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About Us

¡Hola, soy Lorena!

My “Bilingual Beginnings” began in 2007 when I left my high school Spanish classroom to travel through Nicaragua.

Studying Spanish is a classroom setting gave me the fundamentals to be able to form sentences. Traveling took me outside of my comfort zone, and fueled my curiosity to know more about the culture and traditions. I yearned deeply to be able to understand the stories and conversations I was hearing.

About Lorena- Bilingual Beginnings

As a result, I took my second language acquisition a lot more serious, and most importantly, I took it outside of the classroom.

Since then, I have embraced the language into my everyday life, through meeting new friends that are native speakers in Spanish, listening to music, trying new foods, traveling, and starting a family with my Salvadoran partner, Carlos.

In 2017 I became a first-time-mom, and even though I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I knew one thing for sure. My son, Lennox, would be bilingual.

At the time, I had no approach or style except that as a family, we would speak only Spanish at home to him, so he could get the most exposure possible. Now, I know that this approach is called Minority Language at Home (MLAH).

Little did I know that raising a child in my nonnative language would teach me more about the culture behind Spanish than ever. Little things that I didn’t realize I didn’t know until I realized I didn’t know them; onomatopoeias, for example.  El pollito dice pío pío (the chick says chirp chirp).

Even though I received a lot of criticism from family members and peers that Lennox is going to be confused between the two languages, or that he won’t be able to speak English properly, I have not let down. Witnessing him surpass these misconceptions and be able to comfortably repeat an English sentence into Spanish at age three has been a beautiful triumph. 

It has not been easy, but it has been so very worth every second. As Kevin Wong beautifully states: “though raising children is often a thankless job, bilingualism is a gift that they will undoubtedly thank you for one day.”

In 2018 I decided to create this blog. It originally an outlet to share my struggles with postpartum depression and a sleepless, colicky infant with reflux. However, after three years of ongoing research on bilingual parenting and witnessing my own little bilingual blossom, I decided to narrow down my niche. 

While you can still find my best mom tips and advice, most of my new content aims to help the bilingual aspirer and language lover. And since a lot of my focus is geared towards young kids, I also offer lots of fun play-based toddler activities. Through play, we learn most, especially when it comes to language learning.

With all of that said, thank you for staying this far. I hope you can find your bilingual beginning and a special place here on my blog. I look forward to providing you with current and creative content! Don’t forget to subscribe below for our blog post updates and access to our free printables!