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Bingo Navideño: An Entertaining Christmas Vocabulary Bingo Game in Spanish for Kids

This Christmas Bingo in Spanish is an interactive family activity that will engage your children in the minority language this holiday. Keep reading to learn more about this Christmas Bingo printout and how to get yours today!

Last week when I was the parent-helper in Lennox’s preschool, I got to witness a beautiful moment amongst the four-year-old children. They all partook in a game of Bingo, and it held their attention for quite some time.

Naturally, I watched my son the most to see if he was comprehending the game, and he sure was! I was SO happy because he has not been intrigued much by games in the past. 

So, that got me thinking. Since we raise Lennox in Spanish, why not create a Bingo game in Spanish. AND, since Christmas is right around the corner, why not make a Christmas bingo in Spanish. All the better!

Well, this morning as a family, we played this Bingo, and Lennox was just as engaged as he was with all of his school friends!

That’s why today I want to share this Bingo print-off with you! 

It comes with a small price of $2.97, but trust me, the family fun is so worth it!

However, if you are not interested in buying the Bingo, I offer some free Christmas printables in Spanish that you can check out here!

Keep reading to learn where you can buy your Christmas bingo in Spanish now!

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A print out Christmas vocabulary Bingo Set Game in Spanish

What do you need for this Christmas bingo in Spanish?

For this printable activity, you will need:

What comes in this Christmas Bingo Set in Spanish?

This beautiful watercolor Christmas bingo print off set comes with 20 vocabulary cards in Spanish.

Here are the cards that come included in the set:

  1. Muñeco de nieve- Snowman
  2. Reno- Reindeer
  3. Corona- Wreath
  4. Adorno- Ornament
  5. Galleta- Cookie
  6. Reglaos- Gift
  7. Suéter- Sweater
  8. Chimenea- Chimney
  9. Bastón de caramelo- Candy Cane
  10. Hombre de jengibre- Gingerbread Man
  11. Vela- Candle
  12. Globo de nieve- Snow Globe
  13. Chocolate caliente- Hot chocolate
  14. Sombrero- Hat
  15. Trinero- Sled
  16. Campana- Bell
  17. Papá Noel- Santa Claus
  18. Árbol de Navidad- Christmas Tree
  19. Cascabel- Jingle Bell
  20. Calceta- Stocking

You will also receive six Bingo Navideño playing cards to go along with the vocabulary cards.

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How to Play this Christmas Bingo game in Spanish?

This game is super straightforward to play!

Once you print off your Christmas vocabulary cards and bingo sheets, I recommend laminating them so you can save them for future use!
Then, cut out the laminated cards.

Once the Christmas vocabulary cards are cut out, place the cards face down in a pile or in random order.

Give each player a bingo sheet.

Then in order (youngest to oldest/ clockwise/ however you choose) pick up a card from the pile. Have the person picking up the card say what card they have in Spanish.

Lastly, all players with the selected vocabulary card on their bingo sheet, should mark it with a bingo chip.

The first player to fill their card wins!

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Tips to get maximum language use from this Christmas Bingo game in Spanish!

  • To make sure you get the absolute most language use out of this Bingo game, state the rule that the family is only allowed to speak in Spanish!
  • If the child flips a card and does not know the word of the image on the card, help them out with the pronunciation. 

Then, you can ask questions or say phrases such as:

“¿Quién tiene el ____? “

“¡Solamente mamá tiene la ______!”

“¡Wau, todos temos los ___!”

Repeating phrases like this to include the vocabulary word with help the new Spanish vocabulary stick!

  • Allow your child sufficient time to process the card that has been chosen, and to identify the object on their card. Try not to interject or speed up their finding process. Doing so might confuse the child or discourage participation.

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How to get your Christmas Bingo now!

You can purchase your Christmas Bingo in Spanish in my Etsy shop for $2.97 by clicking through the button below!

Thank you so much for supporting this blog! For more FREE printables and bilingual parenting tips, don’t forget to subscribe to my weekly newsletter!

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A print out Christmas vocabulary Bingo Set Game in Spanish