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26+ Captivating Winter Books in Spanish for a Seasonal Escape

Chilly winter days are here! Cozy up and delve into 24 captivating winter books in Spanish with your little ones.

Winter offers the perfect opportunity to enrich your bookshelf with Spanish treasures. As the world outside transforms into a snowy wonderland, there’s something magical about spending time indoors, imagining the snow-covered landscapes—that’s how my snow-loving family cherishes these moments.

Set aside the screens and introduce your kids to the charm of classic winter tales in Spanish. Let these stories transport them to snowy adventures, embracing the seasonal changes in a delightful and educational way.

24 winter books in Spanish for kids

Within these books, you’ll uncover stories about snowy adventures, winter animals, hibernation, and so much more!

Explore the brief descriptions provided under each book and discover the perfect read—or perhaps two—for you and your family to cherish this winter.

To assist your selection process, I’ve categorized these Spanish winter books into two age groups: ages 3-5 and ages 5-7+.

My hope is that you discover a gem to enrich your bilingual library. If you’re aware of a splendid winter book in Spanish that’s not on this list, please share it with us in the comments below! Your input is truly valued!

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Winter Books in Spanish for Kids


1. El copo de nieve

By: Benji Davies

In a faraway land, a small little girl named, Noelle, begins to set up her Christmas tree. Once she has finished, she decides to leave it by the window so that it gets covered. snow. When Noelle wakes up, the world looks like a different place. What has happened?

Your kiddos will love this story about a little girl and and snowflake that are searching for a special place in the world.

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2. Día de nieve

By: Jack Ezra Keats

It’s snowing and Pedro goes out to explore! Watch as his feet leave marks in the thick snow and see how fun it is to make snow angels and all the other fun things you can do in the snow!

3. Un copo de nieve en el bolsillo

By: Rachel Bright

A small squirrel has never seen the snow before and is so excited for it to snow this winter. However, when the snow comes, she realizes that her friend, Oso, cannot come out to play because he is hibernating. Since Oso is staying in, Ardilla decides to bring a snowflake inside to share the excitement with Oso. But once inside, Ardilla realizes that the snow is gone. What happened to it?

In this cute story, your little will learn about the act of hibernating and the mystery of snow and how it works.

4. Una señora con frío se tragó un poco de nieve

By: Lucille Colandro

A winter twist on An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly in Spanish.

5. Nieve

By: Carol Thompson

Learn about all of the sensory fun that you can have in the snow in this interactive board book.

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6. Invierno

By: Allie Busby

There’s something special about each season of the year, wherever we live in the world. Follow the children in this book as they discover and explore the unique character of winter, through indoor and outdoor play.

7. El libro del invierno

By: Rotraut Susanne Berner

Follow different stories and happenings of people and animals in this town on a cold, winter day. Andrea misses the bus, the parrot goes on an adventure and a mysterious red purse appears out of nowhere, with no owner in sight.

These winter tales will keep your littles engages through the book’s entirety.

8. Los mil blancos de los esquimales

By: Isabel Minhos

In a very far away place lives a small Eskimo boy who will show us his never-ending winter through his eyes. What will we learn? That Eskimos are able to distinguish from many different kinds of white, a white snowflake, a white cloud, a white drop.

We will also learn about igloos, frozen landscapes, and the cultural and geographical differences of Eskimo life.

9. Me gusta la nieve

By: Sarah Nelson

In this playful, rhyming text with STEM components, young readers will learn about the beauty of the swirling snow and how snow helps humans and the earth.

10. Irene, La Valiente

By: William Steig

In this book about perseverance, Irene is determined to get a suit that her mom made to the duchess. Even though she faces a terrible danger, it all is worth it at the end.

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11. Mi oso grande, mi oso pequeño y yo

By: Margaritza del Mazo

It’s good to have a bear, but having two is even better! So does this little girl think as she prepares for a thrilling day in the snow, hand-in-hand with her two bears. Together, they will go sledding down the mountain and they will meet a ton of friends in the woods!

12. Tren de invierno

By: Susanna Isern

Winter is drawing near, and as they do every year around this time, the cold-natured animals in the forest will catch the train that will take them to warmer lands. Most of them will start to pack their bags, checking if they missed something. Saying goodbye to their friends who’ll stay to spend the winter there will be difficult, but they will meet again soon when summer arrives. It’s time! The train is leaving! Southern Forest, here they go! The trip is going smoothly, but hey, where is Squirrel?

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13. Mi día nevado

By: Ally Nathaniel

In this bilingual book, enjoy a snow day with Gabi, Adam and Abagail and they build their snow-woman and demonstrate the importance of family, creativity and teamwork, all while learning a new language!

14. Haciendo un muñeco de nieve

By: Carolyn Kisloski

Focus on the alphabet and phonemic awareness in the book about building a snowman!

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15. ¡El invierno ya está aquí!

By: Albert Asensio Navarro

One of four board books by Albert Asensio Navarro about the four seasons, El invierno ya está aquí will portray the changes that come in winter through detailed imagery.

16. Tormenta de nieve

By: John Rocco

This book is based on a true story about the author and a snow storm that he experienced when he was ten-years-old.

During that snow storm, it snowed and snowed for two days straight and the ground filled with more than a meter of snow. The wind blew and the snow plows took more than a week to clear. the groun. The author shares his experience of what it was like to travel to the supermarket in the heap of snow to bring back food and goodies for his family and neighbors.

17. Diez maneras de escuchar la nieve

By: Cathy Camper

On a snow day, Lina goes to visit her grandmother. On her way there she stops to pause and listen to the world around her. Find out the ten way she listens to snow in this wintery tale.

18. El mitón

By: Jan Brett

In this fun and humorous tale, follow Nicki, who drops his glove without realizing. All of the animals crawl out of their homes to see what is it.

19. El copo azul

By: Nayra Suárez

Snow is white. Everyone knows that. That is what all kids wait for when winter comes. But what happen when a blue snowflake mixes in with the rest?

This cute winter book in Spanish will emphasize the importance of acceptance and will teach us that differences do not harm us, but rather they enrich our lives.

20. Un poema para cada día de invierno

By: Vanessa Perez

In this beautiful winter book in Spanish, you will find a poem to keep you company during each cold, winter day. From snow storms and blizzards to fun ways to take refuge in from the cold.

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21. Los animales en invierno

By: Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

With full-colored images and simple text, in this book beginner readers will learn all about how animal behaviors change durning the winter season.

22. Las aves en el invierno

By: Jenny Fretland VanVoorst

In this book, beginning readers will learn how birds migrate or adapt to survive the winter months.

23. Estamos en invierno

By: Joyce Jeffries

This charming and fiction winter book in Spanish  transports readers into a winter wonderland, where a relatable narrator explores the season.

24. El invierno

By: Julie Murray

Read about what to expect in winter through vibrant images and simple text.

25. ¿Dónde está el invierno?

Sonja is patiently awaiting winter, but it seems like it is never going to come, so she decides to go on a search for winter.

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26. Mi lado de la bufanda

“Mi lado de la bufanda” is a heartwarming children’s book that beautifully illustrates the story of two friends sharing a scarf.

Through playful and endearing illustrations, it teaches valuable lessons about sharing, kindness, and the joy of friendship.

Dive into this delightful tale that warms the heart and teaches important life lessons to young readers.

Winter Books in Spanish for Kids


Monday 8th of January 2024

What a great list! I suggest another one about winter clothes and friendship called 'Mi lado de la bufanda'.


Monday 8th of January 2024

Ana, thank you so much for your recommendation! I will definitely take a peek at your recommendation and add it to the list!