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Halloween Picture Books in Spanish

Inside: 17 Read aloud Halloween Picture Books in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and beginner Spanish learners of all ages. 

There is no better way to close a busy fall day than with a not-so-spooky Halloween tale.

Even better, a not-so-scary Halloween tale in Spanish for your bilingual little!

That’s why today, I am bringing you 17 not-so-spooky Halloween picture books in Spanish!

Reading is one of the best ways to encourage the minority language in a bilingual household, and that’s why this year, I have dedicated one Monday a Month to Library Lunes, where I compile the best of the best books in Spanish for Children. 

Once you have your Halloween selection, you can then brush up on your Halloween vocabulary in Spanish with these vocabulary flashcards and coloring pages. Then, read through your book and see if you can find any of the new vocabulary!

Lastly, you can go on a spooky Halloween scavenger hunt and practice all of your new Halloween words!

Enjoy, and don’t forget to comment below, letting me know which book your preschooler lovers!

When you’re done checking out these Halloween picture books in Spanish, check out these fun Halloween activities too!

15 Read aloud Halloween Picture Books in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and beginner Spanish learners of all ages.

*Bilingual Halloween Picture books that are in Spanish & English

¡A dormir, monstruos!

By: Ed Vere

Ages 5-6

Learn about how monsters this Halloween with a wonderful bedtime story for children!

2. Sopa de calabaza

By: Helen Cooper

Ages 4-7

Three friends make a pumpkin soup for dinner every day. They each have their role in making the soup until one day pato decides to change things up.

3. Osito Tito. La Casa Encantada

By: Benji Davies

Ages 2-6

Tito and his friends are not scared of anything, until they walk into a haunted house. Find out what mysteries they find inside of the haunted house.

4. El día de los muertos *

By: Bob Barner

Ages 4-8

This is a great bilingual story to teach your child about all of the colorful and fun festivities and traditions of Día de los muertos in this beautiful, lyrical text for children.

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5. El vampiro Edelmiro

By: Scott Emmons

Ages 3-6

Edelmiro, the vampire, does not feel well after eating too much meat and decides to change up his diet a bit and finds quite a surprise. With this fun story-in-rhyme, Edelmiro will help your kids try new and healthy foods this Halloween!

6. La viejecita que no le tenia miedo a nada

by: Linda Williams

Ages 4-8

Read about the little only lady who is not afraid of anything, until one night she has the scare of her life!

7. Jorge el curioso va a una fiesta de disfraces *

by H.A. Rey

Ages 4-7

Jorge el Curioso (Curious George) gets invited to a costume party, but accidentally winds himself up in a table cloth. What might the guests think he is, and will they be scared?

8. Brunilda y Bruno. La calabaza asombrosa

By: Valerie Thomas and Korky Paul

Ages 6-12

Brunilda loves everything about pumpkins, pumpkin pie, roasted pumpkin, and more. One day she decides to plant some pumpkins, and she has a huge surprise.

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9. Los fantasmas no llaman a la puerta 

By: Eulália Canal

Ages 3-10

Bear and Groundhog are great friends, but when Bear invites Duck over for a sleepover, Groundhog is not having it. How will Groundhog spook the evening away?

10. ¡Bu!

By: Leslie Patricelli

Ages 0-3

The perfect book to introduce Halloween and all of the fun traditions to your baby or toddler!

11. ¡Cómo mola tu escoba!

By: Julia Donalds

Ages 3+

Take your child on a magical broom ride with and her black cat in this fun and witty children’s book.

12. Froggy y el día de Halloween

By: Jonathan London

Ages 2-6

You child will get a kick out of Halloween with Froggy, who eats chocolate flies!

13. El primer Halloween de Clifford

By: Norman Bridwell

Ages 2-3

Who didn’t love Clifford the Big Red Dog as a child? Why not join him on his first Halloween in Spanish!

14. La casa encantada

By: Kazuno Kohara

Ages 3-6

With this story about a haunted house, help your child overcome their fears of ghosts!

15. Cómo reconocer a un monstruo

By: Gustavo Roldán

Ages 5-7

Learn all about monsters and all of their scary features this Halloween!

16. Manual de brujas

By: Mónica Carretero

Ages 3-8

Doña Amarga sends a letter to her niece and nephew asking if they are ready to learn how to be a witch.

Your children will get a Halloween kick out of this witch manual guide.

17. Cosas de Bruja

By: Mariasole Brusa

Ages 5-9

This witch is so angry.

Why you might ask? Well, because her hair is blue, and she doesn’t want blue hair like the blue fairy. She wants green or blood-red hair.

She’s so mad that she decides to do something spooky.

I hope you enjoyed this list of not-so-spooky Halloween books in Spanish for preschoolers. Drop me a comment below letting me know which book you think your child will love! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive exclusive access to all of our free printables in Spanish!

15 Read aloud Halloween Picture Books in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and beginner Spanish learners of all ages.