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Unlock La Magic: Discover 70+ Halloween Spanish Words & Phrases

As the bewitching season of Halloween approaches, it’s time to unearth a trove of captivating Halloween Spanish words that evoke the spirit of this spooky holiday.

 From “bruja” to “fantasma,” “calabaza” to “zombi,” the Spanish language weaves a tapestry of vocabulary that captures the essence of Halloween’s eerie charm. 

Join me in this linguistic journey as we navigate through a plethora of Halloween-themed words in Spanish. 

Whether you’re enriching your language skills or simply embracing the festive spirit, these words provide a fascinating glimpse into the fusion of language and culture that makes Halloween a global celebration.

At the end of this post, stay tuned for an upcoming list of enjoyable activities to engage in with your kids and family, allowing you to put these words into playful practice!

Unlock La Magic: Discover 70+ Halloween Spanish Words & Phrases

Spanish Halloween Vocabulary

Let’s dive right into this list of 70+ spooky words in Spanish to use this Halloween!

Spanish English
Alas de múrcielagoBat wings
Bosque de las sombrasEnchanted forest
Bosque embrujadoHaunted woods
BrujoWizard, sorcerer
Cadenas Chains
Calle embrujadaHaunted street
Callejón oscuroHaunted street
Callejuela encantada Enchanted Alleyway
Casa embrujadaHaunted house
Caza de brujasWitch hunt
Cazador de vampirosVampire hunter
Colmillos Fangs
Demonio Demon
Día de los MuertosDay of the Dead
Día de Todos los SantosAll Saints’ Day
Halloween Spanish Words

What is the difference between Día de los Santos and Día de los Muertos?

Let’s briefly pause to delve into these two holidays, akin to Halloween, celebrated throughout Spanish-speaking countries.

“Día de los Santos” and “Día de los Muertos” are two distinct holidays, though they both involve the remembrance of deceased individuals and are observed around the same time of year. Here are the key differences between the two:

Photo Credit: KieselUndStein from Gettiy Images Signature
  • Meaning and Focus:
    • Día de los Santos (All Saints’ Day): This holiday, celebrated on November 1st, is dedicated to honoring all saints, both known and unknown, in the Christian tradition. It is a day to remember and honor those who have achieved holiness and are believed to be in the presence of God.
    • Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead): This holiday is observed on November 2nd and is a Mexican tradition that focuses on remembering and celebrating deceased loved ones. It’s a way to honor and commemorate family members and friends who have passed away, with a strong emphasis on celebrating life rather than mourning death.

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  • Origin and Cultural Significance:
    • Día de los Santos: It has its roots in the Christian faith and is observed by Catholics and other Christian denominations. It’s a solemn holiday that involves church services, visits to cemeteries, and remembrance of saints.
    • Día de los Muertos: This holiday has indigenous Mexican origins and has become a blend of indigenous beliefs and Catholicism. It’s celebrated with colorful altars (ofrendas) decorated with items that the deceased enjoyed in life, along with marigold flowers, candles, sugar skulls, and the deceased’s favorite foods and drinks. It’s seen as a way for the living to connect with the spirits of the departed and to celebrate their memory.
  • Atmosphere and Traditions:
    • Día de los Santos: It tends to be more solemn and religious in nature. People visit cemeteries, attend church services, and reflect on the lives of saints.
    • Día de los Muertos: It is a more festive and lively celebration. Families gather to create vibrant altars, participate in parades, wear colorful costumes, and enjoy music and food. The atmosphere is one of joyous remembrance rather than mourning.

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  • Geographical Scope:
    • Día de los Santos: It is observed in various countries with Christian traditions, although the customs and practices may vary from place to place.
    • Día de los Muertos: While it originated in Mexico, its influence has spread to other parts of the world, and it is celebrated by people of Mexican heritage and enthusiasts of Mexican culture.
Halloween Spanish Words

Now, let’s get back to this list of Spanish words!

Disfraz de monstruoMonster costume
Dulces Sweets/candy
Escalera crujienteCreaky stairs
Espíritu malignoEvil spirit
Galletas de Halloween Halloween cookies
Gato negroBlack cat
Hombre loboWerewolf
Huesos Bones
Luna llenaFull moon
Niebla espesaThick fog
Noche de brujasHalloween/ Night of witches
Noche de miedoHalloween
Oscuridad Darkness
Sombrero de brunaWitch hat
Susto Fright
TelarañaSpider web
Treinta y unoThirty first
Truco o tratoTrick or treat
Uñas afiladasSharp claws
Halloween Spanish Words

Well did you learn new vocabulary? I hope you did. If you got this far, make sure to check out some fun activities below that are perfect for Spanish teachers or for families fostering Spanish at home. 

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"Embrace the spooky allure of Halloween in Spanish with our curated collection of 70+ Halloween-themed words. From 'bruja' to 'fantasma,' immerse yourself in the eerie ambiance of the season while enriching your language skills. Explore the magic of these words as you prepare for a spook-tacular celebration. 🎃👻 #HalloweenSpanishWords #LanguageLearning #HalloweenVocabulary"

Exploring Halloween Spanish Words & Engaging Activities

As you’ve journeyed through this collection of 70+ Halloween-themed Spanish words, it’s time to take your newfound vocabulary to the next level. Whether during your classroom halloween party or at home with family, elevate your Halloween experience with a range of enjoyable activities, allowing you to immerse yourself in these words while having a blast this October 31st.

Halloween Spanish Words

With these engaging activities, you can go beyond words and actively apply your Halloween-themed Spanish vocabulary. Whether you’re a parent looking to share the fun with your kids or an educator seeking dynamic classroom exercises, these options ensure that learning is a spook-tacular experience. So, gather your materials and embark on a journey of language, creativity, and Halloween magic!

Even More Halloween Activities To Enjoy

"Dive into the enchanting world of Halloween with our curated collection of 70+ spooky and spellbinding Spanish words. From 'bruja' to 'zombi,' explore the eerie charm of Halloween vocabulary in Spanish. Perfect for language learners, educators, or anyone looking to add a twist to their Halloween celebrations. Embrace the cultural richness and linguistic thrill that these words bring to the season!"