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100+ Beautiful Brazilian Baby Girl Names to Use in 2022

Inside: 100+ beautiful Brazilian baby girl names and their meanings to use in 2022

Are you expecting a beautiful baby girl this 2022?

If so, I have you covered with LOTS of baby girl names, starting with this list of 100 beautiful Brazilian baby girl names. 

I am all about diversity, ethnicity, and raising little global citizens, so I love to come up with lists of baby names from different origins.

One of my favorite cultures is the Brazilian culture. I travelled to Fortaleza on a study abroad in 2010 and fell in love with a língua, a gente, a feijoada, o futebol, o forró, a samba e as caipirinhas! 

The list goes on and on. If you haven’t been to Brazil, do it! 

I would probably be living there if I didn’t get swept away head over heels with my central American partner! But, hey, that got me to where I am today, raising a bilingual child and learning new languages right alongside him.

This week, I just started relearning Portuguese with him, which motivated me to do this post! Maybe I can convince hubby to pick a Brazilian name for our next child, although I highly doubt it. 

Anywho, I will stop rambling. Let us get into the nitty-gritty with these 100 beautiful Brazilian baby girl names.

And, if you’re not finding what you like on this list of Brazilian baby girl names, make sure to check out some of our other baby name posts below!!

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00+ beautiful Brazilian baby girl names and their meanings to use in 2021

Brazilian BAby Girl Names
Photo credit: Samuel Borges Photography


1. Adriana

Mother of many nations

2. Abril


3. Acacia

Honorable / Thorny tree

4. Antonia

A beautiful human being who is praiseworthy.

5. Ada


6. Adair

“Ford at the oaks”, Happy spear

7. Alipha


8. Aurea

“Woman of gold”

9. Andressa

Strong courageous woman


10. Barbie

Traveler from a foreign land

11. Beatrisa

Brings happiness

12. Bella

“My God is a vow”

13. Bertha

Intelligent, bright

14. Bruna

Brown skin, brown haired

15. Betsy

God’s oath


16. Clara

Bright, clear

17. Camilia

Attendant to the priest

18. Catarina

Greek origin meaning pure

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19. Conceição


20. Célia

“From heaven”

21. Caskata

“Like a waterfall”

22. Constanta

”Beautiful God” in Portuguese


23. Daiane

Devine, enlightened

24. Dolores

Spanish and Latin name meaning sorrows. Originated from the Spanish title of Maria de Los Dolores, given to the Virgin Mary.

25. Doane

Low rolling hills


26. Edite

Rich battle

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27. Eliana

“One who belongs to divine nature”

28. Eliza

Divine promise

29. Elona


30. Ermenilda

Powerful warrior

31. Emília

“One who speaks pleasantly”


32. Fátima

Daughter of the prophet

33. Felícia

happy, lucky, successful

34. Fernanda

Adventurous, bold journey

35. Fabrizia



36. Garabina


37. Gabriela

“Strong woman of God”

38. Giovanna

Italian name meaning “God is gracious”. This name is in the top 100 names in Brazil

39. Graça

Grace, divine gift

40. Guadalupe

“River of the wolf”

41. Gylda

value, sacrifice, knowing true

42. Gulla

Yellow or divine sea


43. Hayle

Of English origin meaning “someone who lives in a hollow”

44. Helena

Of Greek origin meaning “woman who shines”

45. Hortenca



46. Immaculata

Immaculate, perfect

47. Ifeya

Love, lovable woman

48. Iracema

“Lips of honey”

49. Isadora

“Gift of Isis” Formed from the word “Isis” (name of egyption goddess) and “dôron” which means gift

100 Brazilian Baby Grl Names
Photo credit: Samuel Borges Photography


50. Jakinda

one who is beautiful

51. Júlia

Latin name meaning youthful

52. Jordana


53. Janaína

Name from the Afro-Brazilian religion meaning “Goddess of the sea” or “Mermaid of the rivers”


54. Kiana


55. Kaila

“One who loves to live”

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56. Kaylane

made of the sea and sky

57. Karina

Pure, loveable

58. Lecia

Joyful person

59. Ligia

Name of the sirens

60. Luara

Glorious in battles

61. Luciana

Luminous, graceful

62. Lílian



63. Manuella

French and Spanish origins meaning “God is with us”

64. Márcia

“God of Mars”/“God of war”

65. Maria

Sovereign lady or pure woman

66. Margarete


67. Mariana

Lady full of grace, beloved

68. Mariana

Woman who comes from the sea


69. Noêmia


70. Nelinha

“The gem in the ocean”

71. Neves

Portuguese word meaning snow

72. Nathalia

Born on Christmas day

73. Neusa

“One who can swim”


74. Otávia


75. Olivia


100 Brazilian Baby Girl Names
Photo credit: Samuel Borges Photography


76. Pedrina

Portuguese name meaning rock

77. Paloma


78. Patrícia

Noble woman

79. Palmira

Palm tree


80. Quitéria


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81. Raquel

Peaceful woman

82. Rosalice

“Woman noble as a rose”


83. Rute

Friendly woman

84. Rita

Creature of light

85. Rosa

Beautiful flower


86. Sophia

Greek word meaning wisdom

87. Smaragda


88. Sílvia

“One who lives in the forest”

89. Soria



90. Telma


91. Teressa

To harvest

92. Talita

Reborn child


93. Úrsula

Little bear


94. Valentina

Strength, health

95. Vivian

Woman of life


96. Wilma

Courageous protector


97. Xerazade

Daughter of the night


98. Yolanda



99. Zaíra

One with shiny skin

100. Zilda


Well, minha gente, I hope you found a Brazilian baby girl name that you LOVE! If you did, let me know it in the comments below!!!!