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30 + Fall Printable Activities for Preschoolers

Are you looking for a fun, educational, and FREE activity to do with your preschooler this fall? Well, today, I am bringing you a round-up of 30 + FREE fall printable activities for preschoolers! These activities are great to do at home and in the classroom as well!

There are so many fun fall activities to choose from in this round-up of fall printables.

I have divided the printables into their corresponding subject categories, starting with Spanish printables, my favorite!

From there, you can find reading and writing, math and science, fine motor, games, and lastly, arts and crafts fall printables!

Enjoy! I hope you find the perfect fall printable activity to enjoy with your preschooler!

A round up of 30+ fall printable activities for preschoolers. These printables cover topics such as math, science, writing, Spanish and more.

Fall printable activities in Spanish for preschoolers

Fall-themed Flashcards in Spanish for Kids

1. Fall flashcards in Spanish

with Bilingual Beginnings

12 fall-themed vocabulary flashcards in Spanish! Spruce up your fall-themed vocabulary, then test them out with the other fall activities in Spanish below!

2. For more adorable FREE fall flashcards in Spanish, check out Mama Llama Linguist’s Fall flashcards!

3. Fall Coloring Pages in Spanish

with Bilingual Beginnings

Six fun-fill, fall-themed coloring pages in Spanish all with different fall vocabulary words!

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4. Fall word tracing worksheets in Spanish

with Bilingual Beginnings

“Tracing activities are a great way to get your four and five-year-olds familiar with the Spanish letters, sounds and they are great for fine motor skills and handwriting practice!”

5. Fall scavenger hunt in Spanish

With Bilingual Beginnings

“Your kids will love this fun interactive activity, especially if done in a group and everyone is partaking in only speaking Spanish.”

Fall Scavenger Hunt in Spanish

6. Here is another fun and free fall scavenger Hunt

with Niños & Nature

“This Spanish scavenger hunt can be used on the days leading up to Halloween, or save it for the night of to bring a little extra excitement. You can offer prizes for anyone who spots something on the list, and double the treat when your child can repeat the Spanish Halloween words with you!”

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7. You just can’t enough scavenger hunts, they are so much fun! Check out this bilingual scavenger hunt in Spanish and English

with Bilingual Balance

“Whether your child is learning English or Spanish (or both!), a scavenger hunt is a fun and vocabulary-rich family outing. “

Fall reading and writing printable activities for preschoolers

8. Parts of an Apple Printable Activity

with Darcy and Brian

“Young learners will practice several skills to complete this activity, such as scissor skills to cut out the words, fine motor skills to glue them in place, as well as reading and labeling the pieces.”

Fall Apple Tracing Printable Activity for preschoolers

9. Apples Tracing Pages

with Homeschool Share

“Visit the apple orchard with these fun Apple Tracing Pages. Boost your preschool students’ fine motor skills and confidence as they complete the tasks provided on each page.”

10. A is for Apple Letter Find

with Simple Fun for Kids

Have your kiddos spot all of the As in this fun A is for Apple letter find!

11. Pumpkin Seed Alphabet Activity

with Books and Giggles

Get ready for Halloween with this easy prep pumpkin seed alphabet activity! These free printable cards are a fun way to practice lowercase letter tracing and alphabet letter matching skills.”

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12. Free Printable Autumn Fall Writing Prompts for Kids

with In the Playroom

“Acrostics are a great for young children to think up their own simple poems, using the letter sounds as a prompt. Sensory poems are another great idea, where children are prompted to write about what they see, hear, taste, smell and feel during Autumn.”

13. Fall Free Sight Word Games

with Preschool Play and Learn

“Make practicing sight words fun this fall with these free printable free sight word games.”

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Fall science and math printable activities

14. Apple Math Coloring Pages

with Homeschool Preschool

“These apple math coloring pages are perfect for preschoolers learning to count to ten. Add them to your autumn lesson plans.”

15. Fall Pattern block mats

with Little Ladoo

“Here are the best Fall-themed Pattern block Mats for Kids to get into the spirit of the fall season. Built a pumpkin, apple, Scarecrow, Hedgehog and more with these free printables.”

Fall Math Printable Activities for Preschoolers

16. Pumpkin Preschool Math

With Homeschool Preschool

“Preschoolers will practice number recognition and counting to twenty with this pumpkin preschool math activity. Perfect for fall!

17. Pumpkin Investigation Activity

with Hess Un-Academy

“This activity is easy to do and will help the kids learn about science and pumpkins – all while having a ton of fun!”

18. Preschool Pattern and Sorting Activity with an Apple Theme

with You’ve Got This Math

“WIth a fun apple theme, this fall preschool pattern activity will help young ones with patterns like ABAB. They will also sort apples based on sizes.”

19. Pumpkin Size Sorting Printable Activity

with Darcy and Brian

“Sorting is an early math skill that is important for preschool and kindergarten children to work on.”

20. Fall Connect the Dots Printable

with Planes and Balloons

“From preschoolers to first graders, children will work on their number recognition, rote counting, and fine motor skills all with one activity.”

21. Printable Fall Apple Math Activity with Snap Cube Pattern Cards

with 123 Homeschool 4 Me

“These free printable snap cube pattern cards are a great way to help kids learn to follow directions and think spacially.”

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Fall fine motor activities

22. Fall Cutting Practice for Preschoolers

with 3 Boys and A Dog

“Encourage your little ones to practice their scissor skills with these printables featuring fall cutting practice for preschoolers.”

23. Apple Tracing Worksheets

with ABC’s of Literacy

“Get ready for fall with these Apple Tracing Worksheets! Your kids can practice their handwriting, pencil grip, and fine motor skills with these preschool worksheets.”

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24. Squirrel Cut and Paste Printables

with Affordable Homeschooling

“Squirrel cut and paste printables are perfect for giving young learners an opportunity to strengthen motor skills while working on math and literacy activities.”

25. Fall Play Dough Mats (printable)

with The Activity Mom

“Add a new twist to your play dough fun with these FREE, printable Fall play dough mats! Your children will thank you!”

26. P is for Pumpkin Dot Marker Coloring Pages

with Simple Fun for Kids

27. Printable Lacing Cards For Fall

with Planes and Balloons

“Lacing is a great activity for strengthening those fine motor skills. So feel free to use them with your toddlers or preschoolers this fall.”

Fall Games

Fall Printable Activities for Preschoolers

28. Free Fall Game for Kids

with Rock your Homeschool

“Create special memories with your kids this Fall and get started with this free printable game today!”

29. Fall Scavenger Hunt

with Crafts by Amanda

“Help your kids to appreciate the beauty of Fall with this free printable fall scavenger hunt.”

30. Free Printable Fall Puzzles

with The Activity Mom

“These free printable Fall puzzles will be a hit with your preschooler or toddler! Simply print, cut, and play!”

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Fall art printable activities

31. Fall Art Activity for Kids Free Printable Worksheet

with Simply Bessy

“Here you’ll find a simple Fall Art Activity for Kids with Free Printable Worksheet. Kids can explore different mediums to create their own Fall tree. This is a great activity sheet for art class or just for fun.”

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32. My Little Book of Fall Colors

with Real Life at Home

“Work on reading, color recognition, and following directions with this free mini book made especially for fall.”

33. Fall Dot Marker Printables

with Two Pink Peonies

“These fall dot marker printables are great for homeschool preschool, a preschool or daycare classroom, or just for some fun at home. They are perfect to do if your kids are bored or if it’s rainy weather outside.”

Fall printables for preschoolers-coloring leaves

34. Autumn Leaf Coloring, Cutting and Sticking Fall Tree Craft

with In the Playroom

“This Fall Tree craft is ideal for preschoolers and even toddlers. They can practise their coloring, cutting and sticking skills which are all easy and fun ways to work on fine motor skills and strengthen little hand muscles.”

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35. Last but not least, check out these awesome fall books with four free printables to go along with them!

with Cenzerely Yours

Well I hope you found the fall printable that your preschoolers will love! Happy Fall!


A round up of 30+ fall printable activities for preschoolers. These printables cover topics such as math, science, writing, Spanish and more.