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Thanksgiving Pattern Activity in Spanish for Preschoolers (Free Printable)

Inside: Learn about the importance of pattern awareness in early childhood education, different ways to learn patterns with preschoolers, and a free printable Thanksgiving pattern activity in Spanish for preschoolers.

Over the past two weeks, Lennox has been learning about patterns in his play-based preschool

During one of his classes, it was my turn to be the cooperative parent and witness all of the preschoolers in Lennox’s class become little mathematical pattern geniuses! 

It was a wonderful experience to watch their little brains at work making connections and predictions between different material items. 

Since Lennox’s preschool is in English, I have been working with him over the last few days on patterns in Spanish using loose parts or open-ended blocks to form the pattern. 

For more pattern practice, I thought it would be fun to add some seasonal pattern printables to my repertoire of free printables in Spanish, starting with this Thanksgiving pattern activity in Spanish using pavos!

Keep reading to learn more about the importance of pattern awareness in preschoolers, how to use this pattern activity, and how to get your free Thanksgiving pattern activity in Spanish today!

Free Printable Thanksgiving Pattern Activity in Spanish for Preschoolers

Importance of pattern activities in early childhood education

Patterns are a fundamental part of early math skills for preschoolers. They help children establish connections, predictions through understanding what comes next and reasoning skills.

Patterns are also great for pre-reading and writing practice, as they carry out the pattern practice from left to right.

Furthermore, patterns are very resourceful for communication and memorization through the repetition of words, making patterns highly beneficial for the bilingual child.

Patterns can be found everywhere, from our morning routine to the stripes in our clothes.

There are also many different types of patterns. For example, there are alternating AB patterns, such as blue, red, blue red. Or up, down, up down.

There are ABC patterns that have three alternating elements. Red, yellow, blue, red, yellow, blue.

Then, there are more advanced patterns such as ABBA or ABBC.

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I recommend starting simple with an AB pattern or an ABC pattern for this Thanksgiving beginning pattern activity. I will get more into that further below!

You can do pattern practice with just about any material. I highly recommend getting outdoors and using natural elements such as leaves, or rocks, but you can also use loose objects, or open-ended toys such as magnatiles, or duplo legos.

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In Lennox’s preschool, they were using these adorable sorting bears, but you can really use any material that can create a pattern, like this free printable Thanksgiving pattern activity in Spanish!

Materials needed for this Thanksgiving pattern activity in Spanish

For this printable activity, you will need:

Patron de pavos Thanksgiving Pattern Activity
  • 8.5 x 11 printer paper or card stock
  • A printer
  • scissors
  • laminator machine and laminating sheets if you want to use this activity more than a few times!
  • Your child or student!

How to use this Thanksgiving pattern activity in Spanish

This free printable Thanksgiving pattern activity in Spanish comes with four pages which include two different ways to practice patterns, size and color.

It also includes a template where your child can place the patterns. It is set up to have an odd number of spaces so that your child can learn that once they get to the end of the line, the pattern continues back to the left. Like reading a book!

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Pattern Activity in Spanish for Preschoolers

I recommend beginning with the color turkeys. There are pavos amarillos (yellow turkeys), pavos rojos (red turkeys) and pavos anaranjados (orange turkeys).

Start with an AB pattern and have your child form a line, or use the template of alternating colors.

Read the colors with your child so that they can hear the spoken pattern. This will help with vocabulary memorization as well as speech development and pattern recognition.

Point to the patterns also so they can see the different patterns of words that are on the cards.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Pattern Activity in Spanish for Preschoolers

Once they have mastered the AB pattern, add in a third color.

If your child gets stuck at the end of a row, help them repeat that pattern in an out loud voice and point to the images. Let them know there is no more room at the end of the row, and show them where the next piece goes.

In Lennox’s school, the teachers use the fun sound ZOOP, to zoop the next object to the beginning of the new row.

Free Printable Thanksgiving Pattern Activity in Spanish for Preschoolers

Another way to use this pattern activity in Spanish is with size. There are three different size pavos (turkeys). Pavo grande (Big turkey), pavo mediano (medium turkey) and pavo pequeño (small turkey).

Again, you can start with an AB pattern and then move on to an ABC pattern like mentioned above.

Once your child gets comfortable with the AB and ABC patterns, you can start working with more complex patterns such as ABBA!

And voilá, its as easy as that! A fun and free printable activity that is a perfect resource for your Spanish classroom, or bilingual home to work on pattern awareness!


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I sure do hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving pattern activity in Spanish. If you do, can you do me a favor?

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Free Printable Thanksgiving Pattern Activity in Spanish for Preschoolers

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