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A Quick and Easy Salvadoran Shrimp Ceviche

Today, I am not hesitant to try new things. Now that I am a mama, one of my parenting goals, apart from raising a Spanish-speaker, was to raise an adventurous eater. So, as soon as he turned six-months-old, we started him on solid foods through baby-led weaning, and jokes aside, this kid eats everything. By nine-months, he was eating shellfish. His favorite food at one-year-old was this Typical Salvadoran Shrimp Ceviche. Watch the video below to see his serious love for Ceviche at almost one-year-old.

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Breastfeeding Basket: The Best Baby Shower Gift You Can Give to a New Mama

One way I help first-time-mamas is by gifting them a basket of practical items for their baby shower. If they plan on breastfeeding, I give them a basket full of breastfeeding essentials that, in my case, a first-time-mom might not realize she needs until she needs it at the moment. Below is a list of 9 breastfeeding essentials for the breastfeeding mama.

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What is Baby Led Weaning and Why is it Worth It?

First things first, the word weaning is misleading. It does not mean the elimination of breastmilk/formula but rather the addition of solid foods to your already established milk schedule. Traditional weaning is when you supplement your baby with puréed foods and gradually advance to solid foods as your baby develops. In most cases, the purees are fed to the baby by a parent or guardian. Baby led weaning, on the other hand, is weaning LED by the baby. Read more here.

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DIY Mason Jar Centerpieces

Centerpieces can be expensive, especially if you have a lot of tables to decorate. At my baby shower, well Baby-Q, I had 12 tables, so, to save money I made my own centerpieces. Not only were they extremely affordable and fun to make, but they can be reused after the baby shower for personal in-home use or be gifted as favors for others to use in their homes.

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My Unexpected C-Section Birth Story

           Going back to my pregnancy, I used to believe; ‘If I am such a champ at pregnancy, then I’ve got this motherhood thing in the bag’- or so I thought. I used to think a lot, scratch that. Now that I think about it, I didn’t really think about motherhood that much at all. I did, however, do a lot of researching and buying of baby products. Oh, and I did read a couple books. According to myself I was more than prepared to take on a baby. Anyways, all they do is eat, sleep and poop right?

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