my awesome readers, the chance to win this Teeth Whitening System valued at $189.00. Don’t miss out on the fabulous opportunity. All you have to do is click on the button below, where you will be directed to Smile Brilliant’s page. All you have to do is enter in your first name, and e-mail address. It’s as simple as that!

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Saturday 11th of January 2020

There are definitely so many options out there now. Thanks for your review.


Friday 10th of January 2020

Wow, I haven't come across too many of these systems that actually seem to work! You look great in the before and after, but I actually see a difference! Thanks for sharing your experience!


Friday 10th of January 2020

This sounds amazing. Totally could use this. What are the ingredients that are in the whitening formula?


Thursday 9th of January 2020

Cool, I have never tried this before. I just went through a round of crest white strips and see a major difference. How does this compare?