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30 + Books in Spanish About Emotions and Feelings

Inside: 30 + picture books about emotions in Spanish to help your child learn and understand their feelings.

Is your child dealing with anger issues? Or, do they always seem preoccupied and on edge?

Maybe they are easily moved to tears?

Well, today, I am bringing you a list of 30 + picture books in Spanish to help build emotional awareness in your child.

In this collection, I have started with books that cover different emotions.

Through these books, your child can learn the vocabulary of the different emotions in Spanish and begin to identify with each feeling through stories and tales.

Then, I will share a four subcategories of books that deal with certain feelings such as anger, fear, anxiety, and sadness.

I hope you find a selection on this list with which your child can relate.

I will regularly update this list as I find new books about emotions in Spanish on my constant journey to find the best and most authentic picture books in Spanish.

That said, let’s get feeling, but first, let me offer a brief introduction on the importance of emotional awareness in children.

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What is emotional awareness, and why is it important.

Emotional awareness is a set of skills to recognize and make sense of your emotions and the emotions of others.

Emotions impact just about everything in our daily life, and it is essential to begin teaching emotions to our children from an early age, even in infancy. 

According to

“Children with higher emotional intelligence are better able to pay attention, are more engaged in school, have more positive relationships, and are more empathic.”

There are five pillars to emotional awareness:

  1. Self-Awareness: The ability to recognize our emotions.
  2. Self-Regulation: The ability to control our reactions to our feelings.
  3. Internal Motivation: The ability to think about and identify what’s causing us to feel the way we do.
  4. Empathy: The ability to understand the emotions of other people.
  5. Social Skills: Using emotional intelligence to build strong social relationships.

One way to support all five pillars of emotional awareness in the classroom and at home is through read-aloud children’s books. 

Through books, children can relate to the characters or the stories, learn new emotional vocabulary, understand their own emotions better, and develop empathy towards how others are feeling. 

That’s why I want to share this list of 30 + books about emotions in Spanish to help you begin building up the five pillars of emotional awareness with your children or students today!

30 + Books About Emotions in Spanish

Before you browse, pair these books with our emotions flashcards in Spanish!

Bilingual Spanish/English Emotion Flashcards

30 + picture books about emotions in Spanish

El Monstruo de Colores

Por: Anna Llenas

Ages 3-8

Monstruo de colores is an excellent board book to introduce emotions to younger toddlers. It combines emotion with color through beautiful illustrations to help el monstruo figure out what he is feeling inside. 

One of our favorites!
El monstruo de colores
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Mi cuerpo me envía una señal

Por: Natalie Maguire

Ages 2-8

Not only does this book contain relatable stories to teach children how to deal with emotions, it also has activities to work through emotions with your child, emotion flashcards AND coloring pages.

El emocionómetro del inspector Drilo 

Por: Susanna Isern

Ages 6-10 years

Inspector Croc is a detective of emotions. Everyone in Forestville calls on him when they are feeling overwhelmed. But, no worries, he runs straight to the scene with his remarkable invention, the “Emotion-o-meter” to solve the case.

Los mi conocen sus emociones ¿y tú?

Por: Agustina Roigand Sofía Viotti

In this interactive book, your child can learn about emotions through the stories of the relatable characters “Mi”, who speak in a language that will allow your child to relate, connect, recognize and identify their own emotions.

Escuchando a Mi Cuerpo

Por: Gabi Garcia

Ages 4-8

An interactive book that will work through emotions with children and teach them to note and recognize each feeling when they come about.

Así me siento yo

Por: Janan Cain

Ages 3-8

In this poetic book, find an abundance of different emotions that follow the young character and how she reacts when she is feeling these emotions.

Recetas de lluvia y azúcar

Por: Eva Manzano

Ages 9-12

“Presented much like a cookbook, this collection of life recipes teaches young readers how to deal with the variety of emotions they feel on a daily basis. From kindness and joy to fear, shyness, and anger, the recipe for each sentiment invites children to reflect on what they are feeling and why.”

Así es mi corazón

Por: Jo Witek

Ages 9-12

This book is a tribute to emotions and their different form and colors.

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Por: Grete Garrido

Ages 9-12

Recognizing feelings is not easy. That’s why this book allows the reader to see emotions from the outside-in and ways to find solutions for each emotion.


Por: Rafael R. Valcárcel

Ages 8-12

Human beings experience a wide range of emotions both pleasant and unpleasant. This book presents a catalog of feelings including relief, insecurity, euphoria, jealousy, admiration, gratitude, and loneliness, each one illustrated by a different artist. It will help readers better understand themselves and others.

¡Hola emociones!

Por: Susaeta Publishing

Ages 3-5 years

This book leaves adults on the outside as mere spectators; enter a child’s world, where siblings Sofia and Pablo, along with their parents, live out varying circumstances in their daily happenings. Experience sadness, envy, joy, frustration, and love from a heartwarming perspective.

Abecedario de las emociones

Por: Rita Poggioli

Ages 3-6 years

In Abecedario follow the Spanish alphabet through different emotions. A rhyming poem accompanies each feeling to help better understand the condition of each emotion. 

We love this book!
Abecedario de emociones
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Te amo cuando estás enojado

Por: Erin Winters

Ages 3-6 years

The love of a parent or caretaker transcends emotions, it is unconditional.

Through adorable animals and a range of emotions, in this book your child will learn that whether they have good or bad days, they all end with a “good night and I love you.”

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30 + Books About Feelings in Spanish

Picture Books in Spanish About Anxiety

Encuentra tu calma

Por: Gabi Garcia

Ages 4-8

Follow along with the young narrator as she deals with anxiety and what she does to ensure it does not overcome her.

Soy más fuerte que la ansiedad

Por: Elizabeth Cole

Ages 4-8

Every child worries now and then, but that worry continues to grow more often than not.

Sometimes the worry becomes so overwhelming that it impact’s the child’s whole emotional state. They might feel stressed, angry, or sad.

This engaging children’s book will capture your child right in the middle of the rise of anxiety and help work through ways to calm that anxious feeling before it erupts into something more.

Pair these books about anxiety in Spanish with our positive affirmation coloring pages!

Picture Books in Spanish About Anger

Mi Día Cocodrilo

Por: Rosemary Sanchez Zavala

In this book filled with beautiful illustrations and a rhyming story, Follow, who is so angry he feels like a crocodile. Watch as he learns to control his emotions.

Mi pequeño temperamento

Por: Christoher Fequiere

Your child will learn that it’s okay to be angry sometimes in this book. It happens to everyone. But, what a child needs to know is to not succumb to that anger and instead learn ways to contain it before it grows out of control.

Soy más fuerte que la ira

Por: Elizabeth Cole

Ages 4-8

This cute story follows a little boy at the zoo who wants to take a Koala bear home. His mama explains that he cannot and is just not having it. He starts to throw a tantrum until different animals around the zoo help him work through his anger through three distinct techniques.

Cuando estoy enfadado

Por: Tracey Moroney

Ages 3-5

This book is a collection of books by Tracey Moroney that follow characters through different emotions. This particular books is about anger.

Here are some more books in this collection:

¿No hay nadie enfadado?

Por: Toon Tellegen

Ages 6-10 years

You will find 12 poetic and entertaining tales in this book that talk about anger. It will guide the reader to understand that aside from being a negative emotion, we can learn from our anger to help us communicate with others, and it can even make us laugh at times.

La Ira de Amaya

Por: Gabi Garcia

One story in a collection of stories about children’s emotional growth.

Amaya is always so angry, but after spending some time at her tia’s house, she realizes that other emotions are bubbling under her anger. 

Another book in her collection is La Tristeza de Santiago.

Cálmate y superar la ira

Por: Cheri J Meiners, M.Ed

Ages 4-8

In this bilingual book you will find simple text to help children learn to recognize feelings of anger as well as ways to deal with the emotion.

Picture Books in Spanish About Fear

A todos los monstruos les da miedo la oscuridad

Por: Michael Escoffier

Ages 3-5 years

El abrigo de Pupa

Por: Elena Ferrándiz

Ages 5-7 years

“Every morning Pupa puts on her coat of fears and walks out into the street wrapped in them. She is afraid of flying, and she is afraid of sinking. Also, she is afraid of change, but afraid of everything staying the same. She fears the future, but also the past repeating itself. Will she ever be able to free herself of her coat, which grows larger and larger with fear and anxiety every day?”

Tengo miedo: Un libro para vencer aquello que nos hace sentir diminutos

Por: Alberto Soler

Ages 4-8 years

This book is perfect for 4-8 year olds to talk and learn about fear and how we can manage our fear.

Picture Books in Spanish About Sadness

¿Por qué lloramos?

Por: Fran Pintadera

Ages 7-9 years

In this profound and poetic text, Mario’s mamá talks with him about everything that deals with sadness. The composition of tears, the way we feel in our body when we are sad, the act of crying, why we cry, and how we can liberate ourselves from sadness. 

Mateo en un mar de lágrimas

Por: Daniel Monedero Alonso

Ages 4-7 years

In this profound and poetic text, Mario’s mamá talks with him about everything that deals with sadness. The composition of tears, the way we feel in our body when we are sad, the act of crying, why we cry, and how we can liberate ourselves from sadness. 

Mi amigo está triste

Por: Mo Willems

Ages 6-8 years

Geraldo is sad, how can Piggie help him?

Thank you so much for checking out this selection of books about emotions in Spanish. I will continue to update it regularly, as I am always searching for the best and most authentic picture books in Spanish!

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