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Raising bilingual children? You’ve come to the right place!

Are you interested in, or currently raising bilingual children? That is superb! You are doing a wonderful thing for your child for which they will be forever grateful!

If you’re just getting started on your bilingual journey, you need to choose a family language plan that works for your family!

Check out the four more-studied family language plans below:

MLAH Bilingual Parenting Method

Minority Language At Home

This approach is ideal for two parents or caretakers who both speak the minority, or target language and want to nurture it at home.

One Person, One Language

OPOL is an excellent option for mixed-language families who want to raise a bilingual child. The most common families using this approach are those with one monolingual speaking parent.

Time and Place

The time and place approach is great for monolingual parents who want to introduce a second language at home.

Mixed language families who want to introduce a third language or more.

This is also a great approach for monolingual families who want to learn a language together!

Mixed Language Strategy

Mixed Language Policy

The Mixed Language Strategy is relatively straightforward. Both parents use both the minority and the majority languages with their child(ren).

Many bilingual communities, such as immigrant enclaves or expat communities use the Mixed Language Strategy.

Once you pick your family language strategy, check out the following posts for more information about childhood bilingualism.

Don’t worry if you haven’t picked your strategy yet. These strategies are flexible and you can tailor them to your family’s needs.

Now that you have a guide, let’s get playing & learning languages!

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