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23 Picture Books About Colors in Spanish

Inside: 22 picture books about colors in Spanish for toddlers and preschoolers and the beginner Spanish learner of all ages!

With preschool starting right around the corner for some moms and homeschool preschool starting for others, I thought it would be helpful to start posting more Spanish education resources for preschoolers, and kids of all ages.

In this post, I’ll start with this list of 22 picture books about colors in Spanish.

This summer, Lennox and I have been working nonstop on learning colors. 

Apart from color learning activities, I try to always throw a colorful adjective onto every noun in our daily conversations. 

Picture Books About Colors in Spanish

“Wow, look at that white doggy | mira ese perrito blanco”, or “can you sit in the blue chair | ¿Te puedes sentar en la silla azul?

He is so confident in his color knowledge now in both Spanish and English that my bilingual mama heart is simply soaring.

One way I teach Lennox is by reading lots of picture books in Spanish.

Books are the best way to grow vocabulary knowledge, especially for bilingual children who are learning two vocabularies. 

According to the National Children’s Book and Literacy Alliance, “Books create warm emotional bonds between adults and kids when they read books together.”

Therefore, I deemed it necessary to provide a list of 21 picture books about color in Spanish so that you and your preschooler can bond through language while expanding vocabulary and consciousness.

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21 picture books in Spanish about colors for toddlers and preschoolers

*Bilingual picture books about color in Spanish that are in Spanish & English

1. El monstruo de colores

By: Anna Llenas

(1-6 years)

El monstruo de colores is one of Lennox’s favorite books. Learn about the colors through beautiful imagery and the monster’s wave of emotions.

Picture Books About Color in Spanish

2. Los pingüinos adoran los colores *

By: Sarah Aspinall

(4-8 years)

Introduce the six primary and secondary colors with mamá pingüina y sus pingüinitos through graphic illustrations.

Picture Books in Spanish about colors

3. Pintura de ratón *

By: Ellen Stoll Walsh

(0-3 years old)

A beautiful lesson of colors by three mice who discover three jars of paint- red, blue and yellow.

Have you grabbed your free printable bilingual color flashcards in Spanish and English?

4. Oso Pardo, oso Pardo, ¿qué ves ahí?

By: Eric Carle

(2-5 years)

Learn about the colors with oso Pardo and all of his colorful friends.

5. El punto

By: Peter H. Reynolds

(5-8 years)

A story about color and creativity that follows Vashti through her journey of surprise and self-discovery.

6. A su propio color *

by: Leo Lionni

(2-5 years)

All animals have a color. But what if a certain animal doesn’t have just one color? Through this fun tale, your child can learn about colors and the color-changing chameleon.

7. Ceci y Leo: Los colores

By:Jacques Duquennoy

(2-5 years)

Color all of the colors with Ceci, the zebra, and Leo the chameleon.


8. Mezclados. Una historia de colores

By: Aree Chung

(5-7 years)

Red, blue, and yellow all lived in harmony until they all started to fight over who was better. Learn about color, tolerance and the importance of celebrating differences through this vibrant book.

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9. 10 ovejitas

By: Franziska Gehm

(2-5 years)

Learn about colors and numbers with 10 ovejitas.

Picture Books About Color in Spanish


10. El arcoiris de emociones con Bimba y Cañolino

By: Elisa Cucinelli

(0-6 years)

A colorful, magical adventure about the rainbow of emotions.

Picture Books About Color in Spanish


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11. Cosme: El mago de colores

By: Sandra Jaramillo Botero

(7-13 years)

Learn all about the colors and mixing colores with Cosme the color wizard.

12. Los colores del señor Bear

By: Virginie Aracil

(3-5 years)

Picture Books About Color in Spanish


13. El pez arcoiris

By: Marcus Pfister

(3-6 years)

Who doesn’t love the rainbow fish? Learn about the colors through her beautiful scales.

Picture Books About Color in Spanish


14. Azul el sombrero, verde el sombrero

By: Sandra Boynton

(1-3 years)

15. ¿Cómo aprenden los dinosaurio los colores?

By: Jane Yolen

(3-5 years)

A captivating and inspiring tale of where dinosaurs learn their colors

Picture Books About Color in Spanish


16. El libro más bonito de todos los colores

By: Tom Schamp

Learn colors through all things big and small that can be found in the city.

17. Tren de carga *

By: Donald Crews

(4-6 years)

Learn about the different types of train and their magnificient colors

Picture Books About Color in Spanish

17. Zapata: Colores *

By: Patty Rodriguez, Ariana Stein, Citlali Reyes

(0-4 years)

Learn not only about the different colors, but the Mexican revolution as well!

18. Elmer y los colores

By: David McKee

(3-5 years)

Learn the colors with Elmer, the multicolored elephant!

Picture Books About Color in Spanish


19. Cuando encuentres los colores y las formas *

By: Angela Russ-Ayon

A great bilingual book to not only learn about colors, but shapes as well!

Picture Books About Color in Spanish


20. ¿Qué colores comiste hoy?

By: Hope H. Lee

Learn how to eat healthy with a variety of colors. The more colors on your plate the better!

Picture Books About Color in Spanish

21. Capa de colores

By: Karl Beckstrand

A book about color, careers and culture. Learn the colors through Latin and African superheroes.


22. El Color Negro Mola

by: Coni La Grotteria

Black is a color just like any other, but the color Black cannot understand why no one else wants to paint with him.

I hope you enjoyed this list of books about color in Spanish for preschoolers. Drop me a comment below letting me know which book you think your child will love! Don’t forget to subscribe to receive exclusive access to all of our free printables in Spanish!

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