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20 + Top YouTube Channels in Spanish for Kids

Exposure is the most important thing when raising a bilingual child.

Genuine, interactive exposure is what will ignite your child’s curiosity and desire to learn. Today I am going to share 20 YouTube videos in Spanish for kids that will help supplement your child’s Spanish. 

My partner and I are raising bilingual our son Lennox in Spanish using the minority language at home approach. 

In my post, how I teach my toddler Spanish, I mention seven techniques that have helped me raise him in Spanish as a nonnative seaker. One of those techniques is through YouTube channels in Spanish for kids.

Although we use YouTube on occasion, I limit its use. Why?

For starters, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend television for children under two. Most importantly, television is not a good language teacher for young children who require interactive language input to become passive bilinguals..

Nevertheless, YouTube and television can be a great SUPPLEMENT to language acquisition, especially through catchy, repetitive songs and animations.

Today, I want to share a list of 20 popular YouTube channels in Spanish with which you can SUPPLEMENT your child’s Spanish.

These channels are made for children up to age five. However, from personal experience, I can tell you that they are entertaining for older children as well.

When Lennox first started watching them, I used to go around the house singing the catchy tunes.

To sum things up, check out this list of 20 YouTube channels in Spanish for kids. Let me know in the comments below which channels you and your kiddos adore!

YouTube Channels in Spanish for Kids

YouTube Channels in Spanish for Kids

1. El reino infantil – Great for ALL ages!

This YouTube channel is by far our household favorite!

El reino infantill is brought to you by Argentine Roberto Pumpar Kuky. It is the number 1 Spanish YouTube Channel for Kids in Latin American, and number three worldwide. It has even surpassed channels such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and The Cartoon Network!

We love this channel for its originality, catchy tunes, and dynamic animations.

These short songs for kids in Spanish, which cover music from cumbia to merengue, make you want to get up and dance.

Even after 16+ years of studying Spanish, I cannot begin to express how much vocabulary I have learned watching these videos side-by-side with Lennox.

Another cool fact about El reino infantil is that you can find the songs on apple music!!

Alexa, toca el reino infantíl por favor!

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Here are two of my favorite tunes from El reino infantil:

  • La mancha loca– learn about a silly stain that jumps all over the place with this catchy tune!
  • Cuidando con la bomba chita– Move your hips to the merengue to avoid getting hit by the ‘wittle bomb.’

2. Toy Cantando

Toy Cantando is the largest Colombian YouTube Channel. It is best known for its animated children’s song “La vaca lola.” Today, Toy Cantando is one of the biggest content creators in Latin America.

I highly agree with Toy Cantando’s philosophy of “educating while having fun!”

3. Plim Plim

Plim Plim is an Argentine series of children’s folk songs that began in 2011. The series revolves around Plim Plim’s adventures, a child who has combined features of a clown, hero, and magician.

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4. El Mono Sílabo

El Mono Sílabo is a Mexican YouTube channel that aids children in reading and writing in Spanish. The two main characters are El Mono Sílabo and Nícola Cavernícola. Through anecdotes and songs, children will learn all about syllables, reading, and writing!

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5. A Tiempo Preescolar

 A Tiempo Preescolar is a Chilean YouTube channel that is perfect for preschoolers. The main character is el perro Chocolo.

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6. Cleo y Cuquin

Cleo y Cuquin is a Mexican YouTube Channel that follows an 8-year-old girl Cleo and her brother Cuquin. They form part of the Telerín family.

La familia Telerín was originally created. In 1964 in Spain under La Televisión Española. It left such an impact on Spain and Latin America, that Cleo y Cuquin brought it back in 3D!

7. Kids Tv Español Latino

Another great Mexican YouTube channel that is great for preschoolers!

Lennox loves their Bob El Tren series!

8. Pica-Pica

Pica-Pica is a Spanish group of musicians and children’s theatre that has a gained popularity among children for their entertaining spectacles and songs!

9. Cantoalegre TV

Cantoalege, a children’s music production, was founded in Medillín, Colombia, in 1984. Today it has branched off into Cantoalegre TV, a popular YouTube channel with over 100k subscribers that produces audiovisual content for kids.

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10. Semillitas TV 

Semillitas TV belongs to SOMOS TV, an American company dedicated to servicing the Latino market.  

This channel offers children’s animation that is perfect from babies up to the preschool years.

11. Pocoyo en Español

Pocoyo is a Spanish-British Coproduction. It follows the main character, 4-year-old Pocoyo, on all of his adventures. Children will be encouraged to recognize situations that Pocoyo is in or scenarios going on around him.

12. Cartoon Studio

Another popular YouTube channel that has children’s songs in Spanish. Cartoon Studio also has children’s music to help children relax and sleep.

13. Gallina Pintadita

14. Super Simple Español

A very popular YouTube channel that offers catchy nursery rhymes for children.

15. Biper y sus amigos

A series of children’s songs with a strong religious influence.

16. BabyFirst Español

A YouTube channel that offers a collection of songs great for babies and toddlers!

17. Leoncito Alado

An Argentine Youtube channel with children’s songs for ages 1-4

18. Little Angel Español

19. HeyKids.Es

20. Little Baby Bum in Español

I hope you found a channel that you and your kids will love! If you do, let me know in the comments below!

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Tuesday 4th of April 2023

How do you not have Canticos on this list? It's by far the most adorable channel featuring Spanish nursery rhymes staring Los Pollitos!!


Wednesday 5th of April 2023

Gracias Carolina. Es cierto. Se me ha olvidado añadir Canticos a esta lista. Pronto lo añadiré!


Thursday 27th of October 2022

thanks for the list!