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20 Printable Back-To-School Affirmations in Spanish For Kids

Inside: 20 printable back-to-school affirmations in Spanish to use with kids at home to prepare them for a new school year.

Is your child getting ready for a new school year? Or, maybe you’re in my boat and you’re about to send your “baby” off to their first day of school ever.

Either way, going (back) to school can be a very intimidating experience for any child, and the parents, too 👋. One way to ease the transition is by practicing positive affirmations every day to boost your child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Since we speak in Spanish at home, I decided to create some back-to-school affirmations in Spanish to use in our home, and I want to share them with you today!

Keep reading to learn a little bit more about what affirmations are, their benefits, and how you can get your back-to-school affirmations in Spanish today!

Back to School Affirmations in Spanish

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Why use these back-to-school affirmations in Spanish with your child?

A few months back, I created a set of 40 positive affirmations in Spanish for kids and they were such a big hit, not only in my household but with all of my awesome readers and buyers.

You might be asking, what are positive affirmations?

In that post, I go into more details about what positive affirmations are and their benefits, but to sum things up, positive affirmations are brief phrases that are thought or said aloud to boost self-confidence and rid the brain of negative thoughts.

They are verbal exercises that can be practiced daily or weekly to improve the mind and rid it of negative, self-sabotaging thoughts.

Keep reading to learn more about affirmations and their benefits here.

With that said, going to school for the first, second, third, or tenth time can produce lots of emotions in your child. Happiness, fear, sadness etc. So using back-to-school affirmations at home on a daily basis can encourage positive talk and boost your child’s self-esteem throughout the school day.

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Keep reading to see how you can use these affirmations at home today!

20 Printable Back-To-School Affirmations in Spanish For Kids

How can you use these back-to-school affirmations in Spanish to ease your child’s transition to school?

Below are some creative ways you could use these back-to-school affirmations in Spanish today:

  • Print out your set of back-to-school affirmations in Spanish and hang them around your house. Every time you and your child approach an affirmation, read it and talk about it.
  • Teachers, print them out and hang them around your classroom. Use them as a great translation activity with your Spanish students! Talk about ways they might have practiced that affirmation recently. Your children will be able to see all of the positive ways other students used their words throughout the school day.
  • Read a back-to-school book in Spanish and spot any of these positive affirmations throughout the book.
  • Download and print off FREE these back to school coloring pages in Spanish which include positive affirmations!
  • Each morning before school, pick an affirmation and talk about it while eating at the breakfast table. Provide your child with different scenarios that might occur during the school day and ways they can look at the situation in a positive light.
  • Print off and laminate the back-to-school affirmations in Spanish. Put on into your child’s lunchbox everyday so that they can feel a boost of confidence in the cafeteria.
  • Likewise, you could place it in your child’s backpack to remind them to have a good day.

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  • Keep your printed-out affirmations in the car. If you drive your child to school, use the drive as an opportunity to talk about an affirmation and again, present your child with situations that might occur in school, related to the affirmation. Talk about positive actions can they do in school today to spread joy and happiness.
  • Place an affirmation on the bathroom mirror and have your child repeat the affirmation while getting ready in the morning.
  • Print them out and add a magnet. Place a different affirmation on your fridge for a daily affirmation! Make it a daily routine to say that affirmation aloud throughout the day! This will help change your child’s thought patterns and boost self-esteem. 
  • Use them as reading practice! Print off printable affirmations and use them as reading resources for emergent readers!
  • You could also utilize them as writing practice by having your child copy the sentence into a notebook. I always learned best when writing things down!
  • Be a role model by using these affirmations yourself and model them throughout the day for your child! You might be surprised by a surge of positivity, too!

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These affirmations are a simple tool start using with kids of all ages, from young children to teenagers. They are a great way to boost self esteem, enhance positive thinking, spread positive messages and decrease social anxiety. Let’s get yours now!

What Back-to-School Affirmations in Spanish Come In These Printables?

Now that you know a little bit more about positive affirmations and how to use these back-to-school affirmations in Spanish with your child, let’s talk about what comes in this printable kit.

In this kit, you will receive 20 watercolor, back-to-school affirmations in Spanish in printable PDF format. The majority of these cards have simple positive statements to improve a positive outlook and rid of any negative self-talk your child might have.

20 Printable Back-To-School Affirmations in Spanish For Kids

Here are the affirmations you will receive:

  • Está bien tomar mi tiempo | It’s okay to take my time
  • Yo estoy listo para trabajar duro | I am ready to work hard
  • Yo soy confidente, valiente y amigable | I am confident, brave and kind.
  • Siempre doy lo mejor de mi | I always do my best
  • El aprender es mi superpoder | Learning is my superpower
  • Yo soy responsible de mis propios actos | I am responsible for my own actions
  • Yo soy importante | I am important
  • Yo puedo aprender cualquier cosa | I can learn anything
  • Yo soy capaz de resolver problemas | I am capable of problem solving
  • Estoy emocionado para aprender nuevas cosas | I am excited to learn new things
  • Yo puedo pedir ayuda cuando la necesito | I can ask for help with I need it
  • Yo no me dare por vencido | I will not give up
  • Yo puedo hacer cosas difíciles | I can do hard things
  • Yo busco progreso, no la prefección | I strive for progress, not perfection
  • Yo puedo recordar cosas importantes  | I can remember important things
  • Yo estoy listo para la escuela | I am ready for school
  • Yo soy útil y me gusta ayudar a los demás | I am helpful and I like helping others
  • Me gustan mis amigos y estoy listo para hacer nuevos amigos también | I like my friends and I am ready to make new friends, too.
  • Yo creo en mí mismo | I believe in myself.
  • Mi voz importa | My voice matters.

How to Get YOUR Back-to-School Affirmations in Spanish Printables Hoy!

To get your 20 printable positive affirmations in Spanish today, head to my Etsy shop where you can purchase them for a small price of $3.97. This small purchase helps to support my blog & allows me to allocate time to make more FREE Spanish printables for you in the future!

Prefer buying on Teachers Pay Teachers? You can find these back-to-school affirmations in Spanish on TPT here.

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20 Printable Back-To-School Affirmations in Spanish For Kids