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140+ Classic Italian Baby Girl Names & Their Meanings

Are you looking for timeless and classic names for your bambinina

Then you will enjoy this collection of classic Italian baby girl names that exude charm and sophistication. 

These names have a rich history and are inspired by Italian culture, literature, and mythology.

From the graceful elegance of Isabella to the noble strength of Caterina, this selection of classic Italian names will add a touch of timeless beauty to your little one’s identity.

What are you waiting for? Let’s pick out a name for your little little girl! 

140+ Top Italian Baby GIrl Names

Most Popular Italian Girl Names of 2023

Before we head straight into this list of 140 Italian baby girl names, let’s check out some of the most popular Italian names for girls in 2023. 

These names capture the essence of Italian beauty and are adored by parents worldwide for their elegance and cultural significance—which is why they must be so popular! 

Let’s see what they are:

1. Sofia

2. Giulia

3. Aurora

4. Alice

5. Giorgia

6. Emma

7. Martina

8. Chiara

9. Francesca

10. Ginevra

11. Beatrice

12. Alessia

13. Viola

14. Camilla

14. Laura

Alright, now that we explored the 15 most popular Italian baby girl names, lets get on with this list of 140+ Italian baby girl names as well as the meaning of the name!

This lis of names is in alphabetical order, so if you are looking for beautiful Italian girl names of a certain letter, simply scroll to that section!

140+ Italian Baby Girl Names

1. Abriana 

This lovely name has Latin roots and means “Mother of many nations,” making it a beautiful choice for a global-minded family.

2. Ada 

Ada has Germanic roots and means “nobility,” representing a regal and distinguished character.

3. Adelina

A variation of Adela, this name signifies “noble” and represents a refined and dignified presence.

4. Adriana 

Derived from the Adriatic Sea, this name exudes strength and grace, symbolizing the boundless energy of the ocean.

5. Agata 

With Greek origins, Agata means “good” or “kind-hearted,” symbolizing a caring and compassionate nature.

6. Agnese

Agnese has origins in ancient Greek, this name means “pure” and embodies a sense of innocence and simplicity.

7. Alba 

Meaning “dawn” in Italian, this name reflects the optimism and new beginnings that come with each day.

8. Alessandra 

This popular girl’s name is a variation of Alexandra, signifying a “defender of mankind” and a strong protector.

9. Alessia

This name is of Greek origin and is a feminine form of Alexander, signifying a strong protector and defender.

10. Alina 

Of Germanic origin, Alina means “noble” and represents a regal and sophisticated persona.

11. Allegra

This lively name is aptly derived from Italian and means “joyful,” perfectly capturing the spirit of happiness and enthusiasm.

12. Ambra 

A name of Indian origin, Ambra, represents “amber,” a gemstone renowned for its rich hues and rarity.

13. Amalia 

This timeless name of Germanic roots means “work of beauty,” signifying a radiant and industrious personality.

Italian Baby Girl Names
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14. Anastasia

Hailing from Greek origins, this name translates to “resurrection,” symbolizing hope and revival.

15. Angelica

An angelic name from Italian origin, it symbolizes divine grace and protection.

15. Angelina 

A name of Greek origin, Angelina embodies “messenger,” representing a conduit of love and compassion.

16. Anna 

An ancient Hebrew name, Anna signifies “grace,” exuding elegance and charm.

17. Annabella 

This beautiful name is a combination of Anna and Bella, reflecting a blend of grace and beauty.

18. Antonella 

A feminine form of Antonio, this name conveys strength and determination, making it suitable for a resilient young girl.

19. Arianna 

Of Greek origin, Arianna means “most holy,” epitomizing spiritual purity and devotion.

20. Aurora 

This name inspired by the goddess of dawn brings a sense of hope and illumination.

21. Beatrice 

An elegant name of Latin origin, Beatrice means “she who brings joy,” portraying a delightful and uplifting character.

22. Benedetta 

Derived from Latin, Benedetta signifies “blessed,” bestowing a sense of divine favor.

23. Bianca 

With Italian roots, Bianca means “white,” symbolizing purity and innocence.

24. Bruna 

This delightful name denotes “brown-haired,” capturing the warmth and richness of earthy tones.

25. Camilla 

A popular name of Roman origins, Camilla signifies a “young ceremonial attendant,” representing grace and poise.

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26. Carlotta

A feminine form of Charles, this name conveys strength and determination, perfect for a determined young lady.

27. Caterina 

An Italian version of Catherine, this name means “pure,” characterizing a simple and virtuous nature.

Italian Baby Names

28. Chiara 

Derived from Latin, Chiara means “clear” or “bright,” expressing a radiant and luminous spirit.

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29. Cinzia 

This captivating name has origins in Greek mythology, associated with the moon goddess Artemis, embodying mystery and charm.

30. Clara 

Meaning “clear” or “bright,” this name exudes a gentle and luminous personality.

31. Claudia 

With Roman origins, Claudia means “lame,” but don’t be deceived, it actually represents a person with strong determination and perseverance.

32. Clelia

This name of Latin origin reflects “fame” or “glory,” signifying an esteemed and honorable character.

33. Colomba 

Inspired by the graceful dove, this name symbolizes peace and love.

34. Cosima 

Of Greek origin, Cosima represents “order” and “decency,” conveying a sense of structure and discipline.

35. Cristina 

With Latin roots, Cristina means “follower of Christ,” embodying devotion and faithfulness.

36. Daniela 

A feminine form of Daniel, this name signifies “God is my judge,” symbolizing trust and divine guidance.

37. Delfina 

This enchanting name of Greek origin signifies “dolphin,” reflecting intelligence and compassion.

38. Domenica 

With Latin origins, Domenica means “belonging to the Lord,” exemplifying faith and spiritual connection.

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40. Donatella 

A name of Italian origin, Donatella means “gift of God,” conveying a precious and cherished presence.

41. Dorotea

This elegant name from Greek origins means “gift of God,” highlighting a divine and valuable essence.

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42. Edda 

With Norse roots, Edda means “great grandmother” and signifies wisdom and tradition.

43. Elettra

This name, inspired by the Greek goddess of amber, conveys a sense of energy and brilliance.

44. Elena

Meaning “bright” or “shining light,” this name represents an illuminating and radiant personality.

45. Eleonora

Derived from Greek, Eleonora signifies “compassion,” expressing a caring and empathetic nature.The perfect name of your little princess.

46. Elisabetta

The Italian version of Elizabeth, this name means “God is my oath,” symbolizing loyalty and commitment.

Beautiful Italian Baby Girl Names

47. Emilia

Of Latin origin, Emilia means “rival,” characterizing a strong and competitive spirit.

48. Emma

This timeless name of Germanic origin signifies “whole” or “universal,” symbolizing a complete and inclusive persona.

49. Esmeralda

Inspired by the precious green gemstone, this name represents beauty and prosperity.

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50. Eugenia

With Greek roots, Eugenia means “well-born” or “noble,” embodying grace and refinement.

51. Fabiana

A name with Latin origins, Fabiana means “bean grower,” symbolizing growth and nourishment.

52. Fiamma

This fiery name from Italian origins signifies “little flame,” representing passion and intensity.

53. Filomena

Meaning “lover of strength,” this name epitomizes perseverance and resilience.

54. Fiorella

Inspired by flowers, this name embodies the delicate beauty and elegance of nature.

55. Flavia

Of ancient Roman origins, Flavia means “golden-haired,” capturing the allure of precious metals.

56. Francesca

This lovely name is a feminine form of Francis, representing a “free spirit” and independent nature.

57. Gaia

From Greek mythology, Gaia is the personification of Earth, embodying a nurturing and grounding presence.

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58. Gemma

Meaning “gem” or “precious stone,” this name reflects a rare and treasured quality.

59. Ginevra

Inspired by the Italian version of Guinevere, this name signifies a “fair and pure soul.” A perfect choice for your pure baby girl. 

59. Giorgia

A variation of George, Giorgia represents a “farmer” or “tiller of the soil,” symbolizing hard work and diligence.

60. Giulia

This charming name with Latin roots signifies “youthful” and represents a vivacious and exuberant personality.

61. Greta

Inspired by the Swedish actress Greta Garbo, this name embodies elegance and timeless beauty.

62. Ida

Meaning “industrious one,” this name portrays a hardworking and dedicated character.

63. Ilaria

With Italian origins, Ilaria means “cheerful” and captures a joyful and upbeat demeanor.

64. Imelda

This name has Germanic roots and means “universal battle,” exemplifying strength and bravery.

Chi condivide, si prende cura

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65. Ines

Derived from Agnes, this name means “pure” and conveys a sense of simplicity and virtue.

66. Isabella

With Hebrew origins, Isabella signifies “God is my oath,” embodying loyalty and devotion.

66. Iva

Inspired by the willow tree, this name represents flexibility and adaptability.

67. Jacinta

Derived from Hyacinth, this name represents a “beautiful flower” and a graceful spirit.

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68. Jolanda

This elegant name of Greek origin means “violet flower,” symbolizing modesty and humility.

69. Lavinia

With Latin roots, Lavinia means “purity,” signifying a chaste and untainted essence.

70. Laura

Inspired by the laurel tree, this name represents victory and honor.

71. Leandra

Meaning “lioness,” this name signifies courage and strength.

72. Lelia

With Latin origins, Lelia means “lily flower,” embodying purity and grace.

73. Lia 

This delightful name signifies “weary,” but don’t let that deceive you; it represents a determined and resilient character.

74. Liliana

A blend of Lily and Anna, this name reflects a pure and graceful demeanor.

75. Lorenza

This name of Italian and Spanish origins signifies “laurel-crowned,” representing victory and achievement.

76. Lucia

Derived from the Latin word for “light,” Lucia embodies brilliance and enlightenment.

Italian Baby Girl Names
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77. Lucrezia

With Roman roots, Lucrezia means “profit” or “wealth,” symbolizing prosperity and success.

78. Maddalena

Inspired by Mary Magdalene, this name represents a “tower of strength” and a devoted soul.

79. Mafalda

This unique name signifies “mighty in battle,” representing a fierce and determined spirit.

80. Magda

Of Greek origin, Magda means “pearl,” representing rarity and beauty.

81. Margherita

This beautiful Italian name is derived from the daisy flower—or the scrumptious Italian pizza— this name embodies innocence and simplicity.


82. Mariabella

A combination of Maria and Bella, this name signifies a beautiful and beloved presence.

83. Marcella

With Latin roots, Marcella means “little warrior,” portraying strength and resilience.

84. Maria

This classic Italian name has Hebrew origins and means “bitter” or “beloved,” capturing the complexities of love and devotion.

85. Mariella

A diminutive of Maria, this name signifies “little star,” representing a bright and shining personality.

86. Marina

Inspired by the sea, this name represents depth and mystery.

87. Marisa

A blend of Maria and Luisa, this name embodies a “gracious” and “bitterly desired” persona.

88. Martina

With Roman origins, Martina means “warlike,” symbolizing strength and determination.

89. Matilde

Derived from Germanic roots, Matilde signifies “mighty in battle,” portraying a strong and courageous character.

90. Melania

This name from Greek origins means “black” or “darkness,” representing mystery and allure.

91. Melodia

Inspired by music, this name symbolizes harmony and rhythm.

92. Micaela

A feminine name of Italian origina is the female form of Michael, this name means “who is like God,” signifying divine protection.

93. Mila

With Slavic origins, Mila means “gracious” and represents a gentle and kind-hearted personality.

Photo Credit: Nicky Lloyd fro Getty Images Signature

94. Mirabella

This name combines “wonderful” and “beautiful,” reflecting a truly marvelous presence.

95. Mirella

A diminutive of Miranda, this name signifies “admirable” and exudes charm and admiration.

96. Nadia

With Slavic roots, Nadia means “hope,” embodying optimism and positivity.

97. Natalia

Derived from Latin, Natalia signifies “born on Christmas Day,” signifying a special and blessed beginning.

98. Nicoletta

This Italian girl’s name is the feminine form of Nicholas.This name means “victory of the people,” representing a strong and inspiring leader.

99. Noemi

This name has Hebrew origins and means “pleasantness” or “delight,” reflecting a joyful and pleasant demeanor.

100. Nora

Inspired by the Latin word for “honor,” this name embodies integrity and respect.

101. Olivia

With Latin origins, Olivia means “olive tree,” symbolizing peace and fruitfulness.

102. Olimpia

This name hailing from Greek mythology represents the spirit of “Mount Olympus” and signifies excellence and greatness.

Italian Baby Girl Names
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103. Ondina

Inspired by the waves, this name embodies fluidity and adaptability.

104. Paola

A feminine form of Paul, this name signifies “small” or “humble,” reflecting modesty and grace.

105. Patrizia

With Latin roots, Patrizia means “noblewoman” or “patrician,” representing a dignified and sophisticated aura.

106. Pia

Meaning “pious” or “devout,” this name signifies a deep and heartfelt connection to spirituality.

107. Priscilla

Of Latin origin, Priscilla means “ancient” or “venerable,” symbolizing wisdom and respect.

108. Raffaella

This lovely name is a feminine form of Raphael, signifying “God has healed,” representing a restorative and nurturing presence.The perfect baby name to celebrate your Italian heritage.

109. Renata

Derived from Latin, Renata means “reborn,” exemplifying a fresh and revitalized spirit.

110. Rita

Meaning “pearl,” this name represents a rare and precious quality.

111. Roberta

A feminine form of Robert, this name means “bright fame,” embodying a respected and esteemed persona.

Top Italian Names

112. Rocio

Inspired by the dew, this name symbolizes freshness and purity.

113. Romina

With Latin origins, Romina means “from Rome,” representing a proud and cultured heritage.

114. Rosa

Derived from the Latin word for “rose,” this name represents beauty and romance.

115. Rosalba

A combination of Rosa and Alba, this name signifies “white rose,” symbolizing purity and grace.

116. Rosalia

Inspired by the rose flower, this name embodies love and passion.

117. Rosina

This name has Latin origins and means “little rose,” signifying delicacy and charm.

118. Sabina

Of Latin origin, Sabina means “sabine woman,” portraying a strong and independent character.

119. Salma

With Arabic roots, Salma means “peaceful” or “safe,” embodying serenity and tranquility.

120. Samira

This name of Arabic origin means “companion in evening talk,” symbolizing a cherished and trusted confidante.

100 Italian Baby Girl Names
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121. Sara

Inspired by the Hebrew name Sarah, this name means “princess,” representing royalty and elegance.

122. Selena

With Greek origins, Selena means “moon goddess,” embodying the enchanting allure of the night sky.

123. Serena

This name hailing from Latin means “calm” and “serene,” signifying a peaceful and composed demeanor.

124. Siena

Inspired by the Italian city of Siena, this name represents a rich cultural heritage and elegance.

125. Silvia

Derived from Latin, Silvia signifies “from the forest,” embodying a connection to nature and the wilderness.

126. Sofia

Of Greek origin, Sofia means “wisdom,” portraying a bright and intellectually gifted personality.

127. Stella

This traditional Italian name means “star,” and signifies a shining and radiant presence.

128. Susanna

This name has Hebrew origins and means “lily,” reflecting innocence and purity.

Gorgeous Italian Names

129. Tania

Inspired by the name Tanya, this name signifies “fairy queen,” representing a mystical and magical aura.

130. Tatiana

With Russian origins, Tatiana means “fairy queen,” embodying enchantment and allure.

131. Teodora

A feminine form of Theodore, this name signifies “gift of God,” representing a divine and precious presence.

132. Teresa

Of Spanish and Portuguese origins, Teresa means “harvest” or “summer,” representing a season of abundance and joy.

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133. Tiziana

This unique Italian baby girl name hails from Latin origins signifies “follower of Dionysius,” embodying a playful and joyful nature.

134. Tommasa

A feminine form of Thomas, this name means “twin,” symbolizing a strong and unbreakable bond.

135. Valentina

With Latin roots, Valentina means “strong” and “vigorous,” signifying determination and resilience.

136. Vanessa

Inspired by Jonathan Swift’s poem, this name embodies a sense of beauty and grace.

137. Vittoria

Derived from the Italian word for “victory,” this name represents triumph and success.

138. Viviana

A name of Latin origin, Viviana means “lively” and “full of life,” signifying vivacity and exuberance.

139. Zeta

This short name of Italian origin means “last born.”

140. Zoe 

Meaning “life,” this name embodies vitality and energy, representing a vibrant and enthusiastic spirit.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this diverse collection of 140+ Italian baby girl names and their fascinating meanings. 

Didn’t find the right name for your new baby girl?

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Embark on a journey through the allure of Italian culture with this diverse collection of 140+ baby girl names. From timeless classics to modern gems, these names are sure to inspire parents worldwide. #ItalianBabyNames #BabyGirlNames #ItalianNames #NamesWithMeaning #BabyNames #Parenting #BambinaNames #UniqueNames