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120+ Beautiful French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022

Are you looking for a French baby girl name for your petit fille? Great, because this post contains a list has 120 beautiful French baby girl names that will be perfect for your little girl.

The French language is one that I could listen to all day long. It is just so elegant, and it has such a unique pronunciation compared to the rest of the romance languages. Furthermore, it inspires some timeless French baby names.

So, perhaps you are a language fanatic or are raising a bilingual family like me and want to give your child a bilingual French baby name.

Or, maybe you want to honor your French ancestry and France’s rich history by giving your baby girl a French first name.

 Regardless, I hope this list of 120 classic French baby girl names will guide you in finding the perfect name.

In this list, you can find a variety of popular baby names, classic french names, and beautiful french baby names and their special meanings.

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120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022

10 French unique baby girl names inspired by famous French women

 Before I get into this list of 120 French baby girl names, I wanted to highlight ten unique french girl names that I love. 

These names are super unique, and they also represent prominent figures in French history.

If you’re into history like I am, you will enjoy this list. Voyons!

  • Adélaïde

This antique French baby girl name is inspired by the French artist Adelaîde Labille-Guiard (1749-1803) who was a strong advocate for women receiving the same artistic opportunities in men.

  • Amantine

Amantine Lucile Aurore Dupin, better known as George Sand since she chose to wear male attire in public, was an advocate for women’s right and the working class.

  • Antoinette

This old-fashioned French baby girl name is inspired by Antoinette du Ligier de la Garde Deshoulière, a french poet. (1634-1694)

  • Camille

This popular French baby girl name is inspired by Camille Claudel (1864-1943), one of France’s most famous female sculptors.

  • Eleanor

This vintage French baby girl name was also the name of Eleanor of Aquitaine (1122-1204), a leading figure in both French and English history. She was a queen, a regent and a political force in her time, when women had very little power.

Source: Snippets of Paris

  • Germaine

This unisex French baby name is inspired by Germaine de Staël (1766-1817), a women of letters and politics who was a voice of moderation in the French Revolution and the Napoleanoic era.

  • Jeanne

This mystical French baby girl name is inspired by Jeanne d’Arc (1412-1431), who became a national symbol of France after the French Revolution during her role in the Lancastrian phase of the 100-year war.

  • Marguerite

Inpired by Maguerite Duras (1914-1996) a 20th century French novelist, playwright, screenwriter, essayist and experimental filmmaker

  • Rosa

This short French baby girl name is inspired by Rosa Bonhuer, France’s most famous female painter of the 19th Century.

  • Simone

The beautiful name Simone is inspired by Simone de Beauvoir (1908-86) who was a French writer and female activist.

List of the top French girls names

In addition, if you are looking for popular French girl’s names, the following list includes top ten popular french baby girl names to use in 2022:

  1. Louise- This classic name is of Germanic origin meaning famous warrior.
  2. Léa – This popular french baby name is the English equivalent of Leah, meaning ‘weary.’
  3. Juliette- This feminine-sounding name of French origin, and comes from the Latin for ‘little Julia.’
  4. Alice- Number four on this list of top names, Alice, pronounced [a-LISS] is of French origin meaning noble.
  5. Chloé- Chloé is amongst the most popular names. It is from Greek origin and it means blooming, or fertility.
  6. Bernadette- Bernadette is of German origin and it means brave as a bear.
  7. Madeline- This classic french girl name derives from Hebrew origin and it means tall tower.
  8. Francoise- An excellent choice for a unique name, Francoise, pronounced [fran-swaz] is of Italian origin and means frenchwomen. A perfect name to represent French heritage.
  9. Ninon -This unique french name derives from Hebrew origin and the meaning of the name is full of grace.
  10. Anaïs -Anaïs is one of the most popular French baby girl names of all time and means ‘graceful.’
120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022
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So far, we have gone through some of my favorite unique French baby girl names inspired by prominent French women. Next, I mentioned the top 10 French baby girl names to use in 2022. Finally, let’s explore this list of 120 French baby girl names!

120 unique French baby names


1. Adeline

Origin: German

Meaning: Pleasant or “of nobility”

2. Adrienne

Origin: Latin

Meaning: From Adria, the sea region

3. Aglaé

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Splendor or beauty

4. Albertine

Origin: German

Meaning: The feminine version of Albert meaning bright and noble

5. Alizée

Origin: French 

Meaning: Trade wind

6. Amandine

Origin: French

Meaning: Worthy of love or lovable

7. Ambre

Origin: French

Meaning: Refers to the fossilized tree resin that is partially transparent, also jewel

8. Amélie

Origin: French

Meaning: Hardworking or industrious 

9. Amour

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Love

10. Anaëlle or Anaïs

Origin: Latin or Hebrew

Meaning: Favor or grace

11. Andrée

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The feminine form of Andrew, Andrée means “brave”

12. Angeline

Origin: Greek

Meaning: This feminine name means Messenger or “angelic”

13. Annabelle

Origin: Gaelic

Meaning: Lovable

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14. Ariane

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Most holy

15. Avril

Origin: French

Meaning: Spring and April


16. Babette

Origin: Hebrew and French

Meaning: “My God is my oath” or “My God is plentiful”

17. Béatrice

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Voyager or traveler

120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022
Photo Credit: LindaYolanda From Getty Images Signature

18. Bénédicte

Of Latin origin

Meaning: Blessed

19. Bernadette

Origin: French

Meaning: Brave or hardy

Fun fact: The name of a saint whose visions prompted the Lourdes shrine

20. Bijou

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Jewel 

21. Blanche 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: White


22. Camille

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Free born or noble

23. Capucine

Origin: French

Meaning: Nasturtium, a type of flower. 

24. Carole

Origin: English

Meaning: A variation on Charles meaning “strong woman”

25. Cécile

Origin: Roman

Meaning: From the Roman family name Caecilius, meaning blind

26. Céleste

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Heavenly, or of the sky

27. Cézanne

Origin: French

Meaning: Big flower 

28. Chloé 

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Flourishing, or blooming 

29. Claire

Origin: Latin

Meaning: The name Claire means bright or clear

30. Claude

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Lame or crippled, but despite this, is a quintessentially chic French name

31. Clémence

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Merciful or gentle

32. Coralie or Coraline

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Coral of the sea

33. Corinne

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Maiden 

34. Cossette

Origin: French

Meaning: This lovely name means ‘little thing.’

Fun fact: Famously associated with the character from Victor Hugo’s novel Les Misérables

120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022
Photo Credit: LindaYolanda From Getty Images Signature

35. Cunégonde

Origin: German

Meaning: Clan, or family war


36. Edmée

Origin: Anglo-Saxon

Meaning: The feminine version of Edmund, meaning rich protection

37. Églantine

Origin: French

Meaning: The sweetbriar flower

38. Élodie

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Other wealth, or foreign riches

39. Eloise 

Origin: French

Meaning: This pretty french baby name means famous in war

40. Enora

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Honor

41. Eulalie

Origin: Greek

Meaning: From the Greek “eulalos” meaning sweetly speaking

Fun fact: Eulalie is the beautiful woman who saves a man from a destitute life when they marry in the Edgar Allan Poe poem Eulalie, A Song.


42. Faustine

Origin: Roman 

Meaning: From the nickname Faustus, which means lucky

43. Flavie

Origin: Roman 

Meaning: From the family name Flavius, meaning golden or yellow-haired

44. Fleur

Origin: French

Meaning: Flower

Fun fact: Also the name of a heroine in “The Forsyte Saga” 


45. Genevieve

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: White wave

46. Gervaise


Meaning: Skilled with a spear

47. Gwenaëlle


Meaning: Blessed and generous


48. Hortense

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Garden or gardener

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49. Huguette

Origin: French

Meaning: Bright in mind and spirit


50. Inès

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The French form of Agnes, meaning chaste

51. Isaure

Origin: Greek

Meaning: From Isauria, a region in what is now known as Turkey, also meaning “gentle breeze”

120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022
Photo Credit: Sarah 8000 from Getty Images Signature


52. Joëlle

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The feminine form of Joel which means Yahweh is God.

53. Juliette

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Youthful or vivacious 


54. Laetitia

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Joy or happiness  

55. Léone or Léonie

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Lion, also a region in France 

56. Lilou

Origin: France

Meaning: Lily flower

57. Livie

Origin: Roman

Meaning: The feminine form of Linius, meaning envy, also means olive 

Fun fact: Livia was the wife of and advisor to Augustus Caesar. She was seen as a goddess of the Roman empire. 

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58. Loane

Origin: Celtic

Meaning: Bright 

59. Lucile or Lucienne

Origin: Roman

Meaning: Light or illumination

60. Ludivine

Origin: French

Meaning: “Friend of the people”  

61. Lya

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The French form of Lea meaning “wary” 

62. Lyna

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A variant of Lina, meaning tender  


63. Madeline

Origin: French

Meaning: A French form of Magdalene, meaning of Magdala or “high tower”

64. Maëlie

Origin: French

Meaning: Prince or chieftain

65. Magali

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Evolved from Magdalene, meaning from Magdala or “pearl”

66. Mahault

Origin: Dutch

Meaning: From Matilda, meaning strength in battle

67. Maia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Good mother or dame

Fun fact: In Roman mythology, Maia is the goddess of spring growth

68. Mailys

Origin: French

Meaning: A variant of Maylis, meaning mother of lilies 

120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022
Photo Credit: Sarah 8000 from Getty Images Signature

69. Manu

Origin: Hindi or Egyptian

Meaning: Evolved from Emmanuel, meaning “God is with us” or “ruler of the Earth”

70. Marceline

Origin: Roman

Meaning: Evolved from Mars meaning “male”

Fun fact: It is also a fabric similar to taffeta that is used for hats or lining dresses. 

71. Margot, Margaux, or Marguerite

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Pearl

72. Marianne

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Love, favor, and grace.

Fun fact: This name is mostly attributed to the personification of the French Republic, resulting in many busts named Marianne all over the country. 

73. Marjolaine

Origin: French

Meaning: The french name for marjoram, an herb, also a layered dessert 

74. Marthe

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The lady, as in Lord and Lady of the manor

75. Maximilienne

Origin: Latin

Meaning: The greatest

76. Mélina

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Little honey

77. Mélisande

Origin: German

Meaning: The French form of Millicent meaning strong worker

78. Michelle

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Feminine version of Michael meaning “who is like God” 

79. Mirabelle

Origin: Latin

Meaning: From the Latin mirabilis, meaning wonderous or wondrous beauty

80. Mireille

Origin: French

Meaning: Miracle, or to admire

81. Modeste

Origin: Latin

Meaning: From the Latin Modestus meaning “restrained” or “moderate”

82. Monique

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The French form of Monica, meaning “wise counselor” 

83. Morgane

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Lives by the sea

Fun fact: The name of the enchantress sister of King Arthur


84. Nadège

Origin: Slavic

Meaning: Hope

85. Nadine

Origin: Russian

Meaning: The French version of Nadia meaning hope 

120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022
Photo Credit: Sarah 8000 from Getty Images Signature

86. Narcisse

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Sleep or slumber, also meaning daffodil

87. Natacha

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The French form of Natasha meaning Christmas Day 

88. Nicolette

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Victory of the people”

89. Noèle

Origin: French

Meaning: Christmas

90. Noémie

Origin: French

Meaning: Lovely, pleasant, and good

91. Océane

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Ocean 

Fun fact: Oceanus is the Greek god of rivers and water nymphs. 

92. Octavie

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Associated with music meaning eighth

93. Odette

Origin: French

Meaning: Wealth or fortune 

Fun fact: The name of the Swan Princess in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. 

94. Oriane

Origin: French

Meaning: Gold or sunrise

95. Osanne

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The French form of Hosanna meaning “deliver us” 


96. Pascale

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Easter

97. Perle

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Pearl

98. Perrine

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The feminine version of Pierre meaning stone

99. Philomène

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Friend, or “greatly loved”

100. Placide

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Calm or quiet

101. Régine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Queen

102. Romaine

Origin: Roman

Meaning: The French feminine version of Romanus, meaning “woman of Rome”

103. Rosalie

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Rose

120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022
Photo Credit: Sarah 8000 from Getty Images Signature

104. Rosemonde

Origin: German

Meaning: A noted protection 

105. Roxane

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Bright or dawn

106. Sacha

Origin: Russian

Meaning: “Defender of man”

107. Sara

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Princess

108. Sébire

Origin: Greek

Meaning: From sibyl meaning “prophetess”

109. Séphora

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Bird

110. Séraphine

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Fiery ones 

Fun fact: This comes from seraphim, who are the most powerful angels. 

111. Simone

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “She heard”

112. Solange

Origin: French

Meaning: Religious or dignified

113. Sylvie

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “From the forest” 


114. Therese

Origin: Greek

Meaning: To reap or “gather” 


115. Valentine

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Valentine is a popular choice for a baby name meaning strength.

116. Veronique

Origin: French

Meaning: True image, or “honest”

117. Violette

Of English origin

Meaning: One of my favorite vintage names, Violette means purple flower 

118. Virginie

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Pure maiden

120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022
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119. Yvonne

Origin: French

Meaning: Yew wood, or archer


120. Zoe

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Full of life

If you enjoyed this list of beautiful French names, make sure to check out some of my other baby name posts below! Stay tuned for my list of French boy names coming soon.

120+ Unique French Baby Girl Names To Use This 2022