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18 Spring Picture Books in Spanish for Kids

Inside: 18 spring picture books in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and beginner Spanish learners. 

Spring is in FULL bloom, and I have never been more excited!

Last spring was stolen from us, thanks to the pandemic. This year, social distancing is still in place, but the one good thing about spring is that we can now ditch the winter cabin fever and take our social distancing outside!

I am so excited!

As soon as spring hit last year, Lennox and I had our hands in all sorts of sensory activities for toddlers and preschoolers. We also met up with a group of neighborhood mothers to have an outdoor reading circle, socially-distancing-style!

We had so much fun being able to read in a group, and see other faces, that I would love to do it again this year, and what a better topic to read about than everything SPRING, in Spanish!!!

Okay, so you might not be down with the Spanish language yet, no worries!

You just landed on the perfect page because I offer TONS of free seasonal and thematic printable activities that will boost your Spanish vocabulary, just like these 20 ADORABLE spring flashcards in Spanish. There is also a list of fun ways to use them!

I recommend checking out the spring flashcards first! They will give you an introduction to what themes you might find in this selection of 16 spring picture books in Spanish!

These spring picture books in Spanish are great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and ANY beginner learner of the Spanish language!

Use them in the classroom, at home, in an outdoor circle reading, or as a bedtime story. They are all perfect for getting the young reader in the springtime mood! Enjoy!

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16 spring picture books in Spanish ! These books are great for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, and ANY beginner learner of the Spanish language!

16 Spring Picture Books in Spanish

Eric Carle has a great selection of Spring-themed book with excellent translations in Spanish. The first three will books will be by Eric Carle, and I can tell you, they have been three of Lennox’s favorites!

1. La araña muy ocupada

By: Eric Carle

Now that spring is here, are you starting to notice spiderwebs everywhere? 

La araña muy ocupada is the perfect book to read to your kiddos and teach them about spiders and what they do best, make spiderwebs!  

2. La oruga muy hambrienta

By: Eric Carle

Your children will learn about the evolution of a caterpillar with this time-honored classic book in Spanish.

They will also learn LOTS of new food and nature vocabulary words, as well as this gluttonous little creature who evolves from a caterpillar into a cocoon, then into a butterfly!

3. La semillita

By: Eric Carle

In Semillita your kiddos will enjoy beautiful spring imagery as they learn about the life cycle of a flower in Spanish!

This is one of the books we read during our quarantine circle time last year and it was a fan favorite!

16 Spring Picture Books in Spanish for kids

4. Como crece una semilla

by: Helene J. Jordan

Similar to La semillita, in Como crece una semilla, your child will learn the secrets and science behind how a seed grows.

5. Lola planta un jardín

By: Anna McQuinn

Lola and her mama decide to build a flower garden together. They pick out the seeds, plant them, and wait for them to grow. But Lola has a hard time waiting for her seeds to grown. What will she do in the meantime?

6. ¡La primavera ya está aquí!

By: Sergio Andricain

Children will enjoy reading about the beauty of Spring in Spanish with this short board book with real-life imagery.

7. Voy a tener flores esta primavera

By: Graciella Castellanos

Read about Susy, who is excited to tell her mom all about the flowers she planted in school!

8.  La Lluvia

By: Carol Thompson

In the following three books by Carol Thompson about the rain, the sun, and the wind, learn about the wealth of sight, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures in each of these three spring climates.

9. El Sol

By: Carol Thompson

16 Spring Picture Books in Spanish for kids

10. El viento

By: Carol Thompson

11. La luz de Lucía

By: Margarita del Mazo

Lucía is the youngest in her firefly family, and she wants to glow just like the rest, but she is too small. Follow her through her self-growth journey and see what she will do when she is faced with the possibility of shining her light.

16 Spring Picture Books in Spanish for kids

A beautiful story with a lovely moral that will get kiddos excited to chase those spring fireflies!

12. ¡Eres mi mamá?

By: P.D. Eastman

Who doesn’t remember this classic? Help Pajarito find his way back to his mom, but first meet some new friends along the way!

Picture Books About Colors in Spanish

12. Señorita Mariposa

By: Ben Gundersheimer

Travel from Canada to Mexico and learn about the monarch butterflies in Spanish this spring with this rhyming text and lively illustrations.

16 Spring Picture Books in Spanish for kids

13. Un camino de flores

By: Jon Arno Lawson

A little girl walks hand-in-hand with her father through the grey town. As they walk, she leaves behind flowers. Each flower she leaves behind turns into a trace of beauty.

This is a beautiful book with a powerful moral. The spring flowers brighten the day and reveal the importance of small things and actions that can transform our being.

14. El jardín mágico

By: Lemniscantes

Cloe lives in a magical garden, but does not know it. Discover astonishing ecological finds as trees change colors, insects that shine and more in El jardín mágico.

16 Spring Picture Books in Spanish for kids

15. y de pronto es primavera 

By: Julie Fogliano

A little boy , his dog, a turtle and some other animals plants seeds to make a garden. Voyage through the seasons with them and watch how the beauty of nature changes.

16. Había una vez una semilla 

By: Judith Anderson

17. Lis, la flor que no quería crecer 

by: Yolanda Molina

Lis, the flower does not want to grow up. She is afraid that when she does, she will grow old and wither away. But, her friend rain will show her that we are all part of a growing, positive cycle. How will Lis react to rain’s advice?

18. Sorpresa del jardinero

By: Carla Balzaretti and Sonja Wimmer

Quite possibly my favorite book on this list, because well, gardening is my jam!

Sorpresa del jardinero is about a gentleman named Andrés, who works as a mechanic. However, his true passion is gardening.

Andrés likes flowers so much, that his humble apartment is overflowing with plants of all species and forms.

When a company offers him a new job, he decides to accept not only for the higher salary, but also because the company is going to give him a house with lots of land to cultivate.

However, what he doesn’t know is that his new work entails creating dangerous things that go against his morals and values.

I won’t give away any details, but this is a must read to teach your children about spring, gardening and the importance of working for our dreams and for doing things that we love, instead of only for monetary gain.

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16 Spring Picture Books in Spanish for Kids