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Printable A to Z Alphabet Flash Cards in Spanish

Are you working on learning the letters of the alphabet with your preschool and kindergarten classrooms? Then these printable A to Z alphabet flash cards are here to help your young learners.

These free printable alphabet flash cards include two sets of flashcards, a set of lower case letters and a set of upper case letters. 

Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the Spanish alphabet, activities you can do with these letter cards and how to get your set of flash cards today! 

Printable A-Z Alphabet Flashcards in Spanish

How many letters are in the Spanish Alphabet?

The Spanish alphabet consists of 27 letters, that’s one more letter than in the English alphabet, thanks to the ñ.

Now you might be wondering, “what about ch, and ll, I definitely learned those in Spanish 101?”

Well, yes, you might have, but the Real Academia Española declared that ch and ll are no longer part of the Spanish alphabet because in all reality, they are actually digraphs, two letters that combine together to correspond to one sound.

Therefore, the contemporary Spanish alphabet consists of 27 letters.

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Printable A to Z Alphabet Flashcards in Spanish

Pronunciation of the Spanish Alphabet

In the set of free printable abc flash cards in Spanish, I provided the phonetic pronunciation of each letter since the Spanish alphabet differs from the English alphabet.

I will leave the pronunciations of the Spanish Alphabet below as well!

  • A- [ah]
  • B- [beh]
  • C- [seh]
  • D- [deh]
  • E – [eh]
  • F – [ef-eh]
  • G – [heh]
  • H – [ach-eh]
  • I – [ee]
  • J – [ho-ta]
  • K- [kah]
  • L- [el-eh]
  • M- [em-eh]
  • N- [en-eh]
  • Ñ – [en-yeh]
  • O – [oh]
  • P – [peh]
  • Q – [cuh]
  • R – [er-e]
  • S – [es-eh]
  • T- [teh]
  • U- [uuh]
  • V -[veh]
  • W – [dob-le-uuh]
  • X – [eh-kis]
  • Y – [yeh]
    • The pronunciation yeh is recommended according to RAE, but the traditional I griega pronunciation is okay to use as well.
  • Z – [se-ta]

Ways to Learn the ABCs in Spanish

There are so many great ways and resources to learn the ABCs and these ABC flashcards in Spanish will be here to help. 

Below is a list of quick tips and ways to learn the ABCs in Spanish. 

Learn the ABCs in Spanish through play

Children learn best through play especially when it comes to retaining language! 

We try to keep it fun and playful at home when working on anything as complicated as the alphabet. So to begin learning about letters, we have done fun activities such as salt letter writing trays, and sensory slime to construct the alphabet letters. 

I also have a few printable games coming out that with which you will be able to use your FREE alphabet flashcards in Spanish, so stay tuned!

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Learn the ABCs in Spanish through books

Books are my next best resource when using our minority language at home. Raising my son in my nonnative language can present difficulties sometimes as my Spanish vocabulary is not as extensive as my English vocabulary. However, through books, I can teach my son new vocabulary while learning new words myself!

Last week, I published a post on 23 ABC books in Spanish for preschoolers. I own some of these myself, and I highly recommend El abecedario de emociones. This book is more directed at older preschoolers, but even younger and older children will enjoy it. For each Spanish letter in the alphabet, the book offers an emotion, and along with that emotion, it includes a beautiful poem. 

Check out more alphabet books in Spanish:

  1. Abecedario escondido 
    Abecedario escondido 
    Buy Now

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    03/07/2024 05:22 pm GMT
  2. Abecedario de emociones
    Abecedario de emociones
    Buy Now

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  3. ABC Abecedario con Animales: Aprendamos las Letras (Spanish Edition)
    ABC Abecedario con Animales: Aprendamos las Letras (Spanish Edition)
    Buy Now

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

  4. ABeCedario nutritivo
    ABeCedario nutritivo
    Buy Now

    We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

    03/07/2024 05:17 pm GMT

We have been working through one letter each night, but let me tell you, I find myself learning so much Spanish too!

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Learn the ABCs in Spanish through my FREE ABC worksheets for preschoolers

Yup, that’s right, free ABC worksheets! Woohoo, but wait! Before you get too excited, this has been one of those projects that is taking me years. I am up to the letter J, and I hope that this learning to read and write in Spanish series can help me push out the rest of those letter worksheets.  

But for now, each letter includes four to five fun-filled pages in Spanish to help your children practice their ABCs. You can get these by subscribing below. 

Learn the ABCs in Spanish through YouTube videos

There are so many different YouTube videos in Spanish that are catchy for kids to listen to at home. Check out an educational video below of the ABCs which will get your children singing the Spanish alphabet.

Learn the Spanish alphabet with these Printable A to Z Alphabet flash cards in Spanish

How can you use these ABC flashcards in Spanish to help your students with letter recognition? Below are a few fun ways:

  • A great way to use these alphabet flashcards is by playing a memory game. Match the letras mayúsculas (capital letters) to the corresponding letra minúscula (lowercase letters). See who can get the most matches!
  • Have your young children line up the ABCs in the correct order. Sing the ABC song repeatedly to get the letters to stick!
  • Laminate your ABC flashcards, add a magnet to the back, and put them on the fridge. Using these flashcards as magnets will create a print-rich environment, and who doesn’t love magnets!
  • Play a game of alphabet Go Fish!
  • Create a word wall and place all of the letters on it. Have your child or student grab a letter and repeat it in Spanish. Once they get familiar with their letters, they can start finding simple words that start with that letter.  
  • When working with new themes or words, write a word on a dry-erase board or piece of paper and have your child form the word with the flashcards. You could also take your words from this list of high-frequency words in Spanish.
  • Use them in this game of Don’t Break The Ice Letter Smash: A Creative Way To Learn The ABCs
  • Go on an ABC scavenger hunt. Have your child draw a letter from the flashcards. Go for a walk around the house and see if your child can spot an object with their letter on it.
  • Use them as an energy buster! Place the flashcards on the opposite side of the room and call out a letter. Have your child run and find the letter as quickly as possible. More points if they can draw the letter after!
  • Another great way to use these flashcards is to play Slapjack by placing all of th
  • e flashcards face down on a table. Say a word on the list and have your child flip the cards over until they find the correct letter.
  • Create a writing inspiration center by placing the cards in the center. Have your student pick a letter and write basic words that start with that letter.  
  • Play I-Spy. Hide the letters around the room and see if your child can find all the letters. 
  • Kids love bingo games! Play a game of Alphabet bingo in Spanish with this printable game with bingo alphabet sheets.
  • For even more letter recognition activities check out this round up.


Printable A to Z Alphabet Flash Cards in Spanish

Let’s do a quick run through of everything you are going to need for this simple activity.

Preparing for this activity is super easy. All you need to do is get your free download which you can grab in my Free Spanish Printable Library after subscribing with your email address further down in this post.

Here are the materials you will need for this fun activity:

  •  8.5 x 11 printer paper or heavy card stock paper.
  • A printer
  • Laminator and laminating sheets to laminate them for multi-use.

Simply print the letter of the alphabet  flashcards pdf file and you are ready to play and learn!


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  • This free printable may NOT be sold, hosted, reproduced, or stored on any other site (including blog, Facebook, Dropbox, etc.)
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  • The Graphics that I use are purchased and used with permission.
  • I make free printables for my readers and my family. Your frequent visits to my blog & support purchasing through affiliate links and ads help support my blog! ¡Gracias!

I hope you and your child enjoy these printable A to Z alphabet flash cards in Spanish! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily bilingual parenting tips and resources in Spanish!

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Printable A to Z Alphabet Flash Cards in Spanish


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