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30 Spanish Books About Space for Kids

Looking for Spanish books about space for your space unit this year?

Great, because in today’s post, I am going to share a list of 30 Spanish books about space for children of all ages.

Spanish Books about Space for Kids

To facilitate your selection, I have separated the Spanish books about space into age categories by ages 0-2, ages 3-5, ages 5-7 and ages 7 +. 

I hope you find a book to add to your bilingual library. If you know of a space book in Spanish that is not on this list, please let me know in the comments below!

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Embark on an intergalactic journey with our stellar collection of 30 space-themed books in Spanish! From captivating tales of exploration to fascinating facts about the universe, these books will ignite the imagination and inspire curiosity about the cosmos. Blast off into a world of adventure and discovery with these out-of-this-world reads! 🚀🌌 #SpaceBooks #SpanishBooks #ReadingList

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Spanish books about space for ages 0-2

1. Mi primer viaje a la luna

By: Various Authors

This is a touch and feel book that will teach your child all about the moon. With short sentences and tactile components, this is the perfect book for babies and young toddlers. 

Spanish books about space for ages 3-5

2. ¿Dónde está la luna?

By: Jordi Amenós

Pablo was gazing at the moon one evening and saw how beautiful and round it was. However, the next night it was smaller, and the next even smaller until it disappeared completely. What a mystery!

Help Pablo and his friends learn about what happens to the moon.

3. Los planetas. Un viaje al sistema solar

By: Paulina A

In this book your child will learn about different topics of space such as galaxies, the universe, the sun, planets. It also includes images for your child to color.

4. Mi primer libro de los planetas

By Wally Wallster

In this book, your child will learn about galaxies and our solar system through incredibly vibrant illustrations. They will also learn fascinating information about the different planets, their size and distance from the sun, and their similarities and differences.

The book also includes activities that children can do such as mazes, counting activities, tracing and coloring pages.

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5. La estrellita más pequeña

By: Cynthia Jensen

In this story, a little star feels different from all the other stars and she doesn’t know how to fit in.

With the help of her wonderful mother, she learns that even though she isn’t as big, or doesn’t shine as bright as the other stars, her kindness can illuminate the rest.

In this book, your child will learn the importance of treating others as you would want to be treated. In spite of our appearance we should always treat people with kindness and respect.

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6. Aquí estamos

By: Oliver Jeffers

In this book, Oliver Jeffers shows children all they need to know to begin to discover the world and identify themselves as individuals in time and space. Discover the solar system, planet Earth and its elements, the human body, people and animals. This book will answer all of those whats and whys young children have about the world.

7. Minino y la luna

By: Meritxell Martí

A book with mobile mechanisms about a curious cat, Minino and his trip to the moon.

​​8. El Universo: Cuento para leer a oscuras

By: Ignasi Valios i Buñuel

The universe is a mysterious and infinite word, filled with big surprises that will leave you with your mouth hanging open. This book, in poetic and simple language, will take you to the secrets of the universe from nebulae to galaxies to the planets in our solar system.

This book also has luminescent pages that will magically light up when you turn the lights off. How fun!

9. El gato especial viaja por el sistema solar

By: Libros Infantiles Ilustratos

Take a trip with Space Kitty throughout the solar system. Visit all of the planets in space. Learn More about the sun and its phenomena. Understand the Milky Way, asteroids, galaxies and much more!

10. Béisbol en marte

By: Rafael Rivera,  Jr. and Tim Hoppey

Roberto creates a makeshift rocket out of a chair. His father is skeptical about his rocket taking off, but through imagination they make it to Mars. Children ages 4-8 will want to embark on their mission to Mars after reading this story that combines vibrant illustrations with a touching story about a father and a son’s afternoon adventure.

11. Misión a marte

By: Wendy Wax

Mission Commander Uniqua, Pablo, and Austin set off for Mars to find out the source of a strange noise, while Tyrone and Tasha stay behind in Mission Control.

Spanish books about space for ages 5-7

12. ¿A qué sabe la luna?

By: Michael Grejniec

A long time ago, animals wanted to know what the moon tasted like. They just wanted to try a little piece. 

At nighttime, they used to gaze anxiously at the moon. They would stretch and try to catch a piece of the moon by stretching their necks, legs, and arms.

One day, turtle came up with a genius idea. If the animals got on his back, they could touch the moon.

13. Soy el sistema solar

By: James McDonald and Rebecca McDonald

Soy el sistema solar is one of five books in the space series by James McDonald and Rebecca McDonald.

This book along with the rest of their books will introduce basic ideas about space that are easy to understand and remember. Starting with the sun and moving outwards towards other planets, children will discover spatial objects and will travel on an informational trip through space.

14. Yo soy la Tierra

By: James McDonald and Rebecca McDonald

Yo soy la tierra” will present basic concepts about Earth and about all things that make our planet special. It also teaches the importance of taking care of our planet through environmental awareness and sustainability.

15. Yo soy el sol

By: James McDonald and Rebecca McDonald
“Yo soy el sol” will teach children about the basics of the Earth and how the sun is important for our existence. From the air that we breathe to the changing climate,  the sun is a source of life for all living things.

Spanish Books about Space for Kids

16. Yo soy la luna

By: James McDonald and Rebecca McDonald

Yo soy la luna” will show children how the moon plays an important role in the cycle of life on Earth, from marine life to its interaction with nature and the environment.  

Children will also learn how Earth moves with Earth and how the moon acts as a satellite around our planet. 

17. Yo soy marte

By: James McDonald and Rebecca McDonald

The last book in this space series by James and Rebecca McDonald is “Yo soy Marte.

Children will love this easy-to-follow book about Mars and its place in our solar system. It has large, colorful illustrations that will keep children engaged and teach children a beginning awareness of space and astronomy.

18. De vuelta a casa

By: Oliver Jeffers

In this abstract story by Oliver Jeffers, a little boy gets stuck on the moon, and he finds out that he is not alone. What will happen in this mysterious book of a boy lost on the moon?

19. Winnie va al espacio

By: Valeries Thomas and Korky Paul

Winnie has always been fascinated by space. That’s why she decides now’s the time to visit, although Wilbur isn’t so sure. Upon landing on a distant planet, they encounter some small inhabitants with long ears and nervous noses. They’re curious and friendly, but these space rabbits have very strange eating habits: they love metal! For them, Winnie’s rocket is a delicious treat. How will Winnie and Wilbur get out of this bind and return home?

20. Cómo atrapar a una estrella

 By: Oliver Jeffers

Each night, a little boy looks at the stars and dreams about having one all for himself. One day he finds a way to make his dream come true.

21. El gato especial viaja por el sistema solar

By: Libros Infantiles Ilustratos

Take a trip with Space Kitty throughout the solar system. Visit all of the planets in space. Learn More about the sun and its phenomena. Understand the Milky Way, asteroids, galaxies and much more!

23. Sistema solar

By: Susaeta Publishing

This book a has six fantastic pop-ups that represent the solar system.

Spanish books about space for ages 7+

24. Universo y planetas para principantes

By: Carla Nieto Martínez

The universe is so appealing due to its distance and immensity. Do you dare to discover how the universe came about and when it formed? If so in “Universo y planetas para principantes,”  your child will learn all of the universe’s secrets, from planet Earth to all of the surrounding planets. 

25. El sol y los planetas

By: Patricia Geis

This is an interactive, pop-up book, perfect for older children, ages 7+.

It is jam-packed with information about the sun, moon and surrounding planets. It has very nicely engineered pop-ups to show children the axis of the earth and the moon and how they revolve around each other.

I bought this book for my son when he was four years old and he absolutely loves it. I just paraphrase instead of reading all of the information in the book.

Our absolute favorite!
El Sol
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26. Enciclopedia del espacio

By: Susaeta Publishing

An encyclopedia of space that will answer all of the questions curious kids 9-12 years old might have. How did the stars originate? Where did the sun and moon come from? What are planets made of? What is our place in the universe? This book will answer these questions and many more!

27. Universo de los cosmos griegos al multiverso

By: Guillaume Duprat

For thousands of years, philosophers have tried to understand and explain the universe. There have been many different theories and the universe has been imagined in many different ways. This book will take you through those different theories from the Greek cosmos to the multiverse. Young astronomers 10 years and older will love this book!

28. El sistema solar

By: Anne Jankéliowitch

If you’ve ever wondered which planet is the biggest or the furthest away from the sun, or why Mars is red, this is the book you need to read. With its illustrations of the solar system, this book reveals all the secrets at the heart of our solar system. Discover the origin of Saturn’s rings, the temperature of Venus, and why we have an asteroid belt.

Why do planets and other stars have names of gods and other mythological characters? Have we always called the sun by that name? What temperature is it on Venus? And what is there beyond Pluto?

Find the answers to all these questions in Astromyths and you will never see the Solar System in the same way again.

Universo takes young readers on an incredible journey that is out of this world using computer-generated 3-D models to explore and open up the most amazing objects in the universe and show each in incredible detail. Journey deep into the explosive core of a red supergiant. Discover the incredible planets and moons that make up our solar system. Look inside spacecraft, spacesuits, and space stations to see how they work. Learn incredible facts along the way.

Well amigos, that’s all for now! I hope you found a Spanish book about space that you will enjoy reading with your kids!

Let me know in the comments below if you know of a Spanish books about space that needs to be added to this list. ¡Gracias!

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