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22 Bilingual Printable Ocean Flashcards (Spanish & English)

Are you ready to introduce your little learners to the wonders of ocean animals in Spanish and English? If so, these 22 bilingual printable ocean flashcards will be right up your alley!

This kit includes 22 vibrant, watercolor illustrations featuring a range of ocean creatures and their vocabulary words in Spanish and English to review and practice in both languages!

Keep reading to learn a handful of ways that you can use these flashcards in a fun and interactive way to teach your young children about ocean life animals as well as where you can get your set of printable ocean flashcards.

Printable Ocean Flashcards in Spanish and English

Materials needed for these Printable Ocean Animal flashcards in Spanish

First you need to download your ocean animals flashcards in Spanish. You can purchase them at my Etsy or TPT shops for $4.97

Then all you need to do is print them off. Here are some materials you will need:

  •  8.5 x 11 printer paper or heavy card stock paper.
  • A printer
  • Laminator and laminating sheets to laminate them for multi-use.

Simply print the bilingual ocean flashcards pdf file and you are ready to play and learn!

Printable Bilingual Ocean Flashcards in Spanish and English

What vocabulary words are included in these Sea Animals flashcards in Spanish?

In this bilingual flashcard set you will receive 22 watercolor ocean vocabulary cards in pdf file format with different ocean animals vocabulary words.

Each card comes listed with Spanish at the bottom, and English at the top.

Below are the different sea creatures vocabulary words that comes in this set of cards:

El caballito del marSeahorse
El pezFish
El pulpoOctopus
La tortuga del marSea turtle 
La estrella del marStarfish
El delfínDolphin
La  mantarrayaStingray
El tiburónShark
La langostaLobster
La anguilaEel
El calamarSquid
La medusaJellyfish
El león marinoSea Lion
La nutria del marSea otter
El cangrejoCrab
La ballenaWhale
El manatíManatee
La focaSeal
El camarónShrimp
La ostraOyster
La almejaClam
El pingüinoPenguin

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Keep reading for more ideas on how to use these bilingual vocabulary flashcards in your Spanish classroom or at home today.

Ways to use these Ocean flash cards

Teachers, are you looking for fun activities and ways to use these ocean flashcards in your classroom?

If so, below I will offer a variety of ways you can use these flashcards to interact with your students in the classroom (or at home).

  • Fill your book basket with some of these ocean books in Spanish. See if your child can spot any of the ocean vocabulary words in the books. 
  • Create a word wall and place all of the ocean animal words on it. Have your child or student grab their favorite ocean animal and repeat it in Spanish.
  • Bring out the ocean animal figurines and create an ocean sensory bin. If you don’t have animal figurines, use these laminated ocean flashcards. 
  • Play a game of ocean animals Go Fish!
  • The best way to memorize words is through memory games. Print off two sets and use them as a memory matching game. This activity is perfect for younger children to practice language development and memorization skills to connect the spoken word to the image. Make sure every time you flip over a card, you say the name of what’s on it!
  • Play a fun game by having your child stand on the opposite side of the room as you, or even better outside. First, shuffle the flashcards. Then, lift a flashcard and show your child. Lastly, if they guess it right, they can take a step or hop forward! If they mess up, a step backward! Will they make it to where you are?
  • You could play a bilingual game and say the version in English. Have your child repeat it in Spanish and vice versa.
  • Place the flash cards face up on a table and see how fast your child can recognize the ocean vocabulary.
  • Another great way to use these flashcards is to play Slapjack by placing all of the flashcards face down on a table. Say a word on the list and have your child flip the cards over until they find the correct ocean animal vocabulary word.
  • Create a writing inspiration center by placing the cards in the center. Have your student write a story about one or a few of the words. 
  • For reading practice, you could cut the cards in half and use them as puzzles by having your child use their little fingers to match the new words and images with their correct halves.

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If you know of any more ways to use these cards, let me know me know in the comments below so I can share your ideas with my readers, too!

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Printable Ocean Flashcards in Spanish and English

How to get your printable ocean vocabulary flashcards in Spanish now

To get your digital product, head to my Etsy shop where you can purchase them for a small price of $4.97. This small purchase helps to support my blog & allows me to allocate time to make more FREE printables for you in the future!

Prefer buying on Teachers Pay Teachers? You can find these Printable Ocean flashcards in Spanish on TPT here.

I hope you young learners enjoy these printable ocean flashcards and get the chance to learn some new vocabulary. Make sure to subscribe to our email list below for even more earth day activities straight to your inbox!

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Printable Bilingual Ocean Flashcards in Spanish and English