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17 Ocean Books in Spanish for Kids

Are you diving into an ocean-themed unit in your Spanish classroom or homeschool curriculum?

Perhaps you’re gearing up for an exciting seaside adventure and want to prep with some immersive Spanish ocean vocabulary beforehand!

No matter the occasion, I’ve curated a list of 17 captivating ocean books in Spanish that promise to captivate your children, fostering both enjoyment and educational exploration of el océano. ¡Hurrá!

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Dive into the wonders of the ocean with these 17+ captivating Spanish books! Perfect for classroom lessons or bilingual homeschooling adventures, these titles are sure to engage young learners and expand their Spanish vocabulary. ¡Explora las maravillas del océano con estos 17+ cautivadores libros en español! Ideales para clases o aventuras educativas en casa, ¡estos títulos seguramente cautivarán a los jóvenes lectores y ampliarán su vocabulario en español

Choosing the right ocean book in Spanish

How will you decide which ocean book in Spanish will be right for your kiddo?

For starters, in this list, I have each book organized by title, author and the recommended age. I also include a brief description of each book.

But only you know your child best so choose a book that will interest your child.

Browse through the descriptions, and if you come across a book you think your child will enjoy, click it and then read the reviews and explore the book some more.

My five-year-old son LOVES documentaries and prefers to read about real-life facts over fictional stories. Hence, his favorite books on this list are the encyclopedias such as number 17 on this list; Antología de animales extraordinarios.

With that said, peruse through this list and find a ocean animal book in Spanish that your child will love and will most importantly, encourage Spanish language use!

AND, if you know of a book that needs to be added to this list, do not hesitate to let me know in the comments at the end of this post!


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1. El gran libro del mar

By: Yuval Zommer

Ages 8-12

This is the third book in the wonderful series of El gran libro de los bichos and El gran libro de las bestias.

This informational text in Spanish goes into all of the tiniest and largest creatures in the underwater world. It will answer all of the whats and whys.

Why does the crab walk sideways? How does a penguin not freeze? Is a starfish really a fish?

This is a must have for your dual language classrooms or for bilingual homeschoolers!

2. El pez que encontró el océano

By: Alan Watts

Ages 0-3

The fish protagonist in this book will teach your child all about feelings.

Learn about fear, anger, frustration and confusion, and how the big ocean helps this fish free himself from his feelings.

Pair this book with our 24 Bilingual Spanish/English Emotions Flashcards and you can fill up an entire class to learn about feelings!

Interested in teaching about more emotions in your Spanish class? Check out this growing list of 30+ picture books about emotions in Spanish!

3. La vida secreto de los océanos

By: Jess French

Ages 7-9

Written by ocean expert, Jess French, La vida secreto de los océanos takes children on a fascinating underwater journey by showing them the wonders of all the amazing plants and ocean creatures that live in the sea.

It includes a multitude of ocean life and includes fun facts about sea life too!

This is a great selection to engage Spanish learners of all ages!

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4. El Pez Arco Iris

By: Marcus Pfister

Ages 2-5

Who didn’t love The Rainbow Fish growing up? It was one of my favorites and now I get to read it in Spanish to my son! Even better!

This beautiful story with eye-capturing illustrations teaches not only marine life vocabulary words in Spanish, but it also shares a didactic message about the importance of sharing.

There is also a bilingual English and Spanish version of Pez Arcoiris available.

Here are some in the Pez Arcoiris series to add to your bilingual library:

5. El Pez Pucheros

By: Dan Hanna

How can Mr. Pez be so sad in a sea full of vibrant colors and so much diversion? In El Pez Pucheros, your children will have lots of laughs throughout this book’s comical rhyme. 

6. El pequeño pez blanco está muy feliz

By: Guido van Genechten

Ages 5-6

A bilingual book with beautiful images that teach about ocean animals and prepositions in Spanish.

Printable Bilingual Ocean Flashcards in Spanish and English

$4.97 22 Ocean Animals Vocabulary Flashcards in Spanish

7. Océanos: El planeta bajo el agua como nunca antes lo habías visto

By: DK

In this ocean encyclopedia, learn everything that your heart desires about everything under the sea!

8. Cangrejo y Ballena

By: Mark Pallis

Learn about mindfulness and the importance of being calm with Crab and Whale.

Integrated in this book are breathing exercises to use with your littles.

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9. El Cangrejo Peregollo

By: Gloria Baena

Peregollo is a tiny crab that doesn’t believe in himself, until one day he uses his talents and bravery to help his friend the Toad.

Ocean Animal Books in Spanish for Kids

10. El pulpo enojado

By: Lori Lite

Ages 6-11

Pulpo is a relatable angry little creature. Thank goodness for the sirenita who teaches him how to be calm.

11. ¿Y si un tiburón hiciera deporte?

By: Camilla de la Bédoyere

Ages 5+

In this fun and engaging story, you and your child will read about what it’s like if you invite a shark to a BBQ, or even better a sporting event. 

12. Luz propia: Un libro sobre seres que brillan

By: Franz Anthony & María Emilia Beyer

Ages 3-5

Learn about the bioluminescent creatures of the sea, earth, and sky with this awesome glow-in-the-dark book.

“Scientific researcher María Emilia Beyer reveals the truth about these animals that produce their own light using special substances, as well as how they use this ability to search for food, defend themselves from prey, communicate, and find a mate.” -Source from Amazon

13. ¡Hurra, Pececito!

By: Lucy Cousins

Ages 0-3

Swim along with little fish and meet all of his sea creatures friends who come in different colors, shapes and sizes.

Learn more colors in Spanish with these free color vocabulary flashcards in Spanish.

14. Secretos de la costa

By: Carron Brown

Discover all of the jewels and animals of the sea with this fun flashlight book!

Here’s a fun activity to pair with these books: Beach Sensory Bin for Toddlers

15. ¡BUU!: Un misterio marino

By: Kate Read

In this attention-grabbing and humorous tale, a small pink fish initiates a game of hide in seek in a way that terrifies the other sea animals.

Your child will love seeing all of the beautiful illustrations in this book while learning about el pulpo rojo, los peces globos morados, el banco de peces azules, la tortuga verde y la anguila amarilla.  

16. Un cuento oceánico increíble

By: Michelle Glorieux

Ages 0-5

An interactive, talking book that teaches marine words in Spanish.

This book includes native speakers that pronounce each vocabulary word, fun sound effects and 12 original short songs in a variety of musical styles.

17. Antología de animales extraordinarios 

By: DK

Age 7-10

This anthology of animals book is not only about ocean animals, but it has a wide selection of fascinating creatures from the manta rays, blue whales and other fun animals that can be found in the vast ocean.

Lennox absolutely loves this book. He carries it around everywhere, and whenever we have a spare moment, we learn about a new animal!

One of our favorites!
Antología de animales extraordinarios
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I hope you enjoyed this list of ocean books in Spanish. Don’t forget to check out some more of our Spanish book lists below!


Ocean Animal Books in Spanish for Kids