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Father’s Day Coloring Pages for Abuelo in Spanish for Kids (Free Printables)

Inside:  Four Free Father’s Day Coloring Pages for Abuelo in Spanish. The perfect gift a young child can give to their amazing abuelito this Father’s Day.

With El Día de los Padres right around the corner, we cannot forget about all of those special abuelitos out there!

That’s why today, I am bringing you four Father’s Day Coloring Pages for abuelo in Spanish.

Keep reading to see what coloring pages will come in this printable kit, and how you can get your Father’s Day coloring pages for abuelo in Spanish hoy!

Father's Day Printables for Abuelo in Spanish

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While we all celebrate our fathers on Father’s day, we cannot forget about the special patriarchs in our family, los abuelos.

Those special hombres in our life who have set the foundation for our being, who have passed down their traditions, culture and language to us.

Those are the men that these printables in Spanish are for— all the amazing abuelitos out there!

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What do you need for these Father’s Day Coloring for Abuelo in Spanish?

Father's Day Printables for Abuelo in Spanish

For these adorable printable coloring pages for abuelo, all you need is some printer paper, a printer and coloring utensils!

Lennox and I used watercolor paint with our Father’s Day printables for abuelo and they turned out fantastic!

Crayonsmarkers and even regular paint will work just as well!

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Father's Day Printables for Abuelo in Spanish

What coloring pages come in this four-page kit?

In this kit, you will receive four father’s day printables for abuelo in Spanish pages.

  • This first page is a mi abuelo es un superhéroe page.

Using a coloring utensil, have your child color the page. Then, they can add their own features into the blank face to represent their grandfather.

Father's Day Printables for Abuelo in Spanish
  • The second page is a Lo quiero mucho abuelo coloring page with a mustache and a top hat.

Have your child color this page. It will be a great DIY gift to give to abuelo.

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Father's Day Printables for Abuelo in Spanish
  • The third page has words that go with every letter of abuelito to represent all of abuelito’s characteristics.

Abuelo es admirable, bondadoso, único, ejemplar, leal, inteligente, tierno y original! 

Use this page a learning lesson to learn new vocabulary and talk about examples of how grandma possesses all of those characteristics. 

Father's Day Printables for Abuelo in Spanish

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  • Page four is a el mejor abuelo del mundo es el mío coloring page.

Likewise, have your child color in the illustrations. Give it to abuelito and watch his heart soar.

Father's Day Printables for Abuelo in Spanish

How to get your free Father’s Day Coloring Pages for Abuelo now

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Father's Day Printables for Abuelo in Spanish