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14 Thanksgiving Books in Spanish for Children

Inside: 14 Thanksgiving books in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and beginner Spanish learners of all ages.

Are you looking for a great book in Spanish to teach your kiddos about Thanksgiving this year? If so, you have come to the right place because today, I am going to share 14 Thanksgiving picture books in Spanish!

These books touch on several themes dealing with Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving related vocabulary and themes, as well as what it means to be Thankful, and how to give thanks. 

Thanksgiving Picture Books in Spanish

If you are looking for some activities to prepare you for some of the vocabulary you might find in your Thanksgiving book in Spanish, try out these FREE Thanksgiving coloring pages & placemat!

You could also make some Vocabulary flashcards with this Thanksgiving Scavenger hunt available in Spanish and English!

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Discover 14 heartwarming Thanksgiving picture books in Spanish perfect for children! From tales of gratitude to stories of family gatherings, these beautifully illustrated books capture the spirit of the holiday and are sure to become treasured favorites.

Thanksgiving Picture Books in Spanish

*Bilingual Thanksgiving books that are in Spanish & English

1. La actitud de agradecer

By: Melissa Winn

Ages 2-4

A cute story of a little boy who is angry because his parents didn’t give him a gift.

His abuelita comes to cheer him up by inviting him to play a game! A game of thanks! He must write a note every night expressing thanks for something.

The little boy loves this game so much, that he ends up writing a beautiful letter about all that for which he is thankful!

This is a great read aloud story to learn about the act of thanks in Spanish with your kiddos. At the end of the book, there are cut outs to play your own game with your children! Super cute!

Our Absolute Favorite!
La Actitud de Agradecer: Libros de Accion de Gracias Para Ninos, Cuentos Infantiles en Español Para Niños de 2 a 4, Books in Spanish for Kids (Oliver's Tips for Kids) (Spanish Edition)

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2. Óscar el Oso Pardo aprende a ser agradecido

By: Misty Black

Ages 3-8

Help Oscar el Oso’s friends cheer up his mood and teach him about gratitude this Thanksgiving.

3. La ovejita que vino a cenar

By: Steve Stallman

Ages 5-8

This adorable book is not necessarily Thanksgiving-related, but it does talk about dinner time. This book is filled with great valuable lessons such as friendship, generosity, and the acceptance of differences. It is such a beautiful story to give thanks for this Thanksgiving!

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4. ¡Gracias, Omu! 

By: Oge Mora

Ages 4-8

What a great tale about sharing and what sharing can bring in return!

Omu makes a delicious guiso rojo espeso for dinner.

El aroma from her guiso travels through the whole town, bringing everyone to Omu’s door!

Will she share her guiso? Will there be enough?

Love it!
¡Gracias, Omu! (Thank You, Omu!) (Spanish Edition)

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

5. No te olvides de agradecer

By: Melissa Winn

Ages 4-8

With No te olvides a agradecer, your child will learn that being happy and thankful does not come from material items, but rather from everyday things, such as family, the outdoors, and a bird singing.

6. El Pavo que se olvidó cómo hacer Glu-Glú 

by: Alexis H. Purcell

Ages 3-5

Joey, the turkey is sad. He has forgotten how to gobble gobble. He needs his friends’ help.

Give your child a good giggle this Thanksgiving as they help Joey learn how to gobble.

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7. ¿Dónde está mi pavo? *

by: Sujatha Lalgudi

Ages 3-6

Learn about the history of Thanksgiving with a young pilgrim and his pet turkey. Join in on some games such as find the hidden parts of the turkey.

14 Thanksgiving books in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergarteners and beginner Spanish learners of all ages.

8. Clifford y el Día de Acción de Gracias

By: Normal Bridwell

Ages 4-8

Who doesn’t love Clifford the Big Red Dog? I bet he’s even more fun in Spanish!

Follow Clifford across many miles to go visit his mama for Thanksgiving!

9. Doy gracias cada día *

By: P.K. Hallinan

Ages 5-6

Doy gracias cada día is an excellent book for both parents and children learning Spanish, and the perfect introduction to thankfulness.

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10. Oso dice gracias

By: Karma Wilson

Ages 1-5

Join Oso as he thanks his friends over a big meal. What a better way to saying thank you. Oso dice gracias is the perfect children’s book for Thanksgiving!

11. Gracias. El pavo de Thanksgiving

By: Joy Cowley

Ages 4-8

Papa gets Miguel a turkey to fatten up for Thanksgiving, but he becomes too attached. Find out what happens in this fun Thanksgiving tale.

12. Gracias, Señor Panda *

By: Steve Antony

Ages 3-5

A great beginning book for babies and toddlers learning how to say thank you in Spanish.

13. Celebra el Día de Acción de Gracias con Beto y Gaby

By: Alma Flor Ada

5-8 years

Learn about the history of Thanksgiving With Gaby and Beto, who have to change their thanksgiving plans due to a huge snowfall. They still figure out how to have a celebration, anyway!

14. ¿Pavo para la Cena de Gracias? ¡No, gracias! 

By: Alma Flor Ada

A unique story about a spider that helps a turkey find ways to avoid being eaten for Thanksgiving.

I hope you enjoyed this list of 14 Thanksgiving books in Spanish. Make reading a tradition in your family this Thanksgiving, and don’t forget to be thankful—not just on Thanksgiving, but every day!


14 Thanksgiving Books in Spanish for Children