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25+ Back-to-School Picture Books in Spanish

Today I want to share a list of 25+ back-to-school books in Spanish to get your kiddos ready for the new school year!

Going to school for the first time or going back to school can be very nerve-wracking for young children, especially after the strangest school year ever of 2020!

Reading aloud can be very resourceful in calming children’s nerves before that first day arrives. 

The following back-to-school books in Spanish go into themes about back-to-school to calm their fears and reassure their expectations. They range from preschool age up to middle school!

Among these back-to-school books in Spanish, you can find some of the following themes:

  • First-day jitters
  • Insecurities about physical appearance
  • Difficulties faced in school
  • The importance of community & more

Once you choose a book from this selection of back-to-school books in Spanish, practice these back-to-school affirmations in Spanish with your kiddos to boost their self-esteem and confidence!

Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases but this comes at no additional cost to you. 

Prepare for a bilingual adventure with our selection of 25+ Back-to-School Spanish picture books! From exciting first-day jitters to heartwarming classroom tales, these captivating stories are perfect for helping children transition back into the school year while immersing them in the Spanish language. Explore our collection today and make learning an enriching experience! #SpanishBooks #BackToSchool #ChildrensBooks

First day of school books in Spanish

David va al colegio

by Shannon David

Ages: 3-6

David goes to school and does all of the things he is not supposed to do. He throws food, chews gum, and much more!

Poor David’s teacher! What will she do?

This is a Spanish translation of the book David Goes to School.

¿Cómo van a la escuela los dinosaurios? 

By Jane Yolen & Mark Teague

Ages 3-5

This book is the perfect cuento for all of the dinosaur-loving children!

Not only will your child learn a little bit more about dinosaurs, but also experience what dinosaurs do at school!

El primer día de clase

By Kathryn Lucas

Ages 5-7

This is the perfect book for beginning readers. With short sentences, and large text, follow Ramon on his first day in Kindergarten.

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El primer día de clases

By Katish Mira

This book is an excellent read for children struggling with the first-day jitters.

It is about a little girl who had a bad dream about going to school and is now scared to go. However, she finds out that school is surprisingly much more fun than she thought!

El Monstruo de Colores va al cole 

Anna Llenas Serra

Ages 3 +

Well known, The Color Monster, gets ready for his first day of school. Can you read with him and help him get over his nerves?

Back To School Books in Spanish

¡Qué Nervios! El Primer Día de Escuela

By Julie Dannberg

Ages 5-9

Starting a new school can be scary. Follow Sarah Jane Hartwell in this book as she gets ready to start at her new school.

Lola va a la escuela

By Anna McQuinn

Ages 2-5

This selection is a great first day of school book for preschoolers! Follow along with Lola as she and her family get ready to send her off to preschool the next day!

Spot va a la escuela

By Eric Hill

Ages 3-5

Remember good old Spot? You might not remember reading about him in Spanish, but now you can in this cute book as Spot gets ready for his first day of school!

Yet another excellent selection for preschoolers!

Mamá va al cole

By Éric Veillé

Ages 4 +

Oh, that first day of school, when all children kick and scream as they say goodbye to the parents.

Find out what happens in this book, when the kicking and screaming does the trick when a little girl convinces her mamá to stay the entire class.
What do you think mamá will do?

Today I want to share a list of 20 back-to-school books in Spanish to get your kiddos ready for the new school year!

¡No quiero ir al cole!

By Stephanie Blake

Ages 4-6

Simón starts school tomorrow. He cannot sleep nor eat. He gets to school, and a million and one things happen!

Will he be thrilled, or will he be ready to come home? Find out in this cute little book about Simón, the rabbit.

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More back to school books in Spanish

Si llevas un raton a la escuela

By Laura Numeroff

Ages 4-8

What will happen if you take a mouse to school with you?

First, he will ask for a lunchbox. From there, the favors will never stop.
Are you sure you want to take a mouse to school still?

This book introduces some of the daily activities that happen during a typical school day, all with a bit of humor.

¡Mi maestra es un monstruo!

By Peter Brown

Ages 5-7

Uhoh, Bobby has a monstruo for a teacher? No. I’m not talking about one of those teachers that might act like a monster. I’m talking about a real live monster!

What will Bobby do when he meets his monster maestra at the park on Saturday?

Está BIEN ser diferente

By Sharon Purtill

Ages for everyone, because diversity matters!

In school, you will meet all different types of people and personalities.
Everyone is DISTINCT and UNIQUE in beautiful ways!

This book celebrates the diversity found in the school system. It encourages children to embrace and be proud of their differences

Tú importas

By Christian Robinson

Ages 4-6

Following the same theme as the previous title, this book encourages differences as well.

It also emphasizes the importance of being yourself, and not judging oneself by their acheivements, grades or trophies.

Lo que nos hace únicos

By Belén Llorente

Race and ethnicity is not the only thing that makes us different.

This book will go into other differences that can be found and accepted at school!


By Kevin Henkes

Ages 4-8

Have you ever encountered a classmate at school with a unique name?

That’s Crisantemo in this book. She has always loved her name until she goes to school, and her peers laugh at her name.

Then, she meets a special teacher that helps her regain that love for her name.

¿Qué se dice en la escuela?: Un cuento sobre el primer día de la escuela

By Sarah Pletcher

Ages 5-6

This book is a fun selection for bilingual kids!

Join Sophia, who is headed off to bilingual school where she will learn where and when to speak each language!

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Prudencia se preocupa

By Kevin Henkes

Ages 4-8

Wemberly is a worrywart. She worries just about everything. But, her biggest worry is about starting school.

Luckily, she has a teacher who knows what to do to help Wemberly’s worries!

¡La senorita Nelson ha desaparecido! 

By Harry G. Allard Jr.

Ages 4-7

Uh, oh. The nicest school teacher ever, Señorita Nelson, goes missing!

In her place is a substitute teacher!

Help these students find their teacher and bring her back!

Rene tiene dos apellidos

By Rene Colato Lainez

Ages 5-6

Find out what Rene does when the teacher hands Rene her name tag, with only one of her TWO last names in this bilingual book.

Un beso en mi mano

By Audrey Penn

Ages 3-8

Chester Racoon seeks love and assurance from his mamá before he goes to his first day of school.

Un caso grave de rayas

By David Shannon

Ages 9-12

Camila Cream loves lima beans, but the other kids in the school do not. Therefore, Camila cream stops eating her lima beans, and this action comes with a colorful consequence!

La joven maestra y la gran serpiente 

By Irene Vasco Moscovitz

Ages 6-8

This is a beautiful book about a teacher who gets assigned to a school in the Amazon Jungle.

She brings many books and reads them frequently to her students who do not know how to read.

They might not know how to read, but they sure do not how to tell stories, stories that this teacher believes are just stories. But are they?

Nuestra clase es una familia 

By Shannon Olsen

Teachers do much more than just teach! They create a community within their classroom.
With vibrant images, this book will portray the meaning of community within the school.

A classroom is a place where they can feel confident, make mistakes, and be exactly who they are.

Reglas en el salon de clases

By Dwayne Hicks

Ages 5-8

Follow along with Abby and her friends as they learn the rules of the school on their first day!

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Today I want to share a list of 20 back-to-school books in Spanish to get your kiddos ready for the new school year!