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Infant Reflux Home Remedies

How do you know if your baby has reflux? In my case, for instance, ever since I brought Lennox home from the hospital, his spit up became my new perfume. It was non-stop and it wasn’t necessarily after a feeding either. Sometimes he would wake up from a nap and immediately spit up. It got to the point where I always draped a receiving blanket over top of me every time I was holding him. Read more here.

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Breastfeeding After A C-Section

You can be as researched as you like on the subject, but you just never know how it will go until you are in the moment. Therefore, I would love to offer some advice and recommend some products that could ease your breastfeeding experience after a C-section—and after a natural birth as well, because let’s face it, for a majority of us women, breastfeeding is far from easy.

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