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Letter J Alphabet Printables in Spanish

Inside: Four FREE letter J alphabet printables in Spanish for children ages 3-6. These letter J printable activities are perfect for the classroom or for fun at home!

Today, we will work with the 10th letter of the Spanish alphabet, J, or la letra jota.

Interestingly enough, the letter J was the last letter to be added to the Spanish alphabet.

The letter J is also one of the Spanish letters that cause the most pronunciation problems for English speakers. Why? Keep reading to find out!

So let’s kick these letter J printables in Spanish off, starting with a quick introduction on how to pronounce the letter J in Spanish. 

Then, at the end of the post, you will learn what comes in this free printable pdf kit and how you can get yours today!

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Letter J Printables in Spanish

Pronunciation of the letter J in Spanish

The letter J is one of the most confusing letters in the Spanish alphabet, especially for English speakers. For starters, it is never pronounced like the English J

Furthermore, the letter J has a unique sound that is not pronounced like any other letter in the English alphabet. describes the phonetic pronunciation of the Spanish J as the following;

“In nowadays Spanish, this letter represents the sound that is produced by approaching the back of the tongue, which is curved, to the veil of the palate. The air passes and the vocal cords do not vibrate. For example, in the words “caja” (“box”) or “rojo” (“red”). There is also a relaxed sound of the “j” in the final word position, as in “reloj” (“clock”).”

For beginners, think of the words’ hop’ or ‘hello’ in English. When saying those words, lift the back of the tongue up a little bit to get that harsh, raspy sound.

Moreover, the letter J comes before a vowel or at the end of a word, such as the word reloj (clock).

I hope that small introduction of the letter J helps! Now I will drop a list of kid-friendly words below that have the letter J. You can find these words in the letter J printables. After this list, you can find a few activities that you can do with them!

  • Jamón – Ham
  • Jungla- Jungle
  • Jirafa – Giraffe
  • Jaguar- Jaguar
  • Granja – Farm
  • Jugar – To Play
  • Oveja – Sheep
  • Abeja -Bee
  • Julio -July
  • Pájaro – Bird
  • Conejo – Rabbit
  • Largatija – Lizard
  • Escarabajo – Beetle
  • Jabali – Boar

You can use this list of words to create vocabulary flashcards and play a memory game with your child.

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Or you could play word of the day and use these words as sight words. See if your child can recognize one of the words in a book you are reading, or maybe she hears it in a conversation.

Making fun games with words is a valuable technique for memorizing vocabulary words!

Below are some links to Youtube videos to show your child about the letter J in Spanish!

What comes in this free letter J printables in Spanish kit?

You will receive a fun, four-page printable workbook for your child to practice the letter J in Spanish.

Page 1 is a practice writing an uppercase and lowercase letter J. It also features two nouns that start with the letter J; La jirafa and el jaguar.

Letter J Printables in Spanish

Page 2 is a practice the J syllables. As I mentioned earlier, J is always followed by a noun, unless it ends a word such as reloj.

A good way to prepare your child for reading and writing is by working on individual syllables and and their phonetic sounds. The YouTube Channel MonoSílabo has great videos on this for every letter!

On page 2, you can work with these sounds. Then, with a pencil, have your child identify the syllable in the word list on the right hand side. Lastly have them draw a line to the corresponding syllable letters.

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Letter J Printables in Spanish

Page 3 is a circle of all the Js in the sentence.

Use this page to work on literary and comprehension skills by sounding out the sentences’ words and piecing together their meaning. Use the picture for assistance!

See how many Js your child can find in the sentence!

Letter J Printables in Spanish

Lastly, page 4 is a J de Jungla worksheet.

First, you can have your child practice each animal on the sheet. Each animal has the letter J! You can find a list of the animals and their names in Spanish in the pronunciation of the letter J section of this post!

Next, have your child color only the animals that belong in the jungla!

Letter J Printables in Spanish

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Let me know in the comments below what you think about these printables. If they are a success, I plan on expanding to create more themes such as animals, shapes, colors and more.

Enjoy, and when you are working on your activity, take a picture and tag me on Instagram using the handle @lorenaylennox! I would love to see your littles learning!

Four FREE letter J printables in Spanish for children ages 3-6. These activities are perfect for the classroom or for fun at home