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20+ Best Spanish Fall Books To Read This Otoño

Fall is nearing, and school is back in full swing. Soon the leaves will be changing colors, and the weather will start to drop.

It is an exciting time of the year and an excellent opportunity to teach your preschooler about their surroundings.

You can start by building up your child’s Spanish vocabulary with these free fall flashcards in Spanish.

Practice these fall vocabulary words in Spanish with these fall word tracing worksheets in Spanish, or go on a stroll and test your fall vocabulary on this fall scavenger hunt!

Lastly, learn even more about fall with these 20+ fall books in Spanish!

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Discover a collection of 20+ Best Fall Books in Spanish for Kids! Dive into enchanting tales that celebrate the magic of autumn, from colorful leaves to cozy sweaters. Perfect for young readers eager to explore the wonders of the season in Spanish. 🍂📚✨

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*Bilingual books that are in Spanish & English

1. Diversión con manzanas en otoño

By: Martha E. H. Rustad

5-8 years old

Learn about how apples grow, and delicious recipes you can make with apples in the fall.

2. Sopa de calabaza

By: Helen Cooper

4- 7 years

Three friends make a pumpkin soup for dinner every day. They each have their role in making the soup until one day pato decides to change things up.

3. ¡ En otoño, castañas!

By: Gemma Armengol Morell

4-7 years

Learn about insects, plants, fruits and all things fall!

4. La calabaza rodante

By: Junia Wonders

2-6 years

Help Marla Pequeña chase after her rolling pumpkin all around town in this perfect fall tale.

Your child will learn lots of of Spanish through repetition as well as the different names of shopkeepers.

5. ¡El otoño ya está aquí!

By: Albert Asensio Navarro

5-6 years

Go on a journey with Nin to discover how the forest changes with fall’s arrival.

6. La viejecita que no le tenia miedo a nada

by: Linda Williams

4-8 years

This book is one of our household fall favorites! 🎃

Read about the little only lady who is not afraid of anything, until one night she has the scare of her life, or does she?

Learn lots of Spanish vocabulary through repetition on la viejecita’s walk through el bosque.

We love this book!
La viejecita que no le tenia miedo a nada
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7. Carlos y la planta de calabaza *

By: Jan Romero Stevens

5-8 years

Learn about harvest with Carlos, who refuses to shower until a plant sprouts in his ear.

8. Brunilda y Bruno. La calabaza asombrosa

By: Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

6-12 years

Brunilda loves everything about pumpkins, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin, and more. One day she decides to plant some pumpkins, and she has a huge surprise.

Fall Books in Spanish for Kids

9. El conteo regresivo del otoño

By: Fran Hawk

3-9 years

Learn about the beauty of fall counting backwards from 10 to 1.

10. Otoño

By: Gerda Müller

2-5 years

Fall is a time of colorful changes and going back to school.

11. Nacho en otoño

By: Liesbet Slegers

6-8 years

Spend a beautiful fall day with Nacho in the park, raking leaves.

12. Tina y un otoño de fotografía

By: Giselle Shardlow

Learn about all that fall has to offer through the perspective of yoga!

13. Estamos en otoño

By: Celeste Bishop

8-12 years

14. Me encanta el otoño

By: Shelly Admont

3-8 years

Explore Jimmy, the bunny, favorite season with him; fall!

15. Pipa y Pele en otoño

By: Daniela Drescher

16. El último árbol 

By: María Quintana Silva

4-8 years

A beautiful didactic story that will teach your child about the importance of nature and the small steps we can take individually to preserve it.

17. Baila como una hoja

By: Aj Irving

As her grandmother’s health declines, a young girl embraces their autumn traditions with tenderness. With poetic prose and Claudia Navarro’s poignant illustrations, this story gently navigates the beauty of life and the loss of a loved one.

18. El otoño

By: Julie Murray

Through simple yet engaging text and vibrant illustrations capturing the essence of autumn, young readers will discover the wonders of this season and the multitude of fun-filled activities it offers.

19. Animales en otoño

By: Martha E. Rustad

In the fall, animals diligently prepare for winter’s chill. Witness their industrious efforts as they gather food and secure shelter, ensuring they’re well-equipped for the impending cold. Explore the resilience of nature’s creatures in this captivating glimpse into their seasonal preparations.

20. ¡Yo solo quiero bellotas!

By: Gilberto Mariscal

Mina only likes acorns. Her mother wants her to eat other things, but she refuses. One day, Mina becomes so upset that she decides to go to the forest to search for acorns. What she doesn’t know is that many surprises await her in the forest.

I hope you enjoyed this list of books about fall in Spanish for preschoolers. Drop me a comment below letting me know which book you think your child will love! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive exclusive access to all of our free printables in Spanish!




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