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Halloween Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

Go on a nighttime stroll with this Halloween Scavenger hunt in Spanish and English.

Who will find all of the Halloween objects on the list first?

First, don’t forget to brush up on your Spanish vocabulary with our free Halloween flashcards in Spanish and free printable coloring pages.

Halloween Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

How to use the Halloween scavenger hunt in Spanish as a fun and educational activity

Since time seems to be flying, Halloween will be here before we know it. So here are a couple of ways to use this scavenger hunt with your kids or students. 

  • You can freshen up your vocabulary with these FREE Halloween flashcards and printable activities in Spanish.
  • Practice your child’s writing with these free Halloween Word Tracing Worksheets in Spanish.
  • Next, you could read some of these charming not-so-spooky Halloween books in Spanish and see if your child or student can find any of these items on the scavenger hunt.
  • You could try out a fun Halloween craft and have your child use his new Halloween vocabulary bank!
  • As for the Scavenger hunt, you could do it the traditional way by going out and about in the town. Or, you could hide these items around the house or classroom and have your child find them. For them to get the point, they have to recite the name of the object in Spanish. Doing this will help with speech and pronunciation. It will also make it a little more competitive!
Halloween Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

How can you get your free Halloween scavenger hunt?

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Halloween Scavenger Hunt in Spanish for Kids