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100+ Top Italian Baby Girl Names (To Use in 2022)

Inside: 100+ unique and authentic Italian baby girl names and their meanings to use in 2022

Looking for an authentic Italian baby girl name? Look no more!

If you have read some of my other baby name posts, you already know that I am a Latina at heart.

In addition, my partner is from Central America. Once I found out I was pregnant with my son, I knew I had to give him a Latino name to grow up proud of his multiculturalism. Especially since we are raising him bilingually.

Still, even though I am Latina at heart, I am Italian in blood, and if one day I have a little girl, I absolutely want her to carry on the names of my bisnonna and nonna.

Today, I am going to make my ancestors proud by providing a list of authentic and unique ITALIAN BABY GIRL names.

I am in love with so many of these beautiful Italian baby girl names. With their unique spellings and roll-of-the-tongue sound, it just makes me want to produce lots of little bambinas!

With that said, I hope you enjoy this post. Let me know in the comments below if you love any of these names your little girl!

100 Authentic Italian Baby Girl Names


1. Adriana

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “of the Adriatic” or “dark”

2. Alida

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “with wings”

3. Alessandra

Origin: Greek

Meaning: The feminine of Alexander, meaning “defender of mankind”

4. Alessia

Origin: Italian

Meaning: The feminine version of Alessio meaning “defending warrior”

5. Amalia

Origin: Old German

Meaning: Derives from labor meaning “hard working” or “industrious”

6. Anna

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Gift of God’s favor” or “grace” 

7. Angelica

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “like an angel” 

Fun fact: In Italian poet Ariosto’s famous work “Orlando Furioso,” the love interest is named Angelica 

8. Angiola

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Messenger from heaven

9. Antonella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Feminine version of Antonio meaning “praiseworthy”

10. Antonietta      

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “priceless” or flourishing

11. Ariana

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Derived from Greek mythology’s Ariadne meaning “holy” or “mythological”


12. Beatrice

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “bringer of joy” 

Fun Fact: In Dante’s Divine Comedy, Beatrice is his guide through paradise 

13. Bella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Comes from Anibel meaning “yielding to prayer,” also directly translates to “beautiful” in Italian 

14. Benedetta

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “blessed”

15. Bettina

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: A version of Elizabeth meaning “my God is plentiful”

16. Bianca

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “white” or “pure”

100 Italian Baby Girl Names
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17.  Cadenza

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Rhythmic or dancing

18.  Camilla

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Free-born” or noble

19.  Carlotta

Origin: Italian

Meaning: A feminine version of Charles meaning “strong”

20.  Caterina

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A form of Catherine meaning “pure”

21. Chiara

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “Light”

22. Claudia

Origin: French

Meaning: The feminine version of Claude meaning lame

23. Concetta

Origin: Latin

Meaning: From the word “conception”, alluding to the Immaculate Conception

24. Contessa

Origin: Italian

Meaning: The feminine version of count, meaning “royalty”

25. Cosetta

Origin: Greek

Meaning: People of victory

26. Costanza

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “Constancy” or “steadfast” 

27. Cristiana

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Follower of Christ


28. Daniela

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “God is my judge” 

29. Domiziana

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Tamed

30. Donatella

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Gift

31. Dorotea

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Gift from God” 



32. Elena

Origin: Latin from Greek

Meaning: From the Greek name Helen meaning “shining light” or “bright one”

33. Eleonora

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A variation of Elena meaning “shining light”

34. Elisabetta

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: From the Hebrew Elizabeth meaning “My God is plentiful” 

35. Elsa

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: From Elisheba meaning “oath of God” 

36. Enrica

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: The feminine version of Henry meaning “rules her household”


37. Faustina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: From the word “faustus” meaning “lucky” or “fortunate”

38. Francesca

Origin: Latin

Meaning: From Frances meaning “free one”


40. Gabriella

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: A feminine version of Gabriel meaning “Woman of God” 

41. Galilea

Origin: Italian

Meaning: The feminine version of Galileo meaning “from Galileo

42. Giada

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Jade or precious stone

43. Gianna

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “God is gracious”

44. Gioia

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “Joy”

45. Giovanna

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “Gift from God” 

46. Ginevra

Origin: Italian

Meaning: A variation of Guinevere meaning “fair one”

Fun fact: King Arthur’s mythological queen was named Guinevere 

47. Giulia

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “Youthful”

48. Giuletta

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Youthful or love’s child

49. Giuseppina

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The feminine version of Joseph meaning “he shall increase” 

50. Grazia

50. Grazia

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Grace

51. Graziella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Grace

Italian baby girl names
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50. Isabella

Origin: Hebrew

 Meaning: Devoted to God

Fun fact: This name was used by Shakespeare in the play “Measure by Measure”

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52. Jacobella

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The feminine version of Jacob meaning “supplanter”

53. Julietta

Origin: Latin
Meaning: “Young” 


54. Laura

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Relating to a laurel tree, a symbol of victory or honor

Fun fact: The Italian poet Petrarch wrote his poems to a woman named Laura, presumably his muse. Her identity has never been discovered

55. Lauretta

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A version of Laura, meaning “victory” or “honor” 

56. Lelia

Origin: Latin or Greek

Meaning: From the Roman family name “Laelius” meaning “well spoken” 

57. Lella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Lily 

58. Letizia

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Glad

59. Luciana

Origin: Latin

Meaning: From “lucianus” meaning “light”

60. Lucrezia

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Benefit

61. Lucia

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “Graceful light”

Fun fact: A saint’s name who was a virgin martyr

62. Luigia

Origin: German

Meaning: Feminine version of Luigi meaning “famed warrior” 

63. Luisa

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Renowned warrior 


64. Maddalena

Origin: German

Meaning: “Magnificent” 

65. Margherita

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Bitter 

66. Maria

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Rebellious one,” “bitter,” or “wished-for child” 

67. Mariangiola

Origin: Italian from French

Meaning: A variation of Marianna meaning “bitter”

68. Marianna

Origin: French

Meaning: Little or “bitter”

69. Marietta    

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Bitter”

70. Mia

Meaning: Another iteration of Maria, meaning “bitter” 

71. Micaella

Origin: Scandinavian from Hebrew

Meaning: The feminine version of Michael meaning “who resembles God”

72. Milana

Origin: Italian

Meaning: From Milan

73. Milena

Origin: Russian

Meaning: “People’s love” 

74. Mirabella

Origin: Latin and French 

Meaning: “Wonderful” or “of incredible beauty”

75. Mirella

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Feminine version of the male name Amariah meaning “Jehovah has said”


76. Nerina

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: The sea nymphs 

77. Nicoletta

Origin: French

From French Nicolette which means “people of victory”


78. Otonella

Origin: Italian

Meaning: A variation of Antonella meaning “daughter of Anthony”


79. Paola

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Small

80. Petronilla

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: From the Roman clan Petronius meaning “rock”

81. Piera

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Feminine version of Pierre meaning rock or stone 


82. Raphaela

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Feminine version of Raphael meaning “healed by God” 

83. Rosella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A flower

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84. Rosetta

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Little rose” 

Italian baby girl names
Photo Credit: Lenorlux From Getty Images


85. Serafina

Origin: Italian

Meaning: From the seraph, an angel being

86. Serenella

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Peaceful one, or calm

87. Sienna

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Reddish brown, attributed to the city of Siena where red brown clay originates

88. Silvana

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Of the forest” 

Fun fact: Silvana is the God of the trees

89. Simona

Origin: Italian

Meaning: “One who hears”

90. Simonetta

Origin: Italian

Meaning: A variation of Simona meaning “little one who hears” 

91. Sonia

Origin: Greek

Meaning: “Wise” or “wisdom”

92. Sofia

Origin: Greek
Meaning: Wisdom

93. Stefania

Origin: French

Meaning: “Crowned in victory”


94. Teodora

Origin: Italian

Meaning: The feminine version of Theordore, meaning “God-given”


95. Valentina

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Brave

96. Valeria

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Brave

97. Verona

Origin: Italian

Meaning: The name of the Italian city, meaning “from Verona” 

98. Vicenza

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Refers to the city in Italy that is known for its architecture

99. Viola

Meaning: Flower

Fun fact: Viola is the heroine in the Shakespeare play “Twelfth Night”

100. Vittoria

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Victory

Did you find an Italian baby girl name you LOVE?

If, so drop me a comment below telling me which one!!!


Inside: 100+ unique and authentic Italian baby girl names to use in 2021