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Italian Baby Girl Names

Inside: 100+ unique and authentic Italian baby girl names to use in 2021

Looking for an authentic Italian baby girl name? Look no more!

If you have read some of my other baby name posts, you already know that I am a Latina at heart.

In addition, my partner is from Central America. Once I found out I was pregnant with my son, I knew I had to give him a Latino name to grow up proud of his multiculturalism. Especially since we are raising him bilingually.

Still, even though I am Latina at heart, I am Italian in blood, and if one day I have a little girl, I absolutely want her to carry on the names of my bisnonna and nonna.

Today, I am going to make my ancestors proud by providing a list of authentic and unique ITALIAN BABY GIRL names.

I am in love with so many of these beautiful Italian baby girl names. With their unique spellings and roll-of-the-tongue sound, it just makes me want to produce lots of little bambinas!

With that said, I hope you enjoy this post. LET ME KNOW IN THE COMMENTS BELOW if you LOVE any of these names your little girl!

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100 Authentic Italian Baby Girl Names


1. Adriana

2. Alida

3. Alessandra

4. Alessia

5. Amalia

6. Anna

7. Angelica

8. Angiola

9. Antonella

10. Antonietta      

11. Ariana

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12. Beatrice

13. Bella

14. Benedetta

15. Bettina

16. Bianca

100 Italian Baby Girl Names
Photo Credit: Lenorlux From Getty Images


17.  Cadenza

18.  Camilla

19.  Carlotta

20.  Caterina

21. Chiara

22. Claudia

23. Concetta

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24. Contessa

25. Cosetta

26. Costanza

27. Cristiana


28. Daniela

29. Domiziana

30. Donatella

31. Dorotea



32. Elena

33. Eleonora

34. Elisabetta

35. Elsa

36. Enrica


37. Faustina

38. Francesca


40. Gabriella

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41. Galilea

42. Giada

43. Gianna

44. Gioia

45. Giovanna

46. Ginevra

47. Giulia

48. Giuletta

49. Giuseppina

50. Grazia


Italian baby girl names
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50. Isabella


52. Jacobella

53. Julietta


54. Laura

55. Lauretta

56. Lelia

57. Lella

58. Letizia

59. Luciana

60. Lucrezia

61. Lucia

62. Luigia

63. Luisa


64. Maddalena

65. Margherita


67. Mariangiola

68. Marianna

69. Marietta    

70. Mia

71. Micaella

72. Milana

73. Milena

74. Mirabella

75. Mirella


76. Nerina

77. Nicoletta


78. Otonella


79. Paola

80. Petronilla

81. Piera


82. Raphaela

83. Rosella

84. Rosetta

Italian baby girl names
Photo Credit: Lenorlux From Getty Images


85. Serafina

86. Serenella

87. Sienna

88. Silvana

89. Simona

90. Simonetta

91. Sonia

92. Sofia

93. Stefania

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94. Teodora


95. Valentina

96. Valeria

97. Verona

98. Vicenza

99. Viola

100. Vittoria

Did you find an Italian baby girl name you LOVE?

If, so drop me a comment below telling me which one!!!


Inside: 100+ unique and authentic Italian baby girl names to use in 2021