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Looking for winter related activities to do with your kid? Great!

On this page you can find a variety of winter content such as winter activities for toddlers, winter preschool printables, winter games and much more!

Also on this page, you can find seasonal and holiday-related winter content such as Christmas sensory activities and Christmas printables!

Check out some of our most popular winter content below:


24 Winter Books in Spanish

There is no better time to invest in books in Spanish for your bookshelf than in the winter. Lots of time is spent indoors daydreaming about the day the ground will be filled with a vast blanket of snow. At least thats how my snow-loving family spends our time.

So lay off the screen time and prepare your littles for the seasonal changes that are about to come by reading them one of these good-old fashioned winter books in Spanish.

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Winter Flashcards and Worksheets in Spanish (Free Printables)

In this kit, you will have access to four worksheets and 14 bilingual flashcards. The flashcards are great because you can use them as a memory game by printing off two sets, or you can use them as labels and play fun games such as sorting. They are also an excellent resource for adults to learn and practice Spanish alongside your child. Get creative with them!!! 

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Winter Bucket List for Toddlers

I have gathered some of Lennox, and I’s absolute favorite winter activities from his past two winters of being a toddler. I have also asked some fellow blogger friends to share some of their adorable winter crafts and sensory play activities that are stimulating and entertaining. Don’t forget to jot these down for your toddler’s winter bucket list!

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