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Spanish Picture Books About Winter & Christmas To Get Your Child In The Holiday Spirit

Inside this post you can find 27 Winter and Christmas books in Spanish for toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged children and the beginner Spanish learners of all ages!

Since Christmas is nearing, I want to share 27 Christmas books in Spanish to add to your bilingual bookshelf!

These books will be great gifts or stocking stuffers for Christmas, or you can get them ahead of time to get your littles in the holiday spirit!

Once you find a Christmas book in Spanish that you and your child love, come back and check out some of our other Christmas posts right below!

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The importance of books in our bilingual household

Reading is very important for us in our household. We try to read before nap and before bedtime. Lennox gets so excited to go and pick out a book to read. He usually ends up picking out the same two or three books.

I’ve got to give it to him, the kid knows what he likes.

If you have followed some of our older posts, you probably know that we only speak Spanish to Lennox at home. While we do have have a handful of baby and toddler books in Spanish, I wish we had more books in Spanish. Let’s face it. Books are not cheap.

Here are some ways that I read to Lennox in Spanish without having a huge book selection in Spanish.

Christmas is the time that I do splurge on new books. They are the perfect stocking stuffers.

That’s why after some searching around, today I am going to share a list of 25 Christmas books in Spanish for kids!

If you don’t speak Spanish, that’s okay because guess what? It’s never too late, and children’s books are one of the best ways to learn Spanish. Also, it is so beneficial for your children to learn new languages, even if it’s just new words. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this list of Christmas books in Spanish.

25 Christmas Books in Spanish

Christmas and Winter Themed Christmas Books in Spanish for Kids

1. Sueños de nieve

by: Eric Carle

A classic and engaging Christmas tale in Spanish by renowned author, Eric Carle.

2. La carta para Papá Noel

by Fran Bravo

Ages 6-8

Santa Claus has to go through so many letters each Christmas. He also writes down all of the little boys’ and girls’ Christmas wishes. But, what happens when one little letter goes unopened?

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3. ¡Cómo el Grinch robó la Navidad!

Dr. Seuss

Ages 5-9

Need I say more about what happens in this story of a green, hairy character that does not like Christmas

4. La Navidad de Lulú

by: Camilla Reid

Lulú loves navidad, but find out what Lulú loves even more in this cute Christmas story.

5. Navidad con los abuelos

by: Sandra Jaramillo Botero

Sara and Daniel are spending their first Christmas with their abuelos, who try to make this Christmas a memorable that their nietos will never forget! What might they do?

6. El Hombre de pan de jengibre

by: Catherine McCafferty

Ages 4-9

Learn about what happens when the Gingerbread Man escapes from the oven in this bilingual Christmas story.

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7. La pequeña estrella de Navidad

by: Pedro Sacristán

Ages 5-8

8. Feliz Navidad Peppa

Ages 4+

Wait along with Peppa Pig as she anxiously awaits her gift from Santa Claus

9. La Historia de la Navidad

by: Jane Werner Watson

Ages 2-5

The Spanish translation of The Christmas Story in this classic Golden Book

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10. Fermin y los reyes magos

by: Antonio Vicente

Ages 5-6

11. La Navidad es un regalo de Díos

By: Lisa Tawn Bergren

Ages 3-7

Osito asks his mama a very important question: ” Is Santa Claus more important that God?” How will mama respond in this Christmas tale?

12. La Navidad del camioncito azul

By: Alice Schertle

Ages 0-3

13. Era La Vispera de Navidad

By: Clement C. Moore

Ages 4-12

T’was the night before Christmas… Recognize where this sentence might be going next? Maybe so, but now you can learn a different version of “T’was The Night Before Christmas” in Spanish!

14. Feliz navidad, Jorge el curioso

By: H. A. Rey

Ages 4-7

Help Jorge el curioso pick out the perfect tree with his favorite person, the man in the yellow hat!

15. ¡Llegó la Navidad, David!

By: David Shannon

Ages 4-8

In this Christmas book, Santa Claus will be the almighty judge as to whether David gets the Christmas wish he has been asking for, or not.

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16. Un Dia de Nieve

By: Ezra Jack Keats

Ages 2-5

Join Pedro and learn all of the fun things you can do it the cold, white, sensory snow.

17. Clifford: La primera Navidad

By: Norman Bridwell

Ages 1-3

Join Clifford, the puppy, this Christmas in Spanish!

18. Tres Reyes Magos

By: Patty Rodriguez

0-3 years

An adorable board book perfect for your bilingual baby this Christmas!

19. Un Coquí de Boriquén con los Reyes a Belén

By: Lara Mercado

Ages 4-8

20. Navidad en el bosque

By: Ag Jatkowska

Ages 3-5

It’s Christmas again, and these forest animals have to find their Christmas gifts underneath all of the snow. Can you help them?

21. Olivia y el regalo de Navidad

By: Shane L. Johnson

Ages 3-7

Olivia has the best present for Ian, but he has a nick for peeking. Help Olivia find the perfect hiding spot for Ian’s gift.

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22. Si Papá Noel no tuviera su trineo

By: Gilberto Mariscal

Ages 5-6

What would Santa Claus do without a sled? Come find out in this Christmas story.

23. El hombre de nieve

By: Sigal Adler

24. Emociones en Navidad

By: L. G. Regina

21 short stories about Christmas that will help young children identify their emotions.

25. Si los Reyes Magos no tuvieran sus camellos

By: Gilberto Mariscal

What would the Three Kings do without their Camels? Come find out in this Christmas story!

26. Secretos en la nieve

By: Virginia Kroll

Ages 5-6

Follow Pem and her family through their journey through the snow where they will uncover mysteries and legends in the snow.

27. Oscar se come la Navidad

By: Lou Carter

Ages: 4-7

Oscar, the unicorn, is starving! So much so that he has eaten all of the Christmas decorations, the Christmas tree, and even the Christmas magic that allows the reindeer to fly! Will Christmas go on? Find out in this cute and colorful Christmas tale!

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Jennifer Maune

Saturday 16th of November 2019

These all look so cute! I actually love that they are in Spanish because it's important to expose children to different languages. Great list!