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Looking for authentic Salvadoran recipes?

If so, here you can find some great homemade dishes to serve at your next fiesta or cena!

Check out some of our favorite platos típicos here:

A Quick and Easy Salvadoran Shrimp Ceviche

Today, I am not hesitant to try new things. Now that I am a mama, one of my parenting goals, apart from raising a Spanish-speaker, was to raise an adventurous eater. So, as soon as he turned six-months-old, we started him on solid foods through baby-led weaning, and jokes aside, this kid eats everything. By nine-months, he was eating shellfish. His favorite food at one-year-old was this Typical Salvadoran Shrimp Ceviche. Watch the video below to see his serious love for Ceviche at almost one-year-old.

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