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50 + Best Christmas Gifts for 5-Year-Old Boys

With Christmas quickly approaching, I want to share a list of the best Christmas gifts for 5-year-old boys.

My son turned five this year so a lot of these toys have been tried and tested by him or his friends and they are some of their absolute favorites!

In this list of best Christmas gifts for 5-year-old boys you will find educational toys, building toys, board games and toys that will get kids outdoors and exploring.

While these toys are geared for boys, the majority of these gift ideas will be great ideas for your girls, too. Likewise, not only are they good Christmas gifts, but they are great birthday gifts for 5-year-olds, too.

The best Christmas Gifts for 5-year-old boys

Have fun browsing through this list of the best Christmas gifts for 5-year-old boys.

Once you get to the end, leave me a note in the comments below with your 5-year-old’s favorite toy, and if there is one that I need to add to this list!

Happy browsing.

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The best Christmas Gifts for 5-year-old boys

Best Christmas Gifts for 5-Year-Old-Boys


I’m going to add Legos right at the top of this list of best Christmas gifts for 5-year-old-boys because what five-year-old boy doesn’t enjoy some legos? I know mine son does!

In fact, kids of all ages love Legos. Even I do!

Below I’ll feature some lego kits that a great for 5-year-old boys that can be found at Target.

Do you have any great lego sets that need to make it to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Search for Legos on Amazon

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The next best thing you can buy your emergent 5-year-old reader and writer this year is books!

Last night, my son and I were watching the new Halloween movie on Netflix, “The Curse of Bridge Hallow” and I can’t stop thinking about a quote that the father in the movie said when his daughter asked him why he never learned how to ride a bike. He said something along the lines of; ” My mama never taught me how to ride a bike because she told me that books will take me wherever I need to go.”

Books are so important, so buy your 5-year-old boys some books this Christmas and spend some quality time reading to them!

I have many book lists on my blog you can feel free to check out below:

Apple Air Tag            

Now that your five-year-old boy is in Kindergarten, or will be soon, he will be taking lots of items to and from school.

To make sure that these items aren’t left behind, and to be able to locate them if they are, you should invest in a set of Apple Air tags to keep track of important items, such as book bags and jackets!

Get your Apple Air Tags from Amazon

Mario Kart Diecast Cars

Mario Kart is super popular this year among the five-year-old boys.

My son loves his collection of Mario Kart Diecast cars that we got him for a back-to-school gift.

They are super cute, nicely manufactured and are smooth to “drive.”

Get your Mario Kart Diecast Cars from Target

Pogo stick

Oh, the good old pogo stick. I remember mine my childhood, it was possibly my favorite outdoor toy! Pogo sticks are so much fun!

While the pogo stick was my favorite toy, some of you might ask, what is a pogo stick?

A pogo stick works gross motor skills through jumping and balance. It consists of a long, spring-loaded pole with a handle at the top and rests for a person’s feet at the bottom.

Pogo sticks are great for exercise and they are even used in extreme sports. Cool, huh?

This particular pogo stick on Amazon is perfect for 5-year-old boys because it has foam-covered handle grips and frame. It also has a wider standing-tip to ensure safety.

Always make sure your child wears a helmet when using the pogo stick to avoid serious injury.

Get your Pogo stick from Amazon

Remote-control toy car

Another great gift idea for a 5-year-old boy is a remote control car.

This remote-control stunt car on Amazon is super cool. It has running double sides that can move forward, backward, turn left, right and do a 360-degree tumbling flip.

Flymevac Remote Control Car
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Monster trucks

Monster trucks are the perfect gift for young boys.

My son has been obsessed with monster truck since he started playing.

Needless to say, I think we might have the whole collection by now.

One of our favorite activities to do is run to Target and search through the whole collection of Monster

Jam trucks to see if there is one we don’t have. It has been a bonding experience for us, for sure.

I definitely recommend Target or Walmart for monster truck shopping. They are expensive on Amazon.

Our pick!
Monster Jam 1:64 Scale Diecast - Dc Justice League Vs The Joker - 5pk : Target
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Purchase Monster Trucks at Target

Hot Wheels Garage and track set with moving T-Rex

Sticking to the car theme, another best Christmas gift for 5-year-old boys is this Hot Wheels car garage with a moving T-Rex. Not only will this provide storage for all of those loose Hot Wheel Cars around the house, but it will also entertain your child for hours!

This will be the perfect present for your child this Christmas!

More Hot Wheels Car Sets

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Outdoor exploration kit

This outdoor exploration kit will make a great gift for all the little five-year-old explorers out there.

It comes with Binoculars with 5×30 magnitation, an LED flashlight, a lensatic compass and a large magnifying glass.

This exploration kit is perfect to get your child outside exploring nature. Use it in the backyard, take in on a nature walk, or use it during your next camping trip. Even, better get the whole neighborhood out and exploring.

Get your Outdoor Exploration Kit on Amazon

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PlayShifu Educational Globe for Kids

This interactive globe will be the best Christmas gift for 5-year-old-boy. It is an educational toy that pairs with an app called ORBOOT that you can download on an Iphone or Ipad.

Your child can use the app to scan the globe and explore more than 400 highlights and 1000+ world facts.

Your child will love learning about the world through storytelling, music, animal facts, world quizzes and voice interactions.

Get your PlayShify Educational Globe on Amazon

Magnetic Dart Board

With an almost 5-star rating, this magentic dart board will be a great gift for your 5-year-old boy. It will keep them entertained indoors. Likewise, it will be a hit at their next birthday party.

This dart board is super safe for children. It has the real feel of darts, but without the sharp, dangerous tip. Instead, these darts have a magnetic tip that will stick the board if thrown correctly.

This board also has two sides; a traditional dart board on one side, and an archery dart board on the flipside.

Get your Magnetic Dart Board on Amazon

Light-Up Archery Toy

For more target practice, check out this light-up archery toy which includes 2 collapsible bows with LED lights, 20 suction cup arrows, 2 adjustable shoulder-strap quivers, 2 foam darts shooting blaster.

This toy will be perfect for indoor and outdoor fun!

Buy Light-Up Archery Toy on Amazon

Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous Super Colossal Indominus Rex

Your 5-year-old boy will love this HUGE Indominus Rex action figure with realistic dinosaur features. Your child can operate its big chomping jaws to open and close and eat up tiny dinosaurs.

Get your Indominus Rex Action figure from Target

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My son loves puzzles and cannot get enough of them.

We absolutely love the puzzles by Mideer which come in a cute suitcase box with a folded paper guide.

We have the World Map jigsaw puzzle which depicts geographical features of 43 countries, 49 landmarks and natural scenery, 41 animals and plants, and 39 historical features and customs.

It includes 100 puzzles pieces are they are super durable with vibrant soy ink.

Mideer’s puzzles cultivate various abilities such as hand-eye coordination, concentration, logical thinking and patience.

Below are some more puzzles by Mideer that your 5-year-old boy might enjoy:

Art Supplies

Art supplies always make a great gift for boys and girls!

Making art is a great quiet activity for children and paves space for mindfulness.

Check out this ultimate list of art supplies for your child here.

Light-Up Tracing Pad

This Light-Up Tracing Pad is an add to cart purchase for me. My son is a budding artists and he loves to draw all over any loose paper he can get, so I know he will love this light-up tracing pad.

It comes with 1 tracing pad and 34 art tools for drawing with a light-up surface that will helps kids trace their drawing.

I think I want to play with this, too!

Get your Light-Up Tracing Pad from Target

Slime Kit

I haven’t met a five-year-old that does not love slime. So, I know your 5-year-old boy will be super happy with this slime kit that comes in bright colors!

This kit has a bunch of fun items to use in the slime such as: glitter, animal shapes, beads and more. Also, it’s glow in the dark, how fun!

*Caretakers, please make sure that your child does not place this slime on and fabric or couches. Slime tends to sink right in and it is an impossible clean.

Get your Slime Kit from Amazon

You could also make your own slime, too. It’s super easy to make and it is just as sensory!

Make some peppermint slime with only a few ingredients that you might have around the house.

An Easy Peppermint Christmas Slime Recipes and Activities for Kids

Stomp Rocket Launcher

This stomp rocket launcher is a great outdoor toy.

With a stomp rocket, kids can launch rockets into the sky by jumping, running or stepping. The rocket can go up to 100 feet in the air! Super cool!

This is a fun activity to use at birthday parties, too.

This stomp rocket kit on Amazon comes with 2 air power launchers and 8 colorful rockets. Two kids can play with this set at a time, then they can pass the torch to the other neighborhood kids!

What a great physical activity to do with all of the neighborhood littles!

Buy your Stomp Rocket Launcher on Amazon

Wooden blocks

Your child will love these wooden blocks by Mideer. This package includes 250 colored blocks in different shapes in an easy storage, hand-held container.

These open-ended blocks will encourage imagination and work math skills. Kids will learn different shapes, colors and use their imagination to create different objects.

What different ways will you child use these blocks in their daily play?

Buy Mideer’s Wooden Blocks on Amazon

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Plus Plus Stem Building Toys

These STEM building toys will fuel your 5-year-old’s creativity this Christmas. The kit comes with 240 brick pieces that connect to each other.

These building toys encourage fine motor skills, logic, creativity and imagination all in one!

Buy Plus Plus Stem Building Toys on Amazon

Pix Brix Pixel Art Puzzle Bricks Bucket

This bucket full of over 1,000 small pieces allows children to get creative and create 2D and 3D Pixel art.

Pix Brix Pixel Art Puzzle Bricks Bucket – 1,500 Piece Pixel Art Kit with 10 Colors, Medium Palette – Patented Interlocking Building Bricks, Create 2D and 3D Builds – Stem Toys, for Age 6 Plus
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit

My 5-year-old son and his father LOVE creating paper airplanes, so I know he would get a kick out of this paper airplane craft kit.

It includes 10 different planes with 40 sheets of patterned papers and easy instructions for kids to make their own paper planes.

Get the fine-motor skills working and the brains churning!

Get your Paper Airplanes Craft kit on Amazon

Airplane Launcher

Sticking with the airplane theme, these airplane launchers are super cool. It will be a huge hit in the neighborhood.

It comes with 2 foam airplanes that are soft and will not scratch and surfaces they touch.

Your boy will enjoy changing the direction of the wings to make the plane have a different flight.

Get your Airplane Launcher on Amazon

Backyard Ninja Obstacle Course

This sports equipment obstacle course is the perfect gift to get your boys outdoors and exercising. It comes with 10 accessories that are made out of ultra-durable materials that will improve your child’s strength.

Get your Backyard Ninja Obstacle Course on Amazon

Micro Kickboard

If you don’t have a scooter yet, I highly recommend getting your five-year-old boy this Micro Kickboard. It is great for gross motor and it will grow with your child, as it holds up to 110 lbs. The wheels even light up for an added bonus!

The Micro Kickboard is different than the traditional scooter. The handlebars do not rotate to make the scooter change directions. Instead, it has a lean-to-steer feature which uses the child’s weight while they lean to get the scooter to move in the desired direction.

It’s a little tricky at first, but once your child grasps how the scooter works, you’ll have a hard time getting him off.

Also, this scooter calls for one very smooth ride AND it is super lightweight. Best scooter ever hands down!

Be sure to always wear a helmet to prevent serious injuries.

I promise you that this Micro Kickboard will get lots of years of use!

Our Absolute Favorite!
Micro Kickboard - Mini Deluxe 3-Wheeled, Lean-to-Steer, Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter for Kids, Ages 2-5
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
03/07/2024 06:47 am GMT

RoyalBaby Free Style Kids Bike

Every boy needs a bike. This RoyalBaby Free Style Kids bike is a good option for five-year-old boys.

This sporty bike comes in different sizes and is equipped with training wheels making it easy to balance and learn how to pedal for beginner riders.

Your child will love riding this bike around the neighborhood or on a family biking trip. Make sure to always wear a helmet to prevent serious injuries.

Get your RoyalBaby Free Style Kids Bike on Amazon

V-Tech Camera

All the little budding photographers and explorers out there will enjoy this V-Tech camera which takes real digital photographs and videos.

It has a selfie mode which automatically finds faces. It has a durable design that will protect it from bumps and falls. And lastly, it includes four fun games that kids play.

Get your V-Tech Camera on Amazon

Snakes and Ladders Board Game

I love anything made out of natural, wooden materials, including this wood Snakes and Ladders board game.

This will be the best Christmas gift for five-year-old boys because it will encourage the whole family to have bonding time together as you work your way up the ladders and fall down through the snakes.

Keep this wooden board game that is meant to last in your family for generations!

Get your wooden Snakes and Ladders board game on Amazon

Hover soccer ball

If you have a large, open space with a smooth surface, your 5-year-old will love to kick this motorized hover ball around the room. It has a unique and high-quality foam bumper so that it doesn’t damage walls or furniture upon impact.

Get your Hover Soccer ball in Amazon

Black Max Football

Your sporty kids will enjoy learning how to catch and throw beautiful spirals with this Black Max Football.

It is made up of a soft foam so that it doesn’t hurt to catch. It also has dimples around the ball so that little hands can grip it better. Also, it is 9”, so it is perfect for small and big hands!

Get your Black Max Football on Amazon

Fat Brain Toys Door Pong Game

For more gross motor fun, try out this fun Door Pong Game that your five-year-old with enjoy. It is a great alternative to classic ping-pong. All you need is a door!

This will get your kiddos moving and it will work there hand-eye coordination!

Get your Fat Brain Toys Door Pong Game on Amazon

Alphabet bingo

Another great Christmas gift for a 5-year-old boy is this ABC bingo.

If your boy is too busy to stop and learn letters like mine, then this bingo will be a fun an interactive way to help them with letter recognition.

If you have a printer, you can get my printable ABC bingo for even cheaper here.

Buy Alphabet bingo on Amazon

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Hape Quadrilla Wooden Marble Run Construction

This wooden marble run is a great STEM activity for your little boy. It comes with natural, wooden blocks that have seven different colors. Each color block serves a different purpose.

These high-quality blocks will provide hours of family fun and they will last a lifetime!

Buy Wooden Marble Run on Amazon

Giant bubble wand

Who doesn’t love bubbles? This giant bubble wand will make the best Christmas gift for five-year-old boys. Use it outdoors in the summer, or in the snow and make some bubbles that just won’t pop.

Use this as an opportunity to teach your child about magical concepts such as elasticity, surface tension, chemistry and light.

Making bubbles never gets old!

Buy Giant Bubble Wand on Amazon

Creative Kitchen Junior Chef

For all the little Chef’s-in-the making, this Creative Kitchen Junior Chef set will be right up their alley.

It comes with 35 real-life utensils and a recipe book to explore 20 different kid-friendly recipes. It’s never too early to get the littles in the kitchen!

I would have loved this growing up!

Get your Creative Kitchen Junior Chef on Amazon


Stay in touch with your little ones with this set of three walkie talkies.

The neighborhood kids will have fun running around talking to each other, too. Or even share secrets from inside their houses.

Buy Walkie-Talkies on Amazon

The floor is Lava Interactive Game for Kids

In this fun and interactive game for kids test your kid’s balance and problem-solving skills by working their way through forbidden lands.

The Original The Floor is Lava!
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig Kit

All of the budding geologists will love this National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig kit that comes with 15 gemstones: pyrite, amethyst, tiger’s eye, fluorite, quartz, obsidian, aventurine, and more.

It also comes with a 16-page learning guide to teach your little scientist how gemstones are formed, and tips to identify the different specimens.

Learning and fun all in one package!

Get your National Geographic Mega Gemstone Dig Kit on Amazon

Candy Land Board Game

Everyone knows the classic Candy Land board game, right? I know it was a fan-favorite in my 90s childhood.

My five-year-old son loves it, and your will too!

Buy Candy Land on Amazon

Fort building kit

When you’re stuck indoors, your child can get creative with this fort building kit which includes 75 sticks and 45 green and blue solid balls. These items will allows your children to create forts of all shapes and sizes.

What’s even better is that the items are all glow in the dark. Your littles can construct their forts in the daytime and at night! Fun!

Get your Fort Building Kit on Amazon

Hey Clay Molding Kit

This clay molding kit with 18 cans of soft, easy-to-sculpt clay will be a great Christmas gift for a 5-year-old boy.

Your boy will have fun getting creative making different shapes with different colors.

The kit also comes with an app with inspirational clay-molding ideas for your littles to try out.

This clay is non-toxic and does not stick to hands or surfaces! A must have sensory project for your child!

Modeling Clay Kit
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Power Popper

Your boy will love this Power Popper that comes with 12 foam balls to blast inside or outside of the house, all day long.

Get your Power Popper on Amazon

Best Christmas gifts for 5-year-old boy: Stocking stuffers

In this category, I want to offer some great stocking stuffer Christmas ideas for a 5-year old boy.

This classic game is a great way to get your 5-year-olds working with colors and a number. It is a fun, and interactive game that will keep them on their toes.

These Poppin Pies are so sensory. You can bend them, stretch them out and mold them into different shapes. Then, watch how they nicely squeeze back up.

These are great fidget toys to keep children occupied and entertained.

Hot wheels cars are super small which makes it easy to stuff those stockings with two or three Hot Wheels cars.

This sensory fidget toy kit is an awesome stocking stuffer idea for child. It includes 25 pieces of waxed yarn that your children can get creative with.

They are easy and fun to use and they are mess free!

These little competitive battling tops will fit perfectly in your child’s stocking stuffer

I will never those childhood memories of getting a slinky to walk down the stairs. You too?

Slinkys are a fun stocking stuffer idea that your child will love!

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Your little artist will love to find some of these arts and crafts supplies tucked away in their stocking this Christmas.

Roll up this activity book that is perfect for boys 4-8 years old and stuff it in the stocking!

Well I hope you an awesome gift for your little guy. Do you know of anymore fun toys that should be added to this list? Let me know in the comments below!

Now that you have your gift selected, check out some of these fun Christmas activities for kids:

Even more Christmas activities for kids!

For more hands-on, play-based activities to do this Christmas with the littles, check out some of my following posts below!

The best Christmas Gifts for 5-year-old boys