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175 Botanical Baby Boy Names (To Use in 2022)

Inside: 175+ beautiful botanical baby boy names and their meanings to use in 2022

Are you expecting a handsome baby boy and looking for the perfect baby name? 

If you are a fan of nature and a plant-lover like myself, maybe choosing a botanical baby boy name will be right up your alley!

Keep reading to read my story with why I am writing this post and find a list of 175 beautiful botanical baby boy names that you need to use this 2022.

175 Botanical Baby Boy Names to Use in 2022

Why Botanical Baby Boy Names?

I am going to share a short (sad, but hopeful) story as to why I am choosing today’s topic of botanical baby boy names. Here goes. Please feel free to skip to the next section with the list of botanical baby boy names.

One month before the pandemic began, I had a miscarriage. I was not sure how to process my feelings, much less my grief.

I didn’t have much time to anyways, because a month later, I was dealing with being furloughed from my job and stuck at home all day with my wild two-year-old.

Over the next year, I spiraled out of control as I hustled to find work, bustled to monetize my blog and care for my home and family. Also I was consistently and unsuccesfully trying to get pregnant again.

I never had the time to process my miscarriage or to even care for my own self.

This past summer, I knew I needed to take reigns of my mental health and quickly.

I started a self-healing journey where I have been working on creating boundaries, becoming “unbusy,” and prioritizing my own needs.

During my healing process, I unburied my hidden passion of nature and gardening. There is something about nurturing plants and watching them grow that touches my soul.

I can’t seem to get enough indoor plants, and I have also started harvesting outdoor crops.

Gardening and learning about botany have helped me learn how to slow down and embrace patience.

It has also allowed me to listen and respect my mind, soul, and body. I now know when I feel tired, or overstimulated. I can feel the different phases of my cycle and can feel my natural urges.

Nature has come to resemble health for me. And I want ALL of it!

So, to wrap my story up, while I continue and patiently wait to get pregnant, I have been making lists of baby names with the hopes of being able to use one myself one day. And since nature and botany resembles health for me, this list of botanical baby boy names holds a special place in my heart!

In this list, you can find a range of botanical names in this list, from plant names, herb names, flower names, and all sorts of nature baby names. 

You will also find popular names that you didn’t even know were botanical and unique names you never heard of. 

I had no idea that my son Lennox’s name is botanical! I learned that while compiling this list! 

Thus, whether you choose a popular choice or a rare name is up to you! You will know the right name for your little boy once you read it, and you just can’t stop thinking about it. 

So, enjoy reading through this list! Make sure to read slowly to soak it in and learn some new facts in the process! Learning is a wonderful thing!

If you find your perfect baby name in this list, share it with me in the comments below!

175 Botanical Baby Boy Names


1. Abebe 

Origin: Amharic

Meaning: word for “flower”

2. Aciano

Origin: Spanish

 Meaning: “the blue bottle flower”

3. Admon

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: A type peony flower known for its vibrant red color

4. Aletris

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Name of flower, also “corn grinder”

5. Alfalfa

Origin: Arabic

Meaning: “Best horse fodder”

6. Arnit 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: “beautiful flower”

7. Acer 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Word for maple tree

8. Acker

Origin: English

Meaning: Meadows of oak trees, or “cultivated field”

Fun Fact: It is also slang for “peasant”

9. Acton 

Origin: English

Meaning: Village with oak tree

10. Adair

Origin: Scottish, Irish

Meaning: Ford of oak trees, or “happy spear”

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11. Alamo

Origin: Spanish 

Meaning: Poplar tree

12. Alani 

Origin: Hawaiian 

Meaning: Orange tree 

13. Alder

Origin: English

Meaning: A type of birch tree

14. Aloe 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A type of succulent 

15. Ambrose 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: “Belonging to immortal” or “god-like” 

16. Amir 

Origin: Arabic and Hebrew

Meaning: King, ruler, treetop 

17. Arbor

Origin: Latin 

Meaning: “Tree”

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images

18. Ash

Origin: English

Meaning: A type of tree

19. Ashton 

Origin: English

Meaning: A place of ash trees

This name has become popular in recent years and it makes for the perfect name if you are looking for earthy baby names.

20. Aspen

 Origin: English 

Meaning: A type of poplar tree


21. Balsam 

Origin: English

Meaning: Nature name

22. Banyan 

Origin: Indian

Meaning: The God tree

23. Barkley 

Origin: Barkley

Meaning: Where birches grow

24. Basil 

Origin: Greek

Meaning: This greek name means Regal

25. Bay 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: This short name means berry

26. Bentley 

Origin: English

Meaning: Meadow with coarse grass, or “from the moor”

27. Bergamot 

Origin: English

Meaning: Bergamot plant

28. Birch 

Origin: English

Meaning: A type of deciduous tree

29. Bjarki 

Origin: Icelandic

Meaning: Birch tree

30. Bonsai 

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: A type of small tree 

31. Bramble

Origin: English

Meaning: Blackberry shrub

32. Bray 

Origin: Irish

Meaning: A marsh

33. Briar

Origin: English

Meaning: A thorny patch

34. Bromley 

Origin: English

Meaning: A meadow where broom grows

35. Bud 

Origin: English

Meaning: Blossom

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images


36. Calhoun

Origin: Irish

Meaning: From the narrow forest

37. Castor 

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A type of plant that also means “pious one”

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38. Cedar

Origin: English, French, Latin

Meaning: A type of tree

39. Cheney

Origin: French 

Meaning: A type of oak tree 

40. Chervil

Origin: Latin 

Meaning: “Leaves of joy”

41. Clay

Origin: German

Meaning: “Adhere”

42. Clover

Origin: English 

Meaning: A type of plant, also “key” 

43. Coleus 

Origin: English and Latin

Meaning: Tropical evergreen plant

44. Coriander

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A popular herb also known as cilantro.

45. Cornel 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Tree name

46. Cosmo

Origin: Italian from Greek

Meaning: A type of plant, also means “order” and “beauty”

47. Cullen 

Origin: Irish

Meaning: A type of holly tree

48. Cypress

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A type of plant

49. Catkin 

Origin: Dutch

Meaning: A long thin flower cluster found on trees

50. Chrysanthos 

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Word meaning “golden flower”

51. Clem 

Latin Origin

Meaning: From the name Clematis, a climbing vine of beautiful flowers. This name has two different meanings, “mindful” and “merciful”

52. Corey

Of Irish origin

Meaning: A short form of Coreopsis, a long-lasting and cheery flower, also means “from the hollow”

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images

53. Cresento 

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Referring to a chrysanthemum, which is a gold beautiful flower.

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53. Danner

Origin: German

Meaning: A dweller near the fig tree

55. Darragh 

Origin: Irish

Meaning: Oak tree, also means “strength” and “perseverance” 

Fun fact: In Celtic mythology, Darragh also meant Dagda, the Celtic god of the underworld


56. Eilon 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: The Hebrew word for oak tree

57. Elan 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Tree

58. Ellery 

Origin: English

Meaning: Island with elder trees

59. Elm 

Origin: English, German, Norse, Danish

Meaning: A type of tree, also means “red” or “brown”

60. Elmore 

Origin: English

Meaning: Moor with elm trees, or “from the old forest”

61. Elwood 

Origin: English

Meaning: Elder tree forest

62. Eoghan

Origin: Irish Gaelic

Meaning: Born of the yew tree. The yew tree is one of the oldest types of tree in Europe

63. Evergreen 

Origin: English 

Meaning: A type of tree species that never loses its leaves

64. Ewan

Origin: English or Irish

Meaning: In English, this means “friend of the law”, in Irish, this means “born to nobility”


64. Fennel 

Origin: English

Meaning: A flowering plant from the carrot family and herb name

66. Figueroa 

Origin: Spanish of Gaelic origin

Meaning: Fig tree

Fun fact: It’s the 59th most common Spanish surname

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67. Forrest 

Origin: English

Meaning: A dweller near the woods

68. Fiore or Fiorello

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Little flower

69. Flax 

Origin: English and Jewish

Meaning: A tiny flower with pale blue color

70. Florent 

Origin: French from Latin

Meaning: Flowering

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images

71. Florentino 

French origin

Meaning: In flower or “blooming”

72. Foxglove 

Origin: English

Meaning: The name of a flower

Fun fact: Because of the flower’s name, mythology determined that foxes wear flowers on their paws to make themselves stealthy while hunting


73. Gardner 

Origin: English

Meaning: Keeper of the garden

74. Garland 

Origin: French

Meaning: Land of the spear

75. Garance 

Origin: French and English

Meaning: Color from the madder flower

76. Gelso 

Origin: Italian

Meaning: Mulberry tree

77. Glenn 

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Valley

78. Green 

Origin: English

Meaning: A color associated with growth, wealth, and vitality 

79. Grover 

Origin: English

Meaning: Someone who lives near a tree grove

80. Gwydion 

Origin: Welsh

Meaning: Born of trees

Fun Fact: Also the name of a magician and hero in Welsh mythology


81. Hadley or Hedley

Origin: English

Meaning: A field of heather

82. Hawthorne 

Origin: English

Meaning: Someone who lives where the hawthorn hedges grow

83. Hazelton 

Origin: English

Meaning: A settlement near hazel trees

84. Herb 

Origin: German

Meaning: Often associated with the type of plant, this also means “bright army”

85. Haruka 

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Flower, blossom, also fragrance 

86. Heath

Origin: English

Meaning: A family of flowering plants, the heathland dweller

87. Heywood 

Origin: English

Meaning: A guardian of a hedged enclosure

88. Hideki 

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: Bright tree

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images

89. Huck 

Origin: German

Meaning: Bog

90. Huon 

Origin: Tasmanian

Meaning: A type of river pine

91. Hyacinth 

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Blue larkspur, special tree


92. Indigo

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A type of Indian dye derived from the blue flower sharing the same name

I love this beautiful name. It would be perfect as a boy or girl’s name.

93. Ivo 

Origin: German

Meaning: Yew wood, also “archer”


94. Jacinto

Origin: Spanish

Meaning: Hyacinth

95. Jared 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Rose

96. Javor 

Origin: Serbian

Meaning: The name of a mountain, this means “maple tree”

97. Juniper 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: This unisex name means young tree. The perfect name for a little boy or a little girl.


98. Kaede

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: A maple tree

99. Kale

Origin: English

Meaning: A type of vegetable from the cabbage family

100. Kamal

Origin: Hindi 

Meaning: “lotus” or “perfection”

101. Kauri 

Origin: Maori, Finnish

Meaning: A type of tree, also a deer

102. Ketak

Origin: Indian

Meaning: Flower or perfumed plant

103. Kunal 

Origin: Indian

Meaning: Lotus, or “someone who sees beauty in everything”

104. Kingsley 

Origin: English

Meaning: King’s meadow


105. Lars

Origin: Scandinavian and Latin

Meaning: “crowned with laurel”

106. Leaf 

Origin: English, from Scandinavian

Meaning: A classic nature name meaning “heir”

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images

107. Leighton 

Origin: English

Meaning: Meadow town

108. Lennox

Origin: Scottish

Meaning: Elm grove

109. Lirio 

Origin: Portuguese

Meaning: Lily

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110. Lotem 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Brush of golden flowers

111. Lupin 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Has a lot of uses including a flower, animal, literary name, associated with wolf 

112. Linden 

Origin: English

Meaning: A hill filled with Linden trees

113. Lizar 

Origin: Basque

Meaning: A type of ash tree


114. Mace

Origin: Polish

Meaning: An aromatic spice meaning “sea of bitterness”

115. Mandrake 

Origin: English and Latin

Meaning: Species of plant

116. Marlow 

Origin: English

Meaning: Driftwood

117. Mazus 

Origin: English and Latin

Meaning: Flowering plant

118. Moss 

Origin: English

Meaning: A type of flowerless plant, also a descendant of Moses


119. Naim 

Origin: Scottish and Arabic

Meaning: A river with alder trees, also means happy

120. Nalin 

Origin: Hindu and Buddhist

Meaning: Lotus  

121. Narcissus 

Origin: Greek

Meaning: Daffodil

Fun fact:

The word “narcissus” is derived from the Greek word narke, meaning numbness(also the root of the word narcotic)the flower may have been named thus because of the intoxicating fragrance of some species. Source:

122. Nash 

Origin: English

Meaning: By the ash tree

123. Nima 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: A margosa tree, also means “the sun” 

124. Noyce 

Origin: English

Meaning: Walnut tree


125. Oak 

Origin: English

Meaning: Tree from the genus Quercus

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images

126. Oakley

Origin: Old English

Meaning: “from the oak meadow” 

127. Oleander

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A type of flowering plant

128. Olivier 

Origin: French 

Meaning: An type of olive tree, also means “peace”

129. Oren 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Pine or ash tree


130. Perry 

Origin: English

Meaning: A dweller near a pine tree

131. Palash 

Origin: Hindi

Meaning: “Flowery tree” 

132. Pharez

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: To blossom

133. Phyllon 

Origin: Greek 

Meaning: A leaf

134. Pine 

Origin: English Meaning: A type of tree


135. Quennel

Origin: French

Meaning: A dweller at the little oak tree

136. Quill 

Origin: Irish and English

Meaning: From the flower pink quill, also a scribe or a writer with a quill pen

137. Quince 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Applelike fruit


138. Reed 

Origin: English

Meaning: Red-haired; grass-like plants that grow in wet places

139. Ren 

Origin: French and Japanese

Meaning: Water lily, lotus

140. Rhodes 

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A place where roses grow

141. Roosevelt 

Origin: Dutch

Meaning: Rose field

142. Rosamel

Origin: Spanish and French

Meaning: Rose and honey

143. Rosen 

Origin: German and Bulgarian 

Meaning: Rose, burning bush

144. Rowan 

Origin: Scottish and Irish 

Meaning: A tree with red berries; little redhead

145. Rue 

Origin: French

Meaning: Herb name

I love this short, wonderful name . How about you?

146. Rye 

Origin: English

Meaning: Nature word name; cavalryman, messenger

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images


147. Sage 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: A type of herb, also meaning “wise” and “knowing”

Sage derives from the Latin word “salvus” meaning healthy.

148. Salix 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Another name for the willow species of plant

149. Salton 

Origin: English

Meaning: Place in the willows, also the name of a sea

150. Selby

Origin: English

Meaning: From the willow farm or manor house

151. Sheldon 

Origin: English

Meaning: “Town in the valley”

152. Sherwood 

Origin: English

Meaning: Bright forest

Fun fact: Name came from the Sherwood Forest which once stood in Nottinghamshire, England

153. Silas 

Origin: English from Latin

Meaning: A biblical name meaning “wood” or “forest”

154. Sorrel 

Origin: French

This french name comes from the plant surele, similar to rhubarb, also means “reddish brown”

155. Spruce

Origin: English

Meaning: A type of tree

156. Sylvan

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Word meaning “wood” or “forest”

Fun fact: It comes from Sylvanus, the Roman god of the woods


157. Tamir 

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Owner of many date fruits (an expensive commodity), also means “tall” or “wealthy”

158. Taro

Origin: Japanese

Meaning: The name of a tropical plant, also means “firstborn male”

159. Tarragon 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: The name of an herb that comes from the daisy family

160. Thistle 

Origin: English and Scottish

Meaning: A plant from the daisy family, also a Scottish national emblem

161. Thorne 

Origin: English

Meaning: Thorn thicket

162. Thyme 

Origin: English

Meaning: An herb in the mint family.

This sweet name would make for a “Thymeless baby name.

163. Tilden 

Origin: English

Meaning: A fertile valley

164. Timothy

Origin: Greek

Meaning: A type of hay that also means “honoring God” 

165. Tomer 

Origin: Hebrew 

Meaning: “Palm tree”


166. Udell 

Origin: English

Meaning: Yew-tree valley

167. Urki

Origin: Basque

Meaning: A type of birch tree

Photo Credit: Melpomenem From Getty Images


168. Valerian 

Origin: Latin

Meaning: Strength, health

169. Vernon 

Origin: English

Meaning: Place of alders, a type of birch tree

170. Vered

Origin: Hebrew

Meaning: Rose

171. Vivendel 

Origin: Norwegian Meaning: A honeysuckle flower


172. Walden

Origin: Welsh English

Meaning: Valley of the Welsh 


Origin; English, Scottish

Meaning: A Watsonia flower, also Son of Wat, means “wet” in Scottish

174. William 

This boy’s name derives from English and German origin

Meaning: A type of flower called Sweet William, also means “resolute protection”

175. Willoughby 

Of English origin

Meaning: Farm near the willows


176. Yarrow 

Origin: English

Meaning: An herb name meaning “rough stream”

I hope you enjoyed this list of 175 botanical baby boy names! Which one is your favorite?

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