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25+ Best Spanish Halloween Songs on YouTube for Kids

Halloween, known as “Halloween” or “Noche de Brujas” in Spanish-speaking countries, is a thrilling and spooky holiday celebrated with much enthusiasm by children and adults alike. And what better way to get into the Halloween spirit than by singing catchy and playful Halloween Spanish songs?

These songs are not only entertaining but also provide an excellent opportunity for children to learn some Spanish vocabulary related to this festive occasion—and they’re all available on YouTube!

In this collection of Spanish Halloween songs for kids, I had rounded up a selection of fun and lighthearted tunes that capture the essence of Halloween. These songs feature friendly monsters, playful witches, dancing skeletons, and the spirit of Halloween itself, all set to catchy melodies that will have kids singing along in no time.

Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, a classroom activity, or simply looking for a way to make the holiday season more enjoyable for your little ones, these songs are sure to add a spooky and delightful touch to the festivities. So, gather your young ghouls and goblins, put on your costumes, and let’s dive into the world of Spanish Halloween songs for kids! Get ready to sing, dance, and have a fang-tastic time as you celebrate Halloween en español.

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"Discover a spooky and fun collection of Halloween songs in Spanish for kids! These festive tunes will add a touch of bilingual magic to your Halloween celebrations, keeping little ones entertained while they learn about the holiday's traditions and enjoy catchy melodies in both English and Spanish."

Benefits of Spanish Halloween Songs for Kids

Spanish Halloween songs for kids offer several benefits for young learners and can enhance their Halloween experience in various ways:

  • Language Learning: Spanish Halloween songs provide a fun and engaging way for children to learn and practice the Spanish language. They can improve their vocabulary, pronunciation, and comprehension while enjoying the festive atmosphere.
  • Cultural Awareness: These songs often incorporate elements of Hispanic culture and folklore related to Halloween and Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). This can help kids develop an appreciation for different cultural traditions and diversity.

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  • Creativity and Imagination: Halloween songs often feature spooky and imaginative themes, encouraging children to use their creativity and imagination. They can visualize the lyrics and create their own Halloween stories and characters.
  • Memory and Cognitive Skills: Singing and memorizing song lyrics can enhance memory and cognitive skills in children. It helps with pattern recognition, rhythm, and sequencing.
  • Social Interaction: Singing Halloween songs with others, whether it’s with family or friends, promotes social interaction. It can be a bonding experience and a great way to celebrate the holiday together.
  • Emotional Expression: Halloween songs can convey a range of emotions, from spooky and eerie to fun and playful. Singing and listening to these songs allow kids to express and explore their emotions in a safe and enjoyable way.
  • Motor Skills: Some Halloween songs come with accompanying dance moves or actions, promoting physical activity and coordination. This can be a great way to get kids moving and active during the holiday season.
  • Seasonal Excitement: Halloween is an exciting time for children, and Halloween songs can add to the anticipation and enjoyment of the holiday. They create a festive atmosphere and get kids in the spirit of Halloween.
  • Listening Skills: Listening to songs in another language helps improve listening skills and auditory comprehension. Kids can learn to distinguish words and phrases when listening to Spanish lyrics.
  • Confidence Building: Singing in a different language can boost a child’s confidence, as it provides them with a sense of accomplishment when they can sing along or understand the lyrics.

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Incorporating Spanish Halloween songs into a child’s celebration can be a fun and educational way to enhance their language skills and cultural awareness while enjoying the spooky festivities of the holiday.

Alright now that you know the benefits of these songs for your littles, let’s dive straight into this awesome list of 21 Halloween Spanish songs. 

"Discover a bewitching collection of Halloween songs in Spanish for kids! Get your little ones in the spooky spirit with these catchy tunes that celebrate Dia de los Muertos and Halloween traditions. Perfect for language learning and family fun."

Spanish Halloween Songs for Kids

1. Las calaveras salen de su tumba

By EducaBabyTv

“Las calaveras salen de su tumba” is a catchy and lively YouTube video featuring colorful animations and traditional Mexican music, bringing the Day of the Dead celebration to life for viewers of all ages. Through this video, viewers can explore the rich cultural traditions surrounding Dia de los Muertos in a fun and engaging way.

Here is another version of Las calaveras salen de su tumba song by Toycantando

2. El baile de los monstruos de Halloween

By: Civaditos

“El Baile de Los Monstruos de Halloween” is a delightful children’s song video by Chivaditos that brings the Halloween season to life with a playful dance of monsters, creating an engaging and entertaining experience for young viewers. This video combines catchy music and animated characters to make learning about Halloween and its spooky creatures a fun and memorable adventure for kids.

3. Es Halloween ¡Qué Bueno!

By: Reino Infantil

“Get ready for a spooktacular celebration with Reino Infantil’s ‘Es Halloween ¡Qué bueno!’ (It’s Halloween, How Great!) YouTube video, where little ones can enjoy the festive spirit of the holiday!”

4. Chúmbala Cachúmbala

By: Chivaditos

Chivaditos’ YouTube video “Chúmbala Cachúmbala” delivers a delightful and catchy rendition of the classic Halloween song, engaging young viewers with its cheerful and animated performance. The video’s playful and festive atmosphere, combined with the familiar tune, makes it a perfect addition to Halloween celebrations for kids.

5. Bien es Halloween

By: Luli Pampín

Luli Pampín’s YouTube video, “BIEN ES HALLOWEEN,” is a lively and colorful celebration of Halloween, featuring catchy music and playful visuals that capture the spirit of the holiday. The video engages viewers with its festive atmosphere and showcases a fun interpretation of Halloween traditions.

More Halloween videos by Luli Pampín

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6. Baile del Monstruo

By: Pinkfong en Español

Pinkfong en Español’s YouTube video, “Baile del Monstruo,” offers a fun and entertaining dance for children featuring colorful monsters, providing a delightful way for kids to engage with music and movement. With its catchy tune and playful characters, this video encourages young viewers to join the dance and enjoy the Halloween spirit.

7. Noche de brujas

By: El Reino Infantil

“Experience the enchanting ‘Noche de Brujas’ with Reino Infantil’s magical YouTube video, filled with whimsical melodies and Halloween wonders for kids!”

8. Noche de Halloween

By: Kids Baby Club Español

The YouTube video “Noche de Halloween rimas para niños halloween canción halloween monstruos” offers an entertaining and educational Halloween-themed experience for children, featuring spooky rhymes and colorful visuals that bring the holiday spirit to life. With its catchy tunes and playful monsters, this video creates a fun and engaging atmosphere that’s perfect for young viewers during the Halloween season.

9. El extraño mundo de Jack

By: Paulina

Paulina’s YouTube video “El extraño mundo de Jack” likely offers a rendition or cover of songs from Tim Burton’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” This video might provide viewers with a unique and creative interpretation of the beloved Halloween and Christmas-themed film through music and visuals.

10. Familia dedo de monstruos

By: Reino Infantil

“Join the monstrous finger family in Reino Infantil’s ‘Familia Dedo de Monstruos’ (Monster Finger Family) YouTube video for a delightful and spooky twist on a beloved children’s song!”

11. Halloween Llegó

By: ChuChuTv Español

The YouTube video “Halloween Llegó” brings the excitement of Halloween to the screen with vibrant visuals and lively music, creating an enjoyable and festive experience for viewers of all ages. Through its energetic presentation, the video captures the spirit of the holiday and invites viewers to celebrate the arrival of Halloween with enthusiasm.

12. El baile de los Zombies

By: SuperDivertido

SuperDivertido’s YouTube video “9. El baile de los Zombies” is an entertaining and comical dance video featuring zombies, offering a playful twist on the spooky theme.

13. Los bichos se visten de Halloween

By: Reino Infantil

Join the Halloween fun as ‘Los Bichos’ (The Bugs) dress up for a spooky adventure in this lively and kid-friendly YouTube video!

14. Cumbia Calavera

By: Calaveras de Azúcar

The YouTube video “Cumbia Calavera” offers a unique twist on Halloween celebrations by infusing traditional cumbia music with a spooky theme, creating a fun and dance-worthy fusion for viewers to enjoy. With its catchy rhythm and playful calavera (skull) imagery, this video adds a lively and culturally rich dimension to Halloween festivities.

15. Canción espeluznante del monstruo volador

By: Pueblo Teehee

“Pueblo Teehee’s YouTube video, ‘Canción espeluznante del monstruo volador,’ is a fun and spooky song about a flying monster, designed to captivate children’s imaginations during Halloween. \

16. La Llorona

By: DisneyMusicVevo

The YouTube video “La Llorona” by the well known movie CoCo about the Mexican holiday “Día de Los Muertos” presents a rendition of the haunting and legendary Mexican folk song, “La Llorona,” which tells the tragic tale of a weeping woman.

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17. Soy un zombi

By: El Show de Pelina

El Show de Pelina’s YouTube video “Soy un zombi” is a fun and entertaining performance of a zombie-themed song, offering a playful twist on the spooky character. This video is perfect for learning new Halloween vocabulary words.

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18. La bruja loca

By: Axel ET

Axel ET’s YouTube video “La bruja loca” presents a creative and playful rendition of the popular Spanish children’s song “La bruja loca” (The Crazy Witch).

19. Monstruo Hospital

By: Cocobi Español

Cocobi Español’s YouTube video titled “14. Monstruo Hospital” offers a delightful and imaginative tale unfolding in a hospital for monsters, designed to amuse and captivate young audiences through its humor and creative storytelling.

20. Cinco Calabazas

By: Super Simple Español

Super Simple Español’s YouTube video “12. Cinco Calabazas” is a delightful and educational song for children that explores the theme of counting pumpkins. This video combines catchy tunes with engaging visuals, providing a fun and effective way for kids to learn basic counting skills in Spanish.

21. Cinco fantasmas

By: Super Simple Español

Super Simple Español’s YouTube video “Cinco fantasmas” is  an engaging and educational song for children that involves counting five friendly ghosts.

22. Familia de bebé fantasma

By: Peque Músic

Peque Músic’s YouTube video Familia de bebé fantasma” is a charming and kid-friendly animation featuring a ghostly baby family set to the theme of “Baby Shark”, providing young viewers with a delightful Halloween-themed adventure.

23. Familia dedo Halloween

By: Pocoyó

The YouTube video “Familia dedo Halloween” presents a Halloween-themed version of the popular “Familia dedo” finger family song, featuring spooky characters like ghosts, witches, and monsters.

24. Zombi bailarina

By: JunyTony

JunyTony’s YouTube video “Zombi bailarina” is a lively and playful performance featuring a dancing zombie, providing a humorous and entertaining take on the spooky character. 

25. ¿Quién será?

By: Pinkfong en español

Pinkfong en español’s YouTube video “¿Quién será?” is a lively and engaging song that invites young viewers to join in a fun and interactive guessing game related to Halloween. 

Well friends. I hope you and your littles enjoyed these spooky Halloween songs!! Don’t forget to check out some of my fun and FREE Halloween printable activities in Spanish for kids below.

Halloween activities for kids

"Get your little ones into the Halloween spirit with our collection of fun and spooky Halloween songs in Spanish for kids! Explore traditional tunes and catchy rhymes that celebrate the holiday with a festive twist. Perfect for language learning and Halloween festivities."