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Fall Scavenger Hunt in Spanish for Kids

Inside: A FREE printable PDF Fall scavenger hunt in Spanish for kids. This Fall scavenger hunt in Spanish is the perfect activity for the classroom or at home!

Get the kids outdoor this fall with this free fall scavenger hunt in Spanish!

Before you get scavenger hunting, have your child brush up on their fall vocabulary with these fall-themed vocabulary flashcards in Spanish.

After that, they can fine tune their vocabulary skills by doing some fun sensory fall crafts, or leaf activities.

Next, go on a fall stroll with this fall scavenger hunt!

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Fall Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

How to use the fall scavenger hunt in Spanish as a fun and educational activity 

Fall Scavenger hunt in Spanish
  • You can freshen up your vocabulary with these FREE fall flashcards and printable activities in Spanish.
  • See if you can spot out your child’s new vocabulary in these Fall books in Spanish and see if your child or student can find any of these items on the scavenger hunt.
  • You could do it the traditional way and hide these items around the house or classroom and have your child find them. For them to get the point, they have to recite the name of the object in Spanish. Doing this will help with speech and pronunciation. It will also make it a little more competitive!

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Fall Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

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Your kids will love this fun interactive activity, especially if done in a group and everyone is partaking in only speaking Spanish.

Fun activities like this Fall scavenger hunt in Spanish will be one of those long-lasting memories in your kid’s brain, and it will help to make those vocabulary words stick!

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Fall Scavenger Hunt in Spanish