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22 Mother’s Day Picture Books in Spanish

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to honor those incredible maternal figures in your life than with a selection of charming Mother’s Day Picture Books in Spanish?

Sharing picture books with children fosters a special bond between caregiver and child, making these Spanish-language titles perfect additions to your home library. Each book serves as a heartfelt gift that celebrates the love and nurturing spirit of mothers on their special day.

In this post, discover a curated collection of my favorite Spanish picture books celebrating the theme of motherhood. From tales of a mother’s unwavering love to poignant reflections on the multifaceted roles of mothers, these stories beautifully capture the essence of las Madres.

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Celebrate Mother's Day with these 22 picture books in Spanish for children! From heartwarming stories to exciting adventures, these books are the perfect gift to share special moments with Mom. Discover new reads that will strengthen the bond between mother and child. 📚💐 #Mother'sDay #ChildrensBooks #Spanish #MaternalLove

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22 Mother’s Day Books in Spanish

1. Siempre te querré

By: Robert Munsch

Ages 1-4

I don’t think there is a better selection of representing the unconditional love between a mother and child than in Siempre te querré. I grew up reading this book in English. Did you read Love You Forever too?

If not, in this beautiful story, you will witness the progression of time and love that a mother has for her son.

Even though sometimes her son drives her bonkers, she quietly enters his room, cradles him, and sings him a sweet lullaby each night.

I sing this lullaby in Spanish to my son, Lennox, every night before he drifts off to dreamland. Here it goes:

Para siempre te amaré

Para siempre te querré

Mientas en mi haya vida

Siempre serás mi bebé

Cue the tears. This beautiful repetition will create a lasting mother-child memory in your baby’s heart that they will carry into adulthood, perhaps to one day sing it to you, mama.

Our nightly read!
Siempre te querré
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2. Siempre, siempre te querré

By: Hoda Kotb

Ages 5-8 years

A beautiful and poetic history about the proclamation of love that a mother feels towards her child. A mother tells her son the lengths that her love with travel for him

This story is inspired by the author’s personal experience about adopting her daughter when she was a baby.

3. Mamaravilla

By: José Carlos Andrés

Ages 5-7

Maravilla is the story of a typical day in the life of a mother and child. The daily routine of waking up, getting ready, preparing meals and going to school.

The mama is so busy in all of the day’s multitasking that she forgets that today is a special day!

This book is a beautiful tribute to mothers and will make for a perfect gift from a child to her busy mama!

4. ¿Eres tú mi mamá? (Bilingual Edition)

By: P.D. Eastman

Ages 6-9

Are You My Mother was one of my absolute childhood favorites, and now it’s available in a bilingual edition. It is an excellent selection for young readers.

In this bilingual book, a baby bird falls out of his nest and searches for his mother. He stumbles across many animals and things, that aren’t, well, his mama.

Help baby bird find his mamá in this side-by-side English, Spanish bilingual text. Your child will be giggling the day away as the baby bird makes numerous assumptions about who is his mamá.

Such a fun read!
¿Eres tú mi mamá?

Enjoy this bilingual version of Are You My Mother?

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5. Te Quiero, mamá

By: Valentí Gubianas

Ages 3-6 years

Te Quiero, mamá makes the perfect gift for mama from a child. In this book, a child tells her mama all of what she loves about her mom.

Maybe your child can make their own list of things they love about their mom. What a special way to show appreciation!

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6. Quiero a mi mamá porque…

By: Laurel Porter Gaylord

Ages 1-3

This board book is a great selection for babies and young toddlers to read with their mama. Not only will it address things mom does for the family, but in it, your child can also learn the names of new animals and their offspring.

Watch as your child’s eyes light up at the different baby animals and how they spend time with their mamas and the different animal families.

7. A veces mamá tiene truenos en la cabeza

By: Bea Taboada

Ages 3-10

Moms make unnoticed miracles happen throughout the day, but that doesn’t mean we are not tired.

This is a great book to get young kids to step into mom’s world and see how moms get tired and have bad days.

8. Mi amor

By: Astrid Desbordes

Ages 3 and up

Bedtime is for book time and connection. It’s also the perfect time for protagonist Archibald to ask his mama a complex question, will you love me all my life?

This question is easy for mama, and she responds to Archibald in a very special way.

With simple and pastel illustrations, see how this mother loves her son throughout all types of situations and scenarios.

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9. Mamá adivina

By: Yolanda De Sousa

Ages 4 and up

The little boy in this book wants to know if his mom is a fortune-teller? She is so good at finding all lost things. Is Enrique’s mom a fortune-teller?

What a great tribute to all of the powerful abilities mamas possess.

10. Una mamá es como una casa

By: Aurore Petit

Through beautiful, vibrant illustrations, this book will take the reader on a journey to experience the intense connection between a mother and a child, from birth to first steps and beyond.

22 Mother's Day Picture Books in Spanish for kids

11. Un mundo de mamas fantásticas

By: Marta Goméz Mata

In poetic verse, follow the magical stories of 25 different moms and their powers.

12. Los vestidos de mama

By: Mónico Carretero

Ages 4-8

In this sweet story by Mónico Carretero, your child will submerge themselves in mom’s world by putting on her different dresses.

Each dress is unique and will take them on a magical adventure to different imaginary places.

This book even has an interactive component. At the end of the story, there is a part where kids can cut out and make paper dolls. Furthermore, there is a coloring page where your child can color and write what mama wears and what each outfit does.

Super fun!

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13. ¡¡¡Mamááá!!

By: Carles Cano

Ages 3-6

Not all dreams are sweet, and the mom in this story knows it quite well as she comes to the rescue to fight her child’s nightmares so that her little one can sleep well at night. 

14. Mamá maravilla

By: Elen Lescoat

Age 3-6

Mamá maravilla is a great book for teaching children about all the different moments a mom can go through. It will help children understand working moms, happy moms, angry moms, and more! There is one physical mamá, but she has lots of different sides.

This is a beautiful story for young children to learn about the different sides of their mama.

15. El canguro tiene mama?

By: Eric Carle

Age 4-8

Just like you and I have a mom, so do the animals!

Through repetition, learn about baby animals and their powerful bond with mamas in this beautiful Eric Carl book in Spanish.

16. Cinco Minutos de Paz

By: Jill Murphy

Ages 4-7

I think the title says it all.

With five minutes or less to ourselves somedays, this picture book will help your peques understand mamá and the deserved time she needs for herself!

After reading this book for Mother’s Day, maybe your child can give you the gift of time or some other self-care treatment!

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17. ¿Me Quieres, mama?

By: Barbara Joosse   

Ages baby-12

In this universal story, a child tests the limits of independence and comfortingly learns that a parent’s love is unconditional and everlasting. The story is made all the more captivating by its unusual Arctic setting.

18. ¡Mamá, eres genial!

By: Myriam Sayalero

Ages 2-5

It’s a fun tribute to all of those moms out there who might not be perfect, but they sure are AWESOME!

19.Mi máma es la mejor madre del mundo

By: Ana Zurita

Ages 5-7

These kiddos talk about all the things they love about their mama and why she is the best mama in the world!

20. Max y los superhéroes

By: Oriol Malet Murria

Ages 3-10

Max loves all superheroes, but there is one that is his favorite, Megapower. She is different from all the other superheroes. So who could this superhero be?

An incredible story about the love and affection of a son for his mother.

21. ¿Tu mamá es una llama?

by: Deborah Guarino

Ages 4-8

Lalo the Llama discovers what kind of animal his mama really is in this delightful guessing game picture book, filled with whimsical riddles and endearing illustrations.

22. Un beso en mi mano

By: Audrey Penn

Originally written in English as The Kissing Hand, this book is about Chester Racoon who is scared to go off to school. However his mama shares a family secret with him that will help him feel her love whenever he needs it.

This book will make an adorable gift and maybe encourage new beginnings of a tradition in your family too.

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Well, I hope you enjoyed this collection of mother’s day books. Check out some more of my thematic book lists below:

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22 Mother's Day Picture Books in Spanish for kids


Friday 22nd of April 2022

What a beautiful collection of Mother's Day books in Spanish! I see so many I've loved reading growing up. I still can't get over Love You Forever (especially as a boy mom), it gets me every single time.


Monday 25th of April 2022

Thank you, Cendu! I love Love You Forever too. It holds a special place in my heart! I love making new, bilingual memories with my son though the Spanish version.