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Christmas is near!

If you are looking for Christmas-related content to do with the kiddos in your life, look no more.

Here you can find Christmas-related activities for kids such as these Christmas scavenger hunt, peppermint slime, pomander ball and much more!

Looking for stocking stuffers, try these cool stocking stuffers from the 90s, or stuff the stockings with these arts and crafts gifts for kids of all ages!

Looking for open-ended toys, instead of light-up one and done toys? Try out these open-ended gifts for young kids.

Christmas inspiration will not fail you here.

Check out some of our favorite Christmas posts:

57+ Merry Christmas Quotes in Spanish

Are you looking for some Christmas quotes in Spanish to include in your Christmas cards this holiday season?

Or, maybe you are super crafty and want to add a merry Christmas quote in Spanish to a homemade gift to give to your loved ones!

Well, look no more because today I have you covered with a growing list of 57 Christmas quotes in Spanish.

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Peppermint Sensory Salt Writing Tray for Preschoolers

Over the past few days in Lennox’s play-based preschool, he’s been playing with lines, shapes, and letters using writing trays.
He has been telling me all about it, so I decided to make one at home.
With Christmas is right around the corner, I thought making a Christmas-themed tray using salt and peppermint extract would be super fun and sensory!

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