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33+ Best Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Old Children

Are you looking for the best outdoor toys for 1 year old children this summer?

Then you have come to the right place because today, I will share a list of some of our favorite toys that have been absolute essentials in our household.

Not only are these the best outdoor toys for 1 year old children, but they will also grow with your young children through their toddler years.

Enjoy this post and let me know which outdoor toys YOUR toddler and I will add it to this growing list of best outdoor toys for 1 year olds!

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33+ Best Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Olds

The best outdoor water toys for 1 year olds

1. Water table

The best toys for toddlers outdoors is the holy water table!

The water table is a MUST HAVE! So if you do not own a water table, I recommend getting one right now.

Water tables are amazing and super multifunctional. Your toddler will love playing and splashing in the water. It can also be used with other elements than just water. You can fill it up with sand and make it a sand table or add, ice, animals, etc.

The Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

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Check out some activities below that we have done with our water table:

We use the water table to make sensory bins such as this ocean-themed sensory bin, or this construction bean box sensory bin.

We also got our animal figurines really dirty and then did an animal wash by adding water and soap stations to our water table.

Furthermore to do other fun activities such as the free figurines STEM activity for toddlers using ice!

Lastly, another one of favorite water table activities is to fill up the water table with blue water using food coloring. I add a little bit of Mrs. Meyer’s dish soap so it looks like foam in an ocean. Then we add in our aquatic animal figurines.

There are literally endless ways to use your water table!

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2. Waterfall Discovery Wall

Another fun outdoor water toy is the Waterfall Discovery Wall

Your toddler will have fun executing their fine motor skills as they scoop up water from the bottom basin and pour it into the top to start a fun water maze. 

They can also rearrange the maze and get creative with how the water flows. 

This is a fun activity for multiple little kids. It will encourage creativity and social skills as the work together to run the water maze.

Our Pick
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3. Rushing River Falls

Here is yet another fun water toy for one-year-olds. It is a multi-level outdoor water table that expands and connects to the hose. 

It includes 9 water table play accessories to keep your little one’s hands entertained for hours as they dump, pour, and fill! How fun!

4. Splash pad

Number three comes in with some more water play, a splash pad! 

Splash pads are a great physical activity for 1 year olds, especially on a hot day!

Let them jump and use their gross motor skills to feel and stop the water flow. They will also have fun falling and splashing in the water!

I love this splash pad by Arfbear that has the alphabet on it.. When your toddler gets a little older you can play a physical ABC game by having them jump to the correct letter without falling!

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5. Water park

An outdoor, home water park? Oh yeah! Your tot will love this Banzai Big Blast water slide splash activity pool

It comes with a cushioned slick slide and splash activity pool, basketball hoop, overhead sprinkler to create lots of sensory, gross motor fun for your toddler!

If you are looking for a basic kiddie pool, check out this colorful Intex kiddie pool.

BANZAI Big Blast Water Park, Length: 14 ft 5 in, Width: 10 ft 7 in, Height: 7 ft 11 in, Inflatable Outdoor Backyard Water Slide Splash Bounce Climbing Toy
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6. Water Blasters

What is more fun than squirting people with water? Once your toddler gets the fine-motor of squirting down, these toys will keep him entertained for quite a while.

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Best sports outdoor toys for 1 year olds

Another great outdoor toy for toddlers are sports toys. Try out a variety of sports outdoor toys to see which sport will interest your child the most.

9. Soccer Goal

I’ll start with a soccer goal because soccer is our favorite family sport.

Lennox loves soccer thanks to his Papi, who is also obsessed with this sport. Together these two have spent never-ending hours kicking balls into this portable soccer goal.

It is the perfect item to collapse and take with you to the beach, on camping trips, etc. Don’t forget your soccer ball!

If soccer isn’t your toddler’s sport, below are a few more outdoor, toddler sports toys!

10. T-Ball Set

Your toddler will enjoy hitting the baseball with this Little Tikes T-Ball set that comes with a stand, a baseball bat and five balls to practice hitting.

T-ball sets are a great activity to practice hand-eye coordination.

11. Toddler Golf Set

Another great outdoor sports toy for little kids is golf!

This Little Tikes Tots Sports Easy Hit golf set includes three balls, two clubs and a case that your one year old can wheel around.

12. Basketball Set

13. Toss & Catch set 

Remember these classic toys from the 90s? This kit includes multiple velcro toss and catch set with velcro. The velcro makes it easier for your youngster to catch. 

It also comes with a scoop set with soft balls as well as a fun slingshot!

This is a great toy that you can play with outside, but can also bring indoors on rainy days. Kids of all ages will have fun with this toy set.

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Gross motor outdoor toys for 1 year olds

14. Balance bike 

It is never to early to start working on balance with your 1 year old.

I highly recommend starting your child off with a balance bike where they can learn to push themselves on the bike. Once they get a hang of it, you can move to small hills where they can push themselves down and work on their balance!

I regret not starting my son, Lennox off with a balance bike at 1 years old. We started off with a Radio Flyer Classic tricycle which was pretty difficult for him to learn to use.

A couple of weeks ago, we decided to get him a balance bike, and let me tell you; he is OBSESSED.

Within two weeks, he could ride down a hill and not lose his balance. goes into seven benefits of balance bikes here!

Make sure you have a helmet for ALL of the ride-on toys to prevent head injuries!

15. Little Tikes Coupe

Remember these push-your-self cars from when you were a child? I never had my own, but I remember going to preschool and always wanting first dibs! If your toddler is like mine—obsessed with cars— he will love this!

Little Tikes Ladybug Cozy Coupe Ride-On Car - Amazon Exclusive (Multi color), 91cmx75cmx42cm
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16. Lightening McQueen Racer Ride On

*updated 3/11/2021

This Lightening McQueen Race Ride On Car was one of Lennox’s favorite outdoor toys when he was one to two-years-old.

best outdoor toys for 1 year old

He was always, let me repeat, always, in this car. If he’s not zooming around the house or trying to run over the dogs, he is using this car to follow behind me on my walks or taking it down hills. My little daredevil! See picture below!

Note: don’t leave this toy outside, because it does have batteries.

17. Micro Kickboard

If you don’t have a scooter yet, I highly recommend getting your toddler this Micro Kickboard

Your one year old will not quite get the hang of it at the beginning of the year, but let them practice and by age two they might just be scootering around the neighborhood! My little man was! 

This is the best scooter for toddlers and older children because it has a third wheel that helps with balance. It also has lean-to-steer design with offers a stable ride that supports toddlers and small children as they master balance and coordination.

It will also grow with your child. Its weight limit is 110lbs! That’s a lot of years of use!

Our Absolute Favorite!
Micro Kickboard - Mini Deluxe 3-Wheeled, Lean-to-Steer, Swiss-Designed Micro Scooter for Kids, Ages 2-5
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18. Tricycle

Tricycles are an excellent outdoor toy for toddlers.

Tricycles are great for gross motor development, balance, and coordination. They also encourage independence and confidence in toddlers. 

We have the Radio Flyer Classic tricycle, and Lennox loves it.

19. The Classic Sit & Spin

This Sit and Spin classic toy is a great activity for toddlers 18 months and up. It get’s them whirling and twirling and helps them practice balance, coordination and motor skills!

20. Toddler Trampoline

Does your toddler have an overwhelming amount of energy? What better to get it out than with a trampoline. 

This Little Tikes 7’ Climb ‘N Slide is perfect for younger toddlers. It is big enough for them to jump around and have fun, it comes with a climbing wall and slide for easy entry and exit. 

It will also grow with them throughout their toddler years.

21. Toddler slide

If you are looking for the perfect beginner slide, Little Tikes FIrst Slide will do just the trick for your little ones!

It can also serve as a ramp for your car-loving-toddler!

22. Toddler Rocking Toy

Little Tikes Rocking Horse will have your one year old toddler rocking away outside.

23. At home play and swing sets

If you have the space, having an outdoor playground set is so resourceful. I’ll recommend two sets below that have good ratings. 

  • This Simplay 3 Young Explorers Adventure climber is a great outdoor OR indoor year-round playset for children. It has the perfect size slide for young toddlers and has lots of openings that your child can crawl through and climb up onto. 
  • If you are looking for a permanent structure in your backyard, this KidKraft Appleton Wooden Swing Set is a great gift that will grow with your child. It is recommended for kids 3-10, but with supervision, you could help your one year old climb up and go down the slide.

More best outdoor toys for 1 year olds

24. Gardening tools

First up on this list of best outdoor toys for 1 year old children is this gardening set. 

Gardening is so beneficial for kids, so why not start them off young with this adorable set of gardening tools.

Kara Murphy with gives the following ten examples of the benefits of gardening for children. 

  • Engages all five senses.
  • Encourages healthy eating.
  • Enhances fine motor development.
  • Gardening is science.
  • Teaches responsibility.
  • Is a great family activity.
  • Helps kids learn to plan and organize.
  • Creates environmental stewards.
  • Develops math skills.
  • Teaches patience.

With all of these benefits of gardening, I thought this outdoor toy needed to be number one on this list of best outdoor toys for 1 year olds! Never too early to get them gardening!

25. . Helping Hands Fine-Motor Tool Set

This tool set is great for developing your toddler’s fine-motor and is a perfect accompaniment for the water table.

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26. Toddler Camping Set

Get your littles reay for their first camping trip with this toddler camping set.

It comes with a play tent, as well as 18 camping accessories such as pretend play battery powered stove, binoculars, utility knife, cooking pan and more!

27. Wagon

Every toddler needs a little red wagon to be transported in or to play with!

28. Sand box

Sand play is so beneficial for children, and it is an excellent resource for unstructured play. 

I love watching Lennox and his preschool friends gather around the sandbox and get creative with loose parts. I’ve seen them making soups, make monster truck ramps, volcanoes, and more!

According to, sand play develops social skills like problem-solving, sharing, and communication. 

Sand is a great resource for bilingual children, especially during bilingual playdates or in a bilingual immersion school!

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7. Bubble Machine 

What is more fun for 1 year olds than bubbles! However, it can get a bit tricky with traditional bottle of bubbles because young toddlers struggle with blowing bubbles.

That’s why I suggest investing in a bubble machine for some fun outdoor play.

8. Bubble wands

Bubble wants are another great way to get 1 year olds involved with bubbles.

This bubble wand kit comes with six different wands and a bubble tray. Simply add a bubble solution to the tray, then show your toddler how to dip the want in the solution and run with the wand so they can see the bubbles magically appear.

29. Chalk

Once your toddler is past the fascination of eating chalk, chalk is a great way to keep your toddler busy outside.

Lennox loves to draw on anything and everything, and as much as my OCD mom brain aches inside, I have to remind myself that it is washable, and can be cleaned up! They are only young once! 

Check out our Mosaic Chalk Heart activity Lennox and I did last year during quarantine!

Below is a toddler friendly chalk set to keep your toddlers from breaking and eating the chalk!

30. Large blocks

For some open-ended play, check out this 96 pc BiggoBlock Jumbo Blocks set.

Watch as your littles ones use their imagination to build unlimited designs outside.

You could also use regular Duplo blocks for outdoor use as well. They are easy to wipe down and bring back inside!

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31. Toddler Mower

As I mentioned before, toddlers tend to imitate adults, and what is every adult doing in the summer? Mowing the grass. 

Lennox loves the mower his mom got him. He pretends he’s cutting the grass. He takes it on our walks and does the neighbors a favor by cutting their grass too. Ha!

Pretend play outdoor toys for toddlers

32. Playhouse

There are some super sweet playhouses on Amazon that your one year old will love and grow with!

I love natural elements, so this Backyard Discover Victorian Inn made out of all cedar wood is perfect and beautiful for backyards.

It comes with a telephone, plastic knife, cutting board, faucet, mounted sink, burner, fruit and vegetable basket with velcro food.

It is the perfect little pretend playhouse, but it is pricey, but I think its durability makes it a good investment!

For a more affordable price, this Step2 Charming Cottage will also bring joy to your little. It also comes with some realistic features, such as a swivel faucet, skylight and fireplace!

Backyard Discovery Aspen All Cedar Wooden Playhouse, Country Style, Dutch Front Door, Flower Pot Holders, Stove, Sink, Plastic Food, Doorbell, Mailbox, Outdoor Light Attached Picnic Bench
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33. Picnic table

A picnic table is a great choice for toddlers. They can eat their meals on it outside and you it to engage in imaginative play with friends!

34. Kitchen

Take a plastic kitchen set and turn it into a mud kitchen for your little one year olds. Grab some old pots and pans and watch them have so much fun using natural elements make mud pies and sand soups! What a sensory experience it will be!

Well I hope you found the a few ideas from this list of best outdoor toys for 1 year old children. I tried to include as many great outdoor toys as I could, but I know there are many more. So if you think something is missing from this list, please let me know in the comments below.

33+ Best Outdoor Toys for 1 Year olds


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