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24+ Spanish Christmas YouTube Videos For Kids

Let’s get the kiddos in the espíritu navideño this year with these Spanish Christmas YouTube videos for kids.

In these Youtube videos, you can find entertaining, dance-along villancicos (Christmas carols), as well as short Christmas videos in Spanish for the kiddos to watch.

You can also become familiar with popular YouTube channels in Spanish for kids that you can put on for your littles throughout the whole year!

Enjoy y ¡feilz Navidad!

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Spanish Christmas youtube Videos for Kids

Why watch Christmas YouTube videos in Spanish?

In our bilingual household, we try to keep screen time to a minimum, but when we do use screen time we put it in our minority language, Spanish.

With all of the streaming devices nowadays, it makes keeping screen time in Spanish super easy. 

Disney, Netflix, Hulu, and almost every device have an option to change the audio to Spanish, or any other language, as well as add subtitles.

And if you don’t have those applications, then you can also resort to YouTube which is free and has a plethora of Spanish videos for children. We watch a lot of our seasonal shows and videos on YouTube.

Spanish Christmas youtube Videos for Kids

Today, I am going to share some of our favorite Spanish Christmas videos on YouTube with you in the hopes of getting you in the Christmas spirit and maybe you can learn some more Spanish as a family as well!

Spanish Christmas Villancicos YouTube videos for kids

To start this collection of Spanish Christmas YouTube videos, I will begin with some popular and traditional villancicos or Christmas carols.

Play these videos, learn their tunes and add these Christmas songs in Spanish to your next Christmas playlist!

Then, in the following section, I will add some more Spanish Christmas Youtube videos that the kiddos will enjoy!

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“Rodolfo el reno” 

Below are two fun videos of the popular Christmas carol “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, or in Spanish, “Rodolfo el reno”!

This first video is by Mundo Canticuentos, a Colombian YouTube channel that produces engaging content for children.

This second video of Rodolfo el reno is by the Spanish YouTube channel Peque Música.

“Hoy es Navidad”

This next video is titled “Hoy es Navidad”, but you might also find this similar tune titled “Cascabel, Cascabel”, “Navidad, Navidad” or “Jingle Bells.”

This video is by the Mexican YouTube channel ChiquitinesTV

Here are the lyrics below in case you want to sing along too!

Hoy es Navidad

Campanas por doquier resuenan sin cesar
Proclaman con placer que hoy es navidad
Los niños ya aquí están, no dejan de cantar
De este día de amor y buena voluntad
Navidad, navidad, hoy es navidad
Es un día de alegría y de felicidad (hey)
Navidad, navidad, hoy es navidad
Es un día de alegría y de felicidad
El niño de Belén nos trae la salvación
Con júbilo sin par, se entona la canción
Yo te amo, mi Jesús, a ti te cantaré
En este día tan feliz me regocijaré
Navidad, navidad, hoy es navidad
Es un día de alegría y de felicidad (hey)
Navidad, navidad, hoy es navidad
Es un día de alegría y de felicidad

Here is another version of “Jingle Bells” in Spanish by Argentine Channel Plim Plim.

I love this original take of the “Jingle Bells” by my absolute favorite YouTube Spanish Channel, El Reino Infantil.

This song is called “Todos juntos estaremos” (we will all be together) with lyrics about a farm family spending Christmas together! How sweet and entertaining for the littles.

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Let’s not forget about La familia Blu, a Reino Infantil family, and their take on Jingle Bells this Christmas.

“Navidad en la granja”

Here is another Christmas song about la granja by El reino Infantil called “Navidad en la Granja.”

“Los peces en el río”

“Los peces en el río” is a traditional Christmas song in Spanish. The video below is by Mundo Canticuentos.

“Que Linda La Navidad”

Also by Plim Plim, Argentinian YouTube channel, we have an original Christmas carol with a sticky tune.

“Mi burrito sabanero”

“Mi burrito sabanero” is a traditional Christmas villancico about a little donkey making his way to Bethlehem. This video is by the Mexican YouTube channel HeyKids

“Santa Claus llegó a la ciudad”

“Santa Claus llegó a la ciudad” also known as “Santa Claus is Coming to Town.” The video is by ChiquitinesTV.

“Feliz Navidad a Todos”

“Feliz Navidad a Todos” is the Spanish version of “We Wish You A Merry Christmas” produced by El Reino Infantil.

“Campana sobre campana”

This villancico is a traditional Andalusian song and one of the most famous Spanish Christmas carols. In this song, heavenly angels ring the bells of Bethlehem, inviting all to join with the Shepherds to see Christ, child, in the manger.

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“Noche de paz”

“Noche de paz” is the Spanish version of “Silent night.” Here is another video by Canticuentos.

“A Jugar en Navidad” – El Reino Infantil

“Llegó la Navidad” – El Reno Infantil

More Spanish Christmas YouTube Videos for kids

Below you can find additional YouTube videos in Spanish for kids with a Christmas theme. Some might be song compilations and others more show-like Christmas productions.

Regardless, they will entertain the kiddos esta Navidad!

Put them on while you are decorating the house, putting up Christmas lights, making gingerbread houses, or any other Christmas crafts and activities you do this Christmas!

For more Christmas activities and inspiration, keep reading to the end of this post!

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More Christmas activities in Spanish to do with your kids

Now that you have some Christmas songs that you can put on for the littles esta Navidad, now let’s get their little hands working and their little brains churning with the following Christmas activities in Spanish!

  • Put the language to test with this interactive Spanish Christmas bingo with 24 Christmas bingo cards with different Christmas vocabulary in Spanish!
A print out Christmas vocabulary Bingo Set Game in Spanish

You can do all of these activities and the activities listed below (not in Spanish) while listening to some Spanish Christmas songs, or playing the above Spanish Christmas YouTube videos for kids!

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Even more Christmas activities for kids!

For more hands-on, play-based activities to do this Christmas with the littles, check out some of my following posts below!

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Spanish Christmas youtube Videos for Kids