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Latino Baby Boy Names to use this 2021

Inside: A list of 100+ of the best and most popular Latino/Hispanic/Spanish baby boy names to use this 2021

One of the most exciting yet nerve-racking parts of pregnancy is choosing the best baby name.

Will you choose a popular, common baby name or a unique and rare baby name? I need to know!

The decision becomes even more strenuous when you are in a multicultural family like myself. Choosing the perfect bilingual baby name while making sure both sides of the family can pronounce the name correctly can get tricky!

If you do plan on raising a multicultural child, you have landed at the right place. Not only do I have great bilingual parenting tips and advice that can help you once your little bilingual nugget comes earthside. But, I also have multiple lists of the best bilingual baby names for your multicultural family, starting with this list of 100+ Latino baby boy names to use in 2021. You can find more lists of bilingual baby names below.

Now, I use Latino as an umbrella term for all of the Latin American countries speaking Spanish. So, whether you are looking for Mexican baby names, Salvadoran baby names, Chilean baby names, etc., this list will cover 100 of the best Latino baby names that will work perfectly for your Spanish and English bilingual family!

And if you don’t find the name on this list of Latino baby boy names, do not fret. I have several other posts with the perfect bilingual baby names that translate from other romance languages and more. You can check them out below!

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100 Popular Latino Baby Boy Names

The 8 most popular Latino baby names of 2021:

Before I share this list of 100 + Latino baby names, I wanted to share the top ten Latino baby names of 2021.

This way, if you are looking for a popular Latino baby boy name, it’s right at the top, and if you are looking for a more unique Latino baby boy name, you can keep on scrolling! 

The top 8 Latino baby boy names of 2021 according to Bebés y más are:

1. Hugo

2. Martín

3. Mateo

4. Leo

5. Daniel

6. Alejandro

7. Pablo

8. Álvaro

And now for the list of 100+ Latino baby boy names

1. Agustín


2. Alberto


3. Aldo


4. Alejandro


5. Alexis


6. Alfonso


7. Alfredo


8. Álvaro


9. Ángel


10. Andrés


11. Antonio




13. Axel


14. Baez


15. Benicio


16. Benjamín


17. Camilo

18. Carlos


19. Claudio


20. Cristian


21. Damián


22. Diego


23. Domenic


24. Edgar


25. Eduardo

Latino Baby Boy Names

26. Elías


27. Elmer


28. Emmanuel


29. Emiliano


30. Emilio


31. Enrique


32. Esau

33. Eugenio


34. Ever


35. Felipe


36. Fernando


37. Francisco


38. Gabriel

39. Gael


40. Gonzalo

100 Latino Baby Boy Names

41. Guillermo


42. Gustavo


43. Hector


44. Ignacio


45. Iker


46. Israel

47. Jacinto


48. Javier


49. Jerónimo


50. Joaquin


51. Joel


52. Jorge

53. José


54. Josúe


55. Juan


56. Julio


57. Julián


58. Leonardo


59. León


60. Lionel


61. Luca


62. Lucas


63. Lucero

64. Luciano


65. Luis


66. Manuel


67. Marcos


68. Mario


69. Matías


70. Miguel

Latino baby boy names

71. Nicolas

72. Omar

73. Oscar

74. Pablo

75. Paulo

76. Pedro


77. Rafael

78. Ramón


79. Raulín


80. Rene


81. Ricardo


82. Rodrigo


83. Rolando


84. Romeo


85. Ronaldo


86. Raúl


87. Roque


88. Rubén


89. Rufino


90. Salvador


91. Samuel


92. Santiago


93. Sebastián


94. Sergio


95. Telmo


96. Thiago

97. Valentino


98. Vicente


99. Victor


100. Xavier

Did you find a name that you like? I hope so! Don’t forget to let me know in the comments below which names are your favorite!

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