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Enhance Emotional Development with Bilingual English/Spanish Emotion Flashcards

24 Bilingual English/Spanish emotion flashcards to use in the classroom or at home to help teach children emotions and support emotional development.

Understanding and managing emotions can be challenging, even for adults. As a 31-year-old, I continue to grapple with this aspect of self-awareness. This year, however, has marked a transformative journey towards cultivating mindfulness around my emotions and fostering empathy for others.

One significant aspect of this personal growth involves setting a positive example for my son, Lennox. To facilitate his emotional understanding and mindfulness, I’ve crafted a set of bilingual emotion flashcards for use at home. Given our Spanish-speaking household, these flashcards aim to enrich Lennox’s emotional vocabulary in both Spanish and English.

Today, I am excited to share these bilingual Spanish/English Emotion Flashcards with you, which can be accessed at the end of this post. But before you dive in, let’s explore what emotion flashcards are and discover creative ways to incorporate them into your home or classroom to nurture emotional intelligence in children.

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Understanding Emotions Flashcards

Emotion flashcards serve as a valuable aid in fostering emotional development among children.

Each card features vibrant illustrations or emojis representing various ways one might feel or act when experiencing different emotions. In this set of 24 bilingual Spanish/English emotion flashcards, the corresponding words for each emotion are provided in both languages, with English at the top and Spanish at the bottom.

These flashcards serve as a practical tool to assist children in comprehending and articulating diverse emotions, particularly those they may struggle to label. Embracing a visual and bilingual approach, these cards create a dynamic learning experience to enrich your child’s emotional vocabulary.

24 Bilingual Spanish/English Emotion Cards

Benefits of Bilingual Emotion Cards for Your Child

Unlock the potential for emotional growth and understanding with these bilingual emotion cards. Here’s how they can positively impact your child:

  1. Expand Emotional Vocabulary:
    • Facilitate the expression of feelings by developing a rich emotional vocabulary in both Spanish and English.
  2. Facilitate Recognition of Others’ Feelings:
    • Enhance the ability to recognize the emotions of others through the interpretation of facial expressions.
  3. Cultivate Empathy:
    • Initiate conversations about feelings, a crucial step towards fostering empathy in children.
  4. Promote Mindfulness and Emotional Well-being:
    • Encourage mindfulness and contribute to overall emotional well-being by engaging with the diverse emotions depicted on the cards.
  5. Enhance Problem-Solving and Coping Skills:
    • The ability to identify and articulate emotions is a fundamental skill that aids in developing effective problem-solving and coping mechanisms.
  6. Strengthen Social Skills in Both Languages:
    • Foster social skills in both English and Spanish, promoting effective communication and understanding in diverse linguistic settings.

Equip your child with the tools to navigate and comprehend emotions in a bilingual and emotionally intelligent manner

Bilingual Spanish/English Emotion Flashcards


Emotions Included in the Bilingual Spanish/English Emotion Flashcards Kit:

Explore a diverse range of emotions with our set of 24 watercolor emoji emotion cards. It’s important to note that all emotion adjectives are presented in masculine form, and adjustments should be made according to gender.

Engage in conversations about these emotions using verbs like estar + adjective or sentirse + adjective. Here are examples to get you started:


¿Cómo te sientes ahora?

Me siento feliz/ triste/ enojado

¿Cómo estas?

Estoy cansado/ nervioso.

Below are the following emotions found in this set of bilingual emotions cads.

  • Happy- Feliz
  • Sad- Triste
  • Angry- Enojado
  • Surprised- Sorprendido
  • Sleepy- Cansado
  • Curious- Curioso
  • Grumpy- Gruñón
  • Frustrated- Frustrado
  • Scared- Asustado
  • Nervous- Nervioso
  • Proud- Orgulloso
  • Shy- Tímido
  • Impatient- Impaciente
  • Confused –Confuso
  • Embarrassed-Avergonzado 
  • Disappointed- Decepcionado
  • Excited – Emocionado
  • In love – Enamorado
  • Thankful- Agradecido
  • Bored – Aburrido
  • Jealous- Celoso
  • Relaxed- Relajado
  • Anxious- Ansioso
  • Stressed – Estresado

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Creative Ways to Utilize Bilingual Emotion Cards:

Unlock the potential of our bilingual emotion cards with these engaging games and activities, suitable for various age groups:

  • Emotion Exploration:
    • Lay cards face down and pick one at a time, explaining the emotion. Start with basic emotions for younger children and gradually introduce more complex ones as they grow older.
  • Matching Game:
    • Print out a double set and play a matching game to reinforce emotion recognition.
  • Emotion Identification:
    • Place three cards face up, describe a situation, and ask your child to identify the emotion associated with it.
  • Emotion Poster:
    • Create an emotion poster for your child’s calm down corner using these cards.
  • Emotions Book:
    • Print and glue the cards into an emotions book for your child’s calm down corner.

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  • Facial Expression Fun:
    • Pick an emotion and have your child mimic the corresponding facial expression.
  • What’s Missing Game:
    • Lay 5-7 cards face-up, cover them, remove one, and have your child identify the missing emotion.
  • Guess the Situation:
    • Randomly select a card and ask your child to guess the situation that might have led to that emotion.
  • Emotions Charades:
    • Play charades with one player expressing an emotion for others to guess using facial expressions.
  • Identify Current Feelings:
    • Have your child name the emotions in the deck and pick the one they are currently feeling.
  • Positive vs. Negative Piles:
    • Separate emotions into positive and negative piles, discussing each one with your child.

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  • Draw or Paint an Emotion:
    • Select a card, and have your child draw or paint the corresponding emotion.
  • Emotional Therapy Game:
    • Choose a card and discuss times when your child felt that way, fostering emotional expression.
  • Empathy Exercise:
    • Discuss what to do if someone around you is experiencing a particular emotion from the cards.
  • Reflective End-of-Day Activity:
    • Review the day’s emotions with your child, encouraging mindful reflection on the reasons behind each emotion.
  • Question of the Day:
    • Engage in a daily game where you describe a scenario, and your child predicts the emotion the person in the scenario might feel.

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Bilingual Spanish/English Emotion Flashcards