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Spring Scavenger Hunt Printable in Spanish and English

Step into the vibrant world of language learning with our exciting free printable Spring scavenger hunt in Spanish. This engaging activity is not just about words; it’s about creating memorable experiences for your kiddos as they immerse themselves in the beauty of nature while mastering Spanish.

Are you ready to infuse the joy of learning into your Spring outdoor adventures? Look no further!

As the warmer weather graces us with its presence, seize the opportunity to print off this fun activity and let the language exploration begin. Say goodbye to the winter blues and hello to the wonders of the outdoor fresh air, where language and nature converge in an educational and enjoyable way.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the details of this free spring scavenger hunt. Discover how to seamlessly incorporate it into your time with your child or students, and learn how to claim your free copy today! Get ready for a linguistic journey amidst the blooming colors of Spring.

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Embark on a bilingual Spring adventure with our Spring Scavenger Hunt in Spanish and English! 🌷🦋 Perfect for kids, this interactive activity blends language learning with outdoor exploration. From identifying Mariposas to discovering Bird Nests, it's a fun way to engage in both English and Spanish. Subscribe for exclusive access or find it on our TPT site. Let the bilingual Spring exploration begin! 🌼 #SpanishLearning #BilingualKids #SpringActivities

Spring into Spanish: Creative Ways to Boost Spring Vocabulary

Before embarking on a delightful stroll to uncover all the spring Spanish words in this scavenger hunt, lay a strong foundation for your spring vocabulary words. Engage in these engaging classroom or at-home activities designed to solidify your grasp of spring-related Spanish words. Let the language adventure begin!

  • Spring Books in Spanish: To kickstart the learning adventure, delve into the wonders of Spring and the ever-changing seasons by immersing yourself in a selection of Spring picture books in Spanish—perfect for capturing the imagination of young minds. My favorite books La luz de Lucía and the classic ¿Eres mi mamá
  • Spring Flashcards in Spanish: Engage in some entertaining games with your complimentary Spring flashcards in Spanish (available in the Free Spanish Printable Library upon subscription, as detailed at the end of this post). Learn more fun ways to use your spring flashcards with young children here.
  • Spring I Spy Worksheet: Practice counting and reciting different spring words in this Spring I spy worksheet. This free worksheet is a great way to practice numbers and Spanish simultaneously!
  • Spring color by number worksheets in Spanish: Add a splash of color to your Spring with our Color by Number worksheets in Spanish. These engaging activities not only bring out the artistic flair in your child but also help them learn and reinforce Spring-related words in Spanish. 

Once you have read a few books and practiced your spring Spanish vocabulary, it’s time to take the learning outdoors with this signs of spring scavenger hunt.

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An Outdoor Nature Spring Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

What’s Required for Your Free Printable Spring Scavenger Hunt?

For this fun spring scavenger hunt, you need the following supplies

  • 8.5 x 11 printer paper or heavy cardstock paper.
  • A printer.
  • Laminator and plastic page protectors to laminate the scavenger hunt for reuse.

Here are the list of items that can be found on the Spring scavenger hunt:

Arco irisRainbow

Now you’re ready to hunt.

An Outdoor Nature Spring Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

How To Play This Spring Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

Now that you know ways to prepare for this spring season outdoor scavenger hunt, let’s take a peek at some ways you can execute this activity.

  1. Nature Walk Adventure: Bring the scavenger hunt along on a nature walk. If you’re playing at home, print multiple copies for neighborhood kids to join in and learn some Spanish too! This activity is especially popular among elementary age kids. For young kids, you can even do this easy activity in your own backyard! The point is to get out into the great outdoors!
  2. Versatile Outdoor Fun: Take this engaging activity to the backyard or explore a new area! Encourage children to hone their observation skills by crouching down and searching for insects. Enhance the exploration by providing a magnifying glass, empowering children to identify those tiny objects up close. 
  3. Explore the Skies and Trees: Prompt children to look for flying creatures or discover bird nests high in the trees. Embrace the joy of exploration as they jump in puddles, adding a sensory and delightful dimension to the experience.
  4. Language Immersion: Keep all communication in Spanish during the activity if you’re aiming for a Spanish language immersion experience. It’s a fantastic way for children to learn and practice the language in a playful and interactive setting.
  5. Bike Ride Exploration: Extend the adventure by incorporating a bike ride. Whether in your neighborhood or a nearby park, let the exploration continue on two wheels for an added element of excitement.
  6. Photo scavenger hunt: For an extra challenge, encourage older kids to go on an outdoor walk,  and capture photos as evidence of discovering each item on the list. Take it a step further by encouraging them to verbalize each image in Spanish, reinforcing language use. 
  7. Spanish Spring Book Hunt: Read a spring book in Spanish and see if you child can hunt out any of the words in the book. Check out some of our favorite spring books below.
  1. y de pronto es primavera
    y de pronto es primavera
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  2. Voy a tener flores esta primavera
    Voy a tener flores esta primavera
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  3. ¡La primavera está aquí!
    ¡La primavera está aquí!
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  4. La luz de Lucía
    La luz de Lucía
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  5. La semillita
    La semillita
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    03/07/2024 09:57 am GMT
  6. ¡La primavera ya está aquí!
    ¡La primavera ya está aquí!
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    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    03/07/2024 09:57 am GMT
  1. For another fun Spring activity, eliminate sight and immerse your children in the auditory wonders of nature with this Sounds of Nature Scavenger Hunt. A great activity to do over spring break!


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I hope your children had so much fun with this spring scavenger hunt. It is a simple activity to enjoy this beautiful time of the year and to shake off the long winter blues.

If your children truly enjoyed this activity, I highly encourage you to take a moment to share it on social media and tag @lorenaylennox. Your posts not only bring joy but also contribute to our community of learners, inspiring others to join the bilingual adventure. Let’s spread the love for language learning together!

Happy Spring! ¡Feliz primavera!

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