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Letter to Santa in Spanish

This template includes some basic Spanish practices as well. Your kid can practice writing the date, saying and writing their name, age, and where they live in Spanish, as well as tell Santa how they have acted this year and what they want this Christmas!

It also comes with an envelope template. If your printer can print double-sided, you can print both pages on one sheet, and once your child finishes writing the letter, you can fold it up, seal it with a sticker, and send it off to the north pole!

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25 Christmas Books in Spanish for Children

If you don’t speak Spanish, that’s okay because guess what? It’s never too late, and children’s books are one of the best ways to learn Spanish. Also, it is so beneficial for your children to learn new languages, even if it’s just new words. With that being said, I hope you enjoy this list of Christmas books in Spanish.

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