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20+ Fun Ways to Learn the ABCs With Your Preschooler

Inside: A round-up post of 20 + creative and fun ways to learn the ABCs with your preschoolers.

It is the month of literacy here on my blog.

In my past few posts, I have shared a handful of resources that will prepare your child to set sail on their literacy journey in Spanish such as these ABC book recommendations, Spanish reading readiness resources, and more!

Regardless of whether you are teaching your child to read in Spanish, English, or any other language, any emergent reader must be able to identify and pronounce the letters.

Learning the letters is NOT an easy task for preschoolers, not easy at all. In fact, it can be highly intimidating. That’s why I believe children should not learn the letters in the traditional workbook kind of way (don’t get me wrong, these can help), but rather through a play-based approach. 

That’s why I asked some fabulous kid bloggers to share some of their most creative and fun ways to learn the ABCs. 

With that said, let’s get playing and learning the letters!

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In this post I will share a round-up post from great kid bloggers on creative and fun ways to learn the ABCs with your preschoolers.

Fun Gross Motor Ways to Learn the ABCs

Break The Ice Letter Smash: A Creative Way To Learn The ABCs

Don’t Break The Ice Letter Smash

By: Bilingual Beginnings

If you have a toddler or preschooler that can’t seem to sit still to even glance in the direction of a letter, this fun, sandbox name treasure dig will be the PERFECT activity to learn the letters and get out the extra energy at the same time!

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  • This creative tape line ABC activity by 3 Dinosaurs is the PERFECT activity for those kiddos that can’t seem to ever sit still! It is super easy to set up, and it will keep the little busy walking on their letters for a while!
  • This Alphabet Letter Fishing activity by Fun With Mama is a great water activity to grab your child’s attention for quite a while while he fishes out the letters of the alphabet! 
  • There’s nothing more gross motor than running! So try out this letter running game by Home With Hollie to exert all the pent-up energy!

Fun Games to Learn the ABCs

Printable PDF ABC Bingo in Spanish

ABC Bingo in Spanish

By: Bilingual Beginnings

  • Learn the Spanish alphabet with this fun and engaging printable PDF ABC bingo in Spanish for preschoolers to play in the classroom or at home!

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Sensory and Fine Motor Activities to learn the ABCs

Sensory Salt Prewriting Tray for Preschoolers: *This is an optional step, but I placed a laminated sheet of printer paper with Lennox's name underneath the sand to allow him to uncover or trace his name if desired.

Peppermint Salt Writing Tray

By Bilingual Beginnings

Fun Ways to Learn the ABCs with printables

  • This Free Printable Alphabet Scavenger Hunt by Play Party Plan is a great indoor activity to do with your children! Go on a hunt around the house and see if they can find the letters on the list! Celebrate once you find all 26 letters!’
  • Play this free printable game of ABC Bingo made by The Typical Mom blog. This activity is great for little hands and it will have everyone engaged and interacting to learn the ABCs!
  • I love this Building Alphabet Letters by JDaniel’s 4 Mom. It comes with a free barn printable and flashcards, and together with the printables and popsicle sticks, your child can get building their letters!
Free Printable PDF ABC Flash Cards in Spanish with pronunciation assistance.

FREE ABC Printable Flashcards in Spanish

By: Bilingual Beginnings

  • Use these Spanish flashcards in a variety of fun and creative ways to memorize the alphabet! My favorite way to use them is as an energy buster : Place the flashcards on the opposite side of the room and call out a letter. Have your child run and find the letter as quickly as possible. More points if they can draw the letter after!

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  • For more free printables in Spanish to learn the Spanish alphabet, I have an ongoing series of letter printables that are exclusive to all of my subscribers!

Well, friend, I have high hopes that you will find an activity to use with your preschooler to learn the alphabet! Let me know if you have a favorite in the comments below!

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In this post I will share a round-up post from great kid bloggers on creative and fun ways to learn the ABCs with your preschoolers.

Jenny @ Mommy Evolution

Sunday 18th of February 2024

Thanks for including my DIY Learning Alphabet Sensory Bottles! They're a fun way to reinforce learning letters :D