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20+ Zoo Animal Picture Books in Spanish

Are you on the lookout for captivating books to enrich your curriculum with the theme of zoo animals? Your search ends here! In today’s post, I’m thrilled to introduce you to 12 engaging zoo animal picture books that will enhance your lessons and captivate young minds.

From the majestic lion to the playful monkey, these carefully selected books offer a delightful exploration of the diverse inhabitants of the zoo. Each book is filled with vibrant illustrations and compelling stories that will spark curiosity and imagination in your students.

Whether you’re planning lessons for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners, or beginner learners of any age, these zoo animal picture books are versatile and adaptable to suit your curriculum needs. Let’s dive into the colorful world of zoo animals and discover the perfect additions to your teaching toolkit.

Explore a wild world of imagination with these 20 captivating zoo animal picture books in Spanish, perfect for young readers eager to discover the beauty and wonder of the animal kingdom

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*Zoo Animal Bilingual books that are in Spanish & English

1. Alboroto en el zoológico

By: Sophie Valentine

Alboroto en el zoológico is the perfect zoo book for young readers in Spanish, with easy-to-read text and beautiful illustrations. Take a trip to the zoo and learn what sound each animal makes!

2. Buenas noches, Gorila

By: Peggy Rathmann

Ages 1-3

Who doesn’t remember Goodnight, Gorilla, a bedtime classic?

Read alongside your child in Spanish with these beautiful illustrations, as the gatekeeper tells all of the animals ‘goodnight’ and sends them off to ZzZ land. Or does he?

This is a great beginner book for children that are just starting to read as well! It is limited in words and there are lots of repitions!

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3. ¿Nos ayudas?

By: Grete Garrido

A beautiful zoo book in Spanish teaches children about each animal’s fascinating differences, how each animal adds to the great circle of life, and ways in which humans can help protect the animals by taking care of our earth.

4. ¡Cuenta los animales!

by: Libros para más pequeños

Ages 2-5

Your child or student will have so much fun with this I Spy-like book. Can you help them count all of the lions or find all of the peaks?

5. Un Día Salvaje en el Zoológico

By: Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos

Ages 3-8

Un Día Salvaje en el Zoológico is the perfect zoo book for multicultural families. Follow the polyglot siblings Dylan and Isabella, and their pet chicken, Kiki, through their adventurous day at the zoo. What will happen when Kiki, the chicken, gets left unattended? You will have to find out!

Learn Spanish with Un Día Salvaje en el Zoológico and learn six new words in different languages through the polyglot siblings!

This book is a bit more advanced, and I would recommend it for elementary school-aged children, but as I do with Lennox with many books we have, I paraphrase and invite him to tell his version of the story. You can check out other ways I read to Lennox in the minority language here.

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6. Un zoológico en casa

By: Sergio Andricain

Ages 6-8

Have you ever seen a zoo animal and want to take it home with you? If so, you will relate with Sergio Adricain’s didactic story, which will show the complications of bringing zoo animals home while teaching the importance of pets.

7. Dos en el zoológico *

By: Danna Smith

Ages 0-3

Learn the numbers with a bilingual colorful counting adventure story at the zoo!

8.  ¿Dónde está mi pequeña elefante? *

By: Ingo Blum

Ages 2-6

Have you ever lost your elephant? Is it even possible to loose an animal so big? It shouldn’t be hard to find one in this cute bilingual story where kids can learn about different places, objects, and simple questions and answers.

9. Si yo fuera una jirafa

By: Ana Galán

Ages 3-5

Si yo fuera una jirafa is a  thought-provoking picture book in Spanish that will open your child’s curiosity about self-discovery and wild animals. 

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10. La cebra Camila

By: Marisa Nüñez

Ages 5-8

In this adorable picture book, Camila, the zebra’s stripes are blown away by a gush of wind. How will she get them back, and who will help her?

11. Mi Primer Carnaval de los animales

By: Severine Cordier

Go on a musical Carnaval ride with animals in this fun, cultural book in Spanish!

12. La jirafa que le tenia miedo a las alturas 

By: David A. Ufer

Ages 4-7

A giraffe, scared of heights? Is such a thing possible? Help giraffe face his fear of heights with his two animal friends who have their own fears to overcome.

13. Cómo esconder a una girafa

By: Michelle Robinson

Gee golly, giraffes, sure are hard to hide. Where would you hide a giraffe?

14. El libro de los animales de la sabana

By: Sophie Dussaussois

This book is a captivating illustrated exploration that transports readers through the fascinating lives of animals in the savannah with colorful details, animations and popups.

14. Un día en la sabana

By: Ella Bailey

This books takes young readings through a delightful journey through the African savannah. It is filled with charming illustrations and captivating storytelling that brings the vibrant ecosystem to life.

15. El equipo africano

by: Susana López del Fresno

“El equipo africano” a compelling narrative that follows the journey of a group of animals who have organized a soccer match. Despite their differences, each player contributes their unique skills. playing with enthusiasm and teamwork towards the goal of victory.

This wonderful book showcases the values of sportsmanship and fair play. It is an excellent read for young children.

16. Un avestruz con mucha luz

By: José Carlos Andrés

In ‘Un avestruz con mucha luz’ by José Carlos Andrés, follow the adventure of an ostrich with a radiant personality as it discovers the power of its own brightness amidst the challenges of the world.

17. Fernando el Hipopótamo

By: Lola Walder and Enrique Quevedo

18. Ernesto, el elefante

By: Anthony Browne

In ‘Ernesto, the Elephant’ by Anthony Browne, embark on a touching journey with Ernesto, an endearing elephant, as he navigates themes of friendship, acceptance, and the beauty of being true to oneself.

19. Tigre, ¿Dónde estás?

By: DK

In ‘Tiger, Where Are You?’ by DK, venture into a captivating search for the elusive tiger, exploring its habitat and learning fascinating facts about this majestic creature along the way.

20. ¡La jirafa es mía! 

By: Fabricio Carpinejar

In ‘The Giraffe is Mine!’, delve into a whimsical tale where possession takes a comical turn as characters vie for ownership of a giraffe, leading to humorous yet heartwarming revelations about friendship and sharing.

Zoo Animal Books in Spanish