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23 Spanish Children’s Picture Books To Learn the Alphabet

Inside this post, you can find a wide selection of children’s picture books to learn Spanish alphabet with your preschooler today.

Lennox is entering his last half-year of preschool before he heads off into kindergarten.

That means I only have a handful of months left to provide him with as much minority language use as I can, and I want to do this by teaching him the foundations of reading and writing in Spanish.

That’s why this month, I will be publishing a series of posts to help your child begin reading and writing in Spanish based on resources that I have found and what has worked for Lennox and me at home.

I will kick this series off with today’s post, a compilation of children’s picture books in Spanish to learn about the Spanish alphabet.

Then, I will make some printables and share some activities to help your child learn their letters and share some resources to embark on your child’s reading and writing journey in Spanish! Stay tuned!

Below, you can find a list of 23 alphabet picture books in Spanish. I have separated them into some categories since I was overwhelmed with the amount of material I found. You can find the following selections in this post:

you can find a wide selection of children's picture books to learn Spanish alphabet with your preschooler today.
  • Alphabet books in Spanish with a cultural touch
  • ABC books about emotions
  • Alphabet books in Spanish with a protagonist
  • ABCs and animals in Spanish
  • and more ABC books

Make sure to check them out and find which book will adhere to your child’s interest! 

Afterwards, follow me on Instagram because I am always sharing our book selections since I am slightly book obsessed!

Enjoy this list of alphabet books in Spanish. But, then, let’s get reading and writing!

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Dive into the world of letters with our collection of 23+ alphabet books in Spanish! From captivating illustrations to interactive learning, these books are perfect for introducing young readers to the ABCs in a fun and engaging way. Explore our selection and embark on an alphabet adventure today! #SpanishBooks #Alphabet #ChildrensBooks

Alphabet books in Spanish with a cultural touch

1. El abecedario artístico de Maya

Por: Maya Litwack

This is an artistic book done by a bilingual child herself!

Maya, the bilingual daughter of an Argentine mother and American father, practiced her Spanish alphabet over quarantine. In this book, you can learn the ABCs in Spanish through Maya’s Art. How cool!

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2. El ABC de la Comida Puertorriqueña

Por: Lizmer Montalvo Juliá

Learn about culture and the ABCs simultaneously in this Caribbean tale as two grandmothers pass down their recipes made from the staple foods of Puerto Rico.

3. ABeCedarios: Mexican Folk Art ABCs in English and Spanish

Por: Cynthia Weill

Here is another book where you can learn about culture and ABCs together! This time, get a glimpse of Mexican Folk art with these vibrant illustrations.

4. Calavera Abecedario: A Day of the Dead Alphabet Book

Por: Jeanette Winter

In continuation with Mexican culture, learn the ABCs in this Day of the Dead alphabet book!

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Alphabet books in Spanish dealing with emotions

5. Abecedario de las emociones 

Por: Rita Poggioli

Emotions are so important to teach to our children to help them better understand themselves. In this book, you can learn a different emotion for each letter of the alphabet!

We love this book!
Abecedario de emociones
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

6. Abecedario de emociones y sentimientos 

Por: Yanitzia Canetti

Here is another option to learn about the ABCs simultaneously with emotions! From alegría to zalamería let’s get feeling!

7. Abecemociones

Por: Susanna Isern

Here is one more option to learn about the ABCs through emotions and animals too!

Alphabet books in Spanish with a protagonist

8. El abecedario de Lucia

Por: Gilberto Mariscal

Protagonist Lucia chooses a word for each letter of the alphabet in Spanish. For each word she shares a small story.

9. El abecedario de Teseo y Pay

Por: Saúl Delhom

Learn about the ABCs through different modes of transportation with two protagonists, Teseo and Pay.

10. Día a día, letra a letra, de la A a la Z

Por: Begoña Oro

Learn the ABCs through through a funny little girl and her daily routines.

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you can find a wide selection of children's picture books to learn Spanish alphabet with your preschooler today.

Alphabet books in Spanish about animals

11. Abecedario De Los Animales

Por: Alma Flor Ada

A book filled with animals for each letter of the alphabet and poems to go along.

12. ABC con Nico

Por: Begona Oro and Ester Garay

Nico, the conejo, loves his letters, but he loves something more. Learn what that is while learning the letters too!

13. ABC Abecedario con Animales

Por: Alex Mills

Entertaining and colorful images of animals to help your little learn the alphabet in Spanish

14. Animal ABC Book in English and Spanish

Por: Soren Pilman

With beautiful and vibrant watercolor images, your children can learn the ABCs, as well as new vocabulary, in Spanish and English with this bilingual children’s picture book.

15. Trazando el abecedario de animales en español

Por: Benjamin Ramirez

Work your child’s fine motor skills in this tracing the alphabet book in Spanish where they will learn about animals too!

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More Alphabet Books in Spanish

16. Abecedario solidario: Cuentos con valores 

Por: Margarita Ozonas Marcos

In this book, your child will not only learn the Spanish alphabet, but ways they can take care of our planet as well! Super important!

17. Chica chica bum bum

Por: Bill Martin Jr.

The classic children’s book to learn the ABCs now available in Spanish! Learn the ABCs through fun rhymes and phrases.

Lennox loves this book!
Chica chica bum bum (Spanish Edition)
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

18. Abecedario. Abrir, bailar, comer y otras palabras importantes

Por: Ruth Kaufman

Here is a different ABC book in Spanish where you can learn the Spanish alphabet through VERBS. That’s right! Abrir, bailer, comer & more common verbs!

19. Mi Abecedario de Posibilidades: Puedes ser lo que tú quieras

Por: Margarita Veliz Muzzall

All children dream of something they want to be or do when they grow up. Let’s give them an ABC of options in this cute “you can be what you want to be” ABC book.

20. Abecedario escondido 

Por: Imma Pla Santamans

This is a super fun book to identify the letters in Spanish and see different ways the letters can hide!

21. Un cuento para cada letra

Por: Carmen Gil

In this cute book, each letter of the Spanish alphabet will take on a role in a short story for each letter!

Grab your free printable ABC wall chart in Spanish here!

22. ABC Spanish

Por: Aless Baylis

Pair the Spanish letters with a word in Spanish in this board book, perfect for toddlers.

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23. ABeCedario nutritivo

Por: Yanitza Canetti

In this book, your preschooler can learn about nutrition and the ABCs all at the same time!

I hope you found the perfect selection to learn the Spanish alphabet with your preschooler today. Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for more Spanish book recommendations and bilingual parentings tips!

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you can find a wide selection of children's picture books to learn Spanish alphabet with your preschooler today.