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95+ Winter Spanish Vocabulary Words: Explore the Frosty Season in Spanish!

Embark on a linguistic journey through the winter season with this extensive list of 95+ winter Spanish vocabulary words. 

Delve into a comprehensive compilation that encompasses everything from weather-related vocabulary to ‘ropa de invierno’ (winter clothing) and beyond. This resource offers an immersive learning experience, covering various aspects of the winter season in Spanish.

Mastering these winter-themed Spanish words will elevate your language skills and deepen your understanding of the season’s cultural richness. Dive into this linguistic treasure trove and expand your Spanish vocabulary today!

Stay tuned until the end of the post, where I’ll share some fun resources that perfectly complement these winter words, ideal for your classroom or bilingual home today!

Discover an extensive collection of Spanish vocabulary dedicated to the winter season! From describing snowy landscapes to capturing the essence of winter activities, immerse yourself in an array of words and phrases that beautifully portray this chilly and enchanting time of year in the Spanish language."

Top Winter Spanish Vocabulary for Kids

Before we jump into this list of winter Spanish vocabulary words, let’s quickly explore some essential words to use in your Spanish class this winter.

Create an interactive winter word wall with these words or incorporate them into a variety of engaging Spanish activities and printables offered at the end of this post.

  1. Nieve – Snow
    Example: “¡Mira la nieve afuera! – Look at the snow outside!”
  2. Frío – Cold
    Example: “Hace mucho frío hoy. – It’s very cold today.”
  3. Muñeco de nieve – Snowman
    Example: “Vamos a hacer un muñeco de nieve. – Let’s build a snowman.”
  4. Trineo – Sled
    Example: “Me encanta deslizarme en el trineo. – I love sledding.”
  5. Esquiar – To ski
    Example: “¿Quieres aprender a esquiar este invierno? – Do you want to learn to ski this winter?”
  6. Bufanda – Scarf
    Example: “Abrígate con la bufanda. – Wrap up with the scarf.”
  7. Guantes – Gloves
    Example: “No olvides tus guantes para no tener frío. – Don’t forget your gloves so you won’t be cold.”
  8. Botas – Boots
    Example: “Mis botas son perfectas para la nieve. – My boots are perfect for the snow.”
  9. Chocolate caliente – Hot chocolate
    Example: “Me gusta tomar chocolate caliente después de jugar afuera. – I like to have hot chocolate after playing outside.”
  10. Copos de nieve – Snowflakes
    Example: “Los copos de nieve son únicos. – Snowflakes are unique.”

ways to use Winter Spanish Vocabulary 

Looking to enrich your lesson plans with more fun activities? There are numerous creative ways to incorporate these winter words into your teaching. Explore some exciting ideas below:

  1. Storytelling: Encourage kids to create stories using winter-themed Spanish words. This could involve writing short narratives or even acting out stories using the vocabulary.
  2. Art and Crafts: Incorporate winter words into art projects. For instance, create a winter scene collage and label items with their Spanish names.
  3. Games and Puzzles: Develop word-based games like charades or Pictionary using winter vocabulary. Additionally, create crossword puzzles or word searches with winter-related Spanish terms.
  4. Outdoor Exploration: Take a nature walk in winter and identify objects related to the season, using their Spanish names. This can include snow, trees, animals, and more.
  5. Cooking Activities: Prepare winter-themed snacks or beverages together while discussing the Spanish names of ingredients and utensils used.
  6. Music and Songs: Learn and sing songs related to winter in Spanish. You can find Spanish versions of classic winter songs or create your own with the new vocabulary.
  7. Flashcards and Matching Games: Use flashcards with images depicting winter items in Spanish, and play matching games to associate the words with their visual representations.
  8. Writing Prompts: Encourage writing activities using winter words. This could involve creating poems, journal entries, or descriptive paragraphs about the winter season.

Stay tuned for fun and FREE winter printables at the end of the post.

Embark on a linguistic journey with our comprehensive collection of Winter Spanish vocabulary! Dive into the richness of the season as you explore words and phrases that capture the essence of winter in the Spanish language. From frosty landscapes to cozy activities, elevate your Spanish language skills with this curated winter vocabulary guide. Let the beauty of winter unfold through words!

95+ winter spanish vocabulary words

Enough chatter, let’s dive into this list of 95+ Spanish vocabulary words!

  1. Abeto – Fir tree

2. Abrigo – Coat

3. Adorno – Ornament

4. Afuera – Outside

5. Ángel – Angel

6. Ángel de nieve – Snow angel

7. Ardiente – Burning

8. Árbol de Navidad – Christmas tree

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9. Artesanía – Craft

10. Astro – Star

11. Bola de nieve – Snowball

12. Bota – Boot

13. Bufanda – Scarf

14. Buzo – Jumpsuit

15. Calcetines – Socks

16. Cálido – Warm

17. Calefacción – Heating

18. Calor – Heat

19. Campana – Bell

20. Candelabro – Candelabra

21. Capa de nieve – Snow layer

22. Carámbano – Icicle

23. Carroza – Sleigh

24. Celebración – Celebration

25. Chaqueta – Jacket

26. Chimenea – Fireplace

27. Chocolate caliente – Hot chocolate

28. Clima frío – Cold weather

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29. Cocinar – To cook

30. Copo de nieve – Snowflake

Winter Spanish Vocabulary- Copos de nieve - Snowflakes

31. Crema hidratante – Moisturizer

32. Cristalización – Crystallization

33. Decoración – Decoration

34. Descanso – Rest

45. Deslizarse – To slide

46. Despejado – Clear

37. Diciembre – December

38. Disfrutar – To enjoy

39. Diversión – Fun

40. Esquiar – To ski

41. Esquis – Skis

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42. Esquimal – Eskimo

43. Estación – Season

44. Estrella – Star

45. Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas

46. Fiestas – Holidays

47. Forro polar – Fleece

48. Frío – Cold

49. Frosty – Frosty

50. Glaciar – Glacier

51. Gorro – Hat

52. Granizo – Hail

53. Guante – Glove

53. Guirnalda – Garland

55. Helado – Icy

56. Hielo – Ice

57. Hogar – Home

58. Húmedo – Moist

59. Hibernación – Hibernation

60. Helada – Frost

61. Helar – To freeze

62. Iglú – Igloo

63. Invierno – Winter

Winter words in Spanish - Invierno - Winter

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64. Manta – Blanket

65. Maravilla – Wonder

66. Mitones – Mittens

67. Muñeco de nieve – Snowman

Winter Spanish Vocabulary- Muñeco de nieve - Snowman

68. Nieve – Snow

69. Nublado – Cloudy

70. Nochebuena – Christmas Eve

71. Navidad – Christmas

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72. Oso polar – Polar bear

73. Pajarita – Bow tie

74. Papa Noel – Santa Claus

75. Patinar – To skate

76. Patinaje sobre hielo – Ice skating

77. Patines de hielo – Iceskates

78. Pesebre – Nativity scene

79. Pingüino – Penguin

Winter words in Spanish - Pingüino - Penguin

80. Pino – Pine tree

81. Pleno invierno – Midwinter

82. Ponche de huevo – Eggnog

83. Poncho – Poncho

84. Prendas de abrigo – Winter clothes

85. Quemar – To burn

86. Raqueta de nieve – Snowshoe

87. Rayos de sol – Sunrays

88. Rascar – To scrape

89. Ropa térmica – Thermal clothing

90. Resbaladizo – Slippery

91. Sin sol – Sunless

92. Suéter – Sweater

93. Termómetro – Thermometer

94. Tener frío – To be cold

95. Trineo – Sled

Winter Spanish vocabulary- trineo -Sled

96. Ventisca – Blizzard

97. Viento – Wind

98. Víspera de Año Nuevo – New Year’s Eve

99. Zapato de nieve – Snowshoe

100. Zambullirse – To dive.

Spanish Winter Printables and Activities: Fun Learning for Kids

Coming up next is an array of engaging activities and downloadable printables, with many offered for free upon subscription, perfect for classrooms or bilingual homes. Join in for a sneak peek at the available WINTER resources!

  • 24 Winter Books in Spanish for Kids: Immerse your child in the magic of winter with a curated list of 24 captivating books in Spanish. From tales of snowy adventures to heartwarming stories, these books will spark their imagination and language skills.
  • Winter I Spy Printable in Spanish: Engage your little one’s observational skills with an entertaining ‘I Spy’ printable in Spanish. Hunt for winter-themed items while learning new Spanish words related to the season.
  • Winter Word Search Printable in Spanish: Enhance vocabulary and cognitive skills with an exciting word search activity. Seek and find winter-themed Spanish words hidden within the puzzle, making learning fun and engaging.
  • Printable Winter Bingo in Spanish: Play a thrilling game of Bingo in Spanish featuring winter-related words and images. This interactive activity encourages language retention and vocabulary recognition in an enjoyable way.
  • Winter Spanish Vocabulary Cards: Introduce and reinforce winter vocabulary effortlessly with colorful flashcards. These visual aids are perfect for interactive learning sessions, aiding in memory retention and word association.
  • Winter Worksheets for Preschoolers in Spanish: Foster early learning skills with specially designed worksheets in Spanish. Engage preschoolers in tracing, matching, and other activities tailored to reinforce winter-themed Spanish concepts.
  • Winter Scavenger Hunt Printable in Spanish: Explore the outdoors or indoors with an exciting scavenger hunt in Spanish. Seek out winter items while learning new words and enjoying the thrill of the hunt.
  • Winter Color By Number Pages in Spanish: Unleash creativity while reinforcing Spanish number and color recognition. These color-by-number pages feature winter scenes, making language learning an artistic adventure.
  • Winter Maze Printable in Spanish: Navigate through a maze while discovering winter-themed vocabulary. This challenging yet fun activity encourages problem-solving skills while reinforcing Spanish words.
  • Winter Word Scramble Printable in Spanish: Unscramble jumbled words related to winter in Spanish. This brain-teasing activity sharpens language skills and boosts vocabulary retention in an entertaining manner.
  • 7 Winter Dot-to-Dot Printable Worksheets in Spanish: Connect the dots to reveal winter images and reinforce number sequencing in Spanish. These engaging worksheets merge fun and learning seamlessly.

Get instant downloads of most of these printables for FREE! Simply subscribe in the box below, confirm your subscription, and you’ll receive a welcome email with a seasonal passcode to access our Free Spanish Printable Library

Did you have fun exploring this winter wonderland of Spanish words? I hope this list proved incredibly helpful. Dive into EVEN MORE winter activities below! Happy Teaching!

Dive into the realm of winter wonder with our comprehensive collection of Spanish vocabulary! Explore words and phrases that capture the essence of the season, from describing snowy landscapes to discussing favorite winter activities. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Spanish expressions for this enchanting time of year.