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30 Printable Halloween Bingo Cards in Spanish for Kids

Are you looking for a fun Halloween activity to do at home with your kids or in class with your students? Or maybe you are looking for the perfect party activity for your child’s Halloween party?

Well, look no more! These 30 Printable Halloween Bingo cards in Spanish are the perfect way to learn Spanish at home or in the classroom. Play it in small groups or in groups of up to 10. You decide!

Keep reading to the bottom of this post to learn how to get your bingo game today!

30 Printable Halloween Bingo Cards in Spanish for Kids

Supplies for Halloween Bingo Game in Spanish

For this Halloween bingo game in Spanish you will only need a handful of supplies.

What Spanish Vocabulary Will You Find in this Bingo Game?

This bingo design is made with beautiful watercolor Halloween icons. It includes a full set of 30 Halloween-themed printable bingo cards. Each card has a vocabulary word in Spanish and a picture of the meaning.

30 Printable Halloween Bingo Cards in Spanish for Kids

It also comes with 10 unique bingo sheets to use with up to ten players!

Here are the different Halloween Spanish words included in the set:

 El árbolTree
El sombreroHat
Los dulcesCandy
El búhoOwl
La telarañaSpiderweb
El cuervoRaven
El huesoBone
La lunaMoon
El disfrazCostume
El gato negro Black Cat
El vampireVampire
El calderoCauldron
El baldeBucket
La calaveraSkull
El carameloSweet
El fantasmaGhost
La pociónPotion
La escobaBroom
La calabazaJack-o’-lantern
La lápidaTombstone
La casa encantadaHaunted house
La arañaSpiderweb
El murciélagoBat
El globo ocularEyeball
El globoBalloon
La velaCandle
El chupeteLollipop
La brujaWitch
La momiaMummy

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Below are some ways you can use the Halloween Bingo Cards in Spanish outside of this spring bingo game in Spanish

  • Create a print rich environment by placing these around the house. Add adhesive magnets to the back of the laminated flashcards and hang them on your fridge or washer.
  • Print out multiple sets and work on sequences and patterns with your preschoolers!
  • One of my favorite activities is to print off two sets and use them as a memory game. This activity is perfect for younger children to practice language development and memorization skills to connect the spoken word to the image. Make sure every time you flip over a card, you say the name of what’s on it!
  • Choose from a selection of these Spanish Halloween books and see if your child can identify any of the words from the bingo cards in the book.
  • Practice writing these Halloween words in Spanish with this free printable Halloween word tracing worksheet for preschoolers.
  • Color in some of these words in these free printable Halloween coloring pages in Spanish for children.
  • Use these words and go on a Halloween scavenger hunt in Spanish to practice the new vocabulary.
  • You could also play a fun game by having your child stand on the opposite side of the room as you, or even better outside. First, shuffle the flashcards. Then, lift a flashcard and show your child. Lastly, if they guess it right, they can take a step or hop forward! If they mess up, a step backward! Will they make it to where you are?
  • Play What’s Missing. Pick a handful of flashcards to your child. Talk about the flashcards and lay them flat on the table. Then, take a scarf and place them over the cards and remove a card. Have your child guess which card is missing.
  • You could play a bilingual game and say the version in English. Have your child repeat it in Spanish and vice versa.
  • You could place the flashcards face up on a table and see how fast your child can recognize the word.
  • Play Slapjack by placing all of the flashcards face down on a table. Say a word on the list and have your child flip the cards over until they find the correct card.
  • Lastly, you could cut the cards in half and use them as puzzles by having your child match the words and images with their correct halves.

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How to Play Halloween Bingo Game in Spanish

Now that you have your game printed and cut out, you are ready to play this fun activity. Are you ready to have so much fun?

Let’s play. Here’s how:

  • Give everyone a bingo card. This bingo came comes with 10 bingo sheets to use with up to ten players.
  • Then give every player a handful of bingo markers. You could also use items such as candy corn, coins, or small loose parts to mark your bingo game.
  • Let everyone mark their gratis free space.
  • Place all of the calling cards in the middle of the floor, or to keep them from going all over the place, in a small bowl.
  • Have the first player randomly select a card and announce it the group. Player with that image can mark their card with their markers.
  • Take advantage of this opportunity to keep the game in Spanish. After a couple times of play and learning the Spanish vocabulary, get competitive. Playfully remove a player if they resort to using English.
  • Repeat the previous step until a player fill up their entire card.
  • Give the winner a small prize.
  • Play again!

Tips to get maximum language use from this Halloween Bingo in Spanish

  • To make sure you get the absolute most language use out of this Bingo game, state the rule that the class or your family is only allowed to speak in Spanish!
  • If the child flips a card and does not know the word of the image on the card, help them out with the pronunciation. Even better, before the game, flip the the cards and review the words!

Then, you can ask questions or say phrases such as:

“¿Quién tiene el ____? “

“¡Solamente mamá tiene la ______!”

“¡Wau, todos temos los ___!”

¡Qué suertudo, tu tienes la calavera!

Repeating phrases like this to include the vocabulary word with help the new Spanish vocabulary stick!

  • Allow your child sufficient time to process the card that has been chosen, and to identify the object on their card. Try not to interject or speed up their finding process. Doing so might confuse the child or discourage participation.

Printable Halloween Bingo Cards in Spanish: Get Yours Today!

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30 Printable Halloween Bingo Cards in Spanish for Kids