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Spring Bucket List Ideas: 93 Activities to Do With the Kids this 2022

It’s time to get your family outdoors with this spring bucket list of 93 fun things to do for each day of spring.

On this list, you will find a range of fun activities that you can do in the spring, from mindful to movement activities and educational to hands-on activities.

This spring bucket list has an array of activities that the whole family can enjoy!

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get outside!

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93 Spring Activities to do this 2022

1. Plant Seedlings

Gardening is one of my favorite things, so naturally, I will start this list off with a gardening activity, planting seedlings.

This is a great activity to start indoors, right before spring. Your child will love watching your seedling evolve from a tiny seed into a tasty vegetable or herb or a beautiful flower.

We start our seedlings in these peat pots and keep them under a grow light for the first few weeks. After that, I cover them with some plastic to get a greenhouse effect.

What’s cool about these peat pots is that when the warm weather arrives, they can be directly transplanted outside, in the pot itself, to ensure stronger plants!

Photo Credit: Yuganov Konstantin

2. Go on an outdoor scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunts are so great, especially to learn about the fun qualities spring brings!

It is a fun activity, but it is also a great learning tool!

I have a FREE spring scavenger hunt that you can print out here after subscribing! It is in English, but it is also in Spanish if you desire to learn a little Spanish this spring!

3. Climb a Tree

Is there a more exciting activity than climbing a tree? I remember my childhood years trying to weave in and out of intricate branches pretending I was a monkey. Or was that just me?

I know allowing your child to climb a tree might seem risky, but did you know that risky play has many benefits?

According to Playground Professionals, risky play has 8 science-backed benefits. Check them out below:

Risky play increases:

  1. Risk assessment skills
  2. Emotional regulation
  3. Self-esteem
  4. Taking-initiative
  5. Problem-solving and creativity
  6. Physical development
  7. The ability to deal with failure
  8. Social-skill development.

That said, get climbing and get risky!

4. Play with loose parts outdoors

Have you heard about loose parts or the benefits of loose parts play? If not, read up on my introduction of loose parts play here.

Then, once you know a little more, take the 21 outdoor loose parts activities and GET OUTSIDE!

5. Make a mosaic heart out with sidewalk chalk

Who doesn’t love sidewalk chalk on a nice, sunny day?

I know I do!

It is just a great activity to calm the soul and practice mindfulness while getting some vitamin D!

6. Play frisbee

Playing an outdoor game of frisbee is a fun gross motor activity that will encourage hand-eye coordination. I always love a good game of frisbee! Especially when you get the whole family involved!

7. Make a sensory bin

If you have a toddler or two, make a fun sensory bin to keep them entertained for a few hours outdoors! There are lots of fun ways to play with sensory bins.

Two springs ago, we did this fun construction zone sensory bin made out of beans with Lennox. He played with it for a week straight during quarantine, outdoors!

Little did we know that he was also partaking in a gardening activity because a few weeks later, we had bean sprouts growing in our yard!

Here are some more fun sensory bins to check out:

8. Weed your garden beds

Have your littles get involved with outdoor gardening. Show them how to pull the weeds by the root!

It is a fun activity and energy buster with your garden looking the best on the block!

9. Go on a walk and explore new parts of your neighborhood

You never know what you might find. Be it a small creek, a painted rock, or a new park. You never know!

10. Paint rocks

Looking for a sensory activity that will calm the mind? Bring out the acrylic paints and paint some rocks!

Then, when you’re done, go and hide them in the community for someone else to find.

If you didn’t already know it, there are many rock painting and hiding communities on Facebook where people paint intricate rocks and hide them for others to find. After someone finds the rock, they take a picture and post it in the group for the artist to see.

How fun is that?

I promise you it will encourage you to get outdoors and walk!

11. Make and paint your own planter

I am absolutely obsessed with these DIY Monster planters by The Inspiration Edit.

What a great way to recycle and reuse 2-liter soda bottles and turn them into a beautiful home for your flowers or seedlings!

I will most definitely be doing this activity with Lennox as soon as possible!

12. Go on a nature walk

13. Go to a creek or river

Go explore a river or creek near your home! Soak in all of the vitamin D and beauty around you.

14. Skip rocks

While at a creek or river, skip some rocks with the family.

15. Make a rock toss game

You could also create a target and see who can aim and hit the target first or the most.

When we go to the river, we often find a distant sign and make a competitive game out of who can hit the sign the most.

16. Go on a sounds of nature scavenger hunt

While on a nature walk, print out this sounds of nature scavenger hunt.

Use listening skills to spot different sounds that you can hear.

A FREE printable PDF sounds of nature scavenger hunt in Spanish and English. A fun way to get your kiddos outdoors and in touch with nature

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17. Fly a kite or make your own kite!

We love to make kites in our family. So one day, I will allocate time to make a DIY tutorial on how Carlos’ makes these awesome kites that fly super high.

Fun fact: Carlos (my hubby), who is from El Salvador, used to make kites as a child. The children of his community used to get together and “fight” their kites.

What does this mean? They would fly their kites high in the sky and try to interfere with the path of someone else’s flight by getting it tangled up or getting it stuck in a tree. How fun, right?

18. Take a walk in the rain

Who says you should only go outside on nice days? Adventure out in the rain, too! A little rain has never hurt!

19. Jump in some puddles

Extra points for the family member that returns with the dirtiest clothes

20. Make a bird feeder

Making a bird feeder is so easy to do.

Find a pinecone, apply peanut butter to it, then roll in in birdseed Voilá!

To avoid the mess, you could simply purchase a bird feeder. It makes for a super fun activity for the family to bird-watch in the morning!

How much has bird seed gone down today?

21. Birdwatch

Sticking with the topics of birds. Sit outside for a bit and see how many different types of birds you can find!

22. Do an animal washing station

Nothing entertains young kiddos more than some animal figurines and some soap. Of course, they will enjoy this activity even more when they get their animal figurines all dirty and have to give them a much-needed bath.

23. Learn about animals in Spanish

Taking a trip to a farm, or maybe going on a walk in the forest, you can learn a ton of new Spanish vocabulary with the following printables in Spanish for children!

Save the printable activities below for rainy days and then put the vocabulary to use outdoors on nice days!

24. Visit your local Cherry Blossoms

25. Make a rainbow handprint flower pot

This is the perfect spring activity using paint to create a pot for all of your new flowers about to bloom!

26. Go to a baseball game

27. Visit a local nursery or a botanical garden

If you are a plant lover like me, visit a local nursery and pick out some new indoor or outdoor plants! Then, let your children pick out one too!

28. Aerate your lawn

Spring is the perfect time to aerate your lawn. It is also a toddler favorite! Bring out the aerator and let your child poke holes in the ground so that your grass can grow deeper roots!

29. Mulch your flower garden

Get the kiddos involved to help you mulch your garden! If they love getting dirty, this is the perfect activity.

30. Go on a family picnic

Pack up your favorite sandwich and fruits and enjoy the fresh air for a bit!

Photo Credit: Kampus Production From Pexels

31. Have a garden tea party

Sit around your freshly planted and mulched garden with a cup of tea and some treats.

32. Make a fairy house

This is on my list of to-dos still! I plan to make our fairy garden out of popsicle sticks, real sticks, and stones. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, since I am obsessed with fairy gardens, I bought this solar-powered fairy garden off of Amazon to place in between my spring and summer flowers. I love coming home at night and seeing it magically light up the night!

We love our fairy house!
WILD PIXY Garden Kit - Glow in The Dark Fairy Accessories Set, 7.1" Fairy House with Opening Door and Solar LED Light, Glow Stones, Garden Decorations for Indoor or Outdoor

We absolutely adore this fairy house and we get so excited to spruce it up each spring!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

33. Search for four-leaf clovers

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, get the kiddos out and search for their luck through a god old four-leaf clover hunt.

34. Have an outdoor story time some read-aloud spring literature

Since we raise Lennox in Spanish, I will read to him from this selection of Spring books in Spanish.

  1. y de pronto es primavera
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However, if you are looking for Spring books in English, here is an excellent selection of spring picture books in English.

35. Cut the grass, literally

Hand your toddler a pair of safety scissors and let them cut away at the grass. This will improve their fine-motor skills and they will have so much fun.

Picklebums has a fun post of how she uses their activity at home with her son. Check it out here!

36. Make a leaf imprint

Find a leaf outside and do a leaf imprint art activity with your child.

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37. Make an animal or a person out of sticks

38. Stack rocks

Find flat rocks and see how many you can stack. Who will stack the most rocks?

39. Play Spring Bingo

Spring Bingo in Spanish

40. Catch some tadpoles and watch them grow

If you find some tadpoles at a nearby river or creek, catch one or two and make them a tadpole habitat. Your child will love watching it grow.

Once it has grown, please place it back into its home in nature.

41. Do a spring STEM experiment OUTDOORS

You could do this Free the Figurine Ice melt activity on a warm day, which is great for toddlers.

Or, you could try this spring baking soda science activity for preschoolers using spring-themed cooking cutters. I can’t wait to try this fizzing experiment by Mombrite with Lennox later this spring!

Here’s another fun STEM activity, try this colored flower experiment by Team Cartwright.

42. Make some Blossom Fairy lights

If you are a fan of fairy lights like myself, try this blossom fairy lights activity by Red Ted Art made out of Egg Cartons!

43. Blow bubbles

Blow some bubbles, or make your own bubble wand and solution that will last all day long!

Young children will love the giant bubbles that this wand will make. It will also be wayyyy easier for them to use!

44. Jump rope

Have a contest with the family. Who can skip the jump rope the most amount of the times? What fun, quality time together!

45. Go on a family bike ride

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46. Identify different insects

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47. Form letters using sticks or stones

Working on the alphabet? Learn the letters by using stones or sticks to form letters.

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48. Make a mud painting

49. Find and identify animal tracts

50. Do a spring craft

There are so many fun spring crafts to do with your child this spring. I’ll leave a list of some of my favorites below:

Set these crafts up on a blanket on a warm day and get crafty outdoors!

Photo Credit: Hetmanstock from Getty Images

51. Rocking Paper Plate Sheep by Red Ted Art

52. Paper Butterfly Card with Pom Poms by Craft Play Learn

53. Paper Plate Rainbow craft by Teaching With Children’s Books

54. Spring Flower Craft by Homeschool Preschool

55. Handprint Bee Craft by Simple Everyday Mom  

56. Handprint Caterpillar Craft by The Soccer Mom Blog

57. Cardboard Deer Spring Craft by Barley and Birch

58. A Rainy Cloud Bubble Wrap Craft by Red Ted Art

59. Toilet Roll Stamp Flowers by Taming Little Monsters

60. Make a Cereal Rainbow with Mess for Less

61. Make a flowers kindness craft for a friend by Coffee and Carpool

62. Coffee Filter Flower craft by Look We’re Learning

63. Make a Spring Blossoms Sun Catcher by The Gingerbread House

64. Make Origami Kite Paper Spring Flowers with Niños and Nature

65. Get moving with this Insect Movement Dice

Roll the dice and wiggle and walk your body like one of these creepy-crawling insects. Fun!

66. Go on a nature walk and collect pretty flowers

One of our favorite activities is to go on a walk and collect pretty flowers. We then place them inside of large books to dry them out. Later, we make fun crafts with them! They also make for good memories!

67. Go to a pond and feed the ducks

68. Go visit a faraway park

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I get set in my ways and tend to only visit the same parks. So one of my favorite activities to get me out of my comfort zone is to Google new parks and make a trip to them!

69. Go on a walk and identify different types of trees.

Photo Credit: Oleg Baliuk

O the past year I have become very interested in botany. I want to know what everything is nature is. To help me, I paid for a year subscription on the App, PictureThis. So now, when out on walks, when Lennox and I find something new, we take a picture of it and identify it. It’s so fun!

70. Make a stick raft

Last summer, Lennox and I made stick rafts and took them on our trips to the river. We had fun testing out how much weight our rafts could carry down the stream.

I want to make a tutorial soon on how we made ours, but here is a great stick raft tutorial by Be a Fun Mom for now.

This is a great activity for older kids .

71. Go on a nature shape hunt

Walk around nature and identify the different shapes you can find.

72. Likewise, go on a nature color hunt

Want colors can you find in nature? I bet you can find a lot!

73. Look for lichens, moss & mushrooms

Have a little educational activity and learn about lichens, moss, and mushrooms. Then go on a hunt for them!

74. Go on a family road trip during spring break

Don’t tell Lennox, but we are taking a family road trip for his birthday! Spring road trips are the best. It’s not too hot so you can roll with the window down!

75. Explore antique towns

76. Dye some Easter Eggs with Whipped Cream

These Easter eggs are toddler friendly and scrum-diddly-sumptuous! This can become one of your family fun easter traditions!

77. Do some outdoor language learning.

It’s never too late to learn a new language. Here are some ways you can learn as a family outdoors this spring!

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78. Learn about the weather in Spanish with these interactive printables

79. Hand wash your car

With spring cleaning in the air, give your car some loving, too! Get the kids involved. They will love the suds!

80. Get the family involved in a garage sale

Declutter those items you haven’t touched in a couple months. Give them away or sell them to someone who can use it more!

81. Play catch outside.

82. Go on a rainbow hunt after the rain

83. Wake up early and watch the sunrise

84. Plan a neighborhood easter egg hunt.

85. Have a bonfire and roast some S’mores.

86. Set up a tent and camp in your backyard.

I used to do this all the time as a child, and let me tell you, those are some of my best childhood memories. It’s the simple things that matter!

Photo Credit: Kupicoo from Getty Images Signature

87. Look for a bird’s nest.

 If you find one with baby birds, don’t touch it. Instead, simply observe all of the work mama bird put into building a cozy home for her babies.          

88. Plant sunflowers

Grow sunflowers in to show support for Ukraine.

89. Dig for worms

90. Make some Tye-Dye Shirts

91. Try a new flavor of ice cream

92. Watch the clouds

93. Stargaze

94. Spring word search in Spanish

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Well, I hope you found something on this list.

We will be spending our entire spring OUTDOORS if you’re looking for us. Hope to see you there!          

Happy Spring!

Spring Bucket List for 2022

Jenny @ Mommy Evolution

Sunday 18th of February 2024

Thanks for including my Spring Flower Garden Sensory Play! It's a fun way to welcome Spring.