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How to Say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish + Activities in Spanish for Kids

Are you looking to celebrate a happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish this year?

Maybe you are throwing a small party in your Spanish class, or you want to show your family a little love this year in the minority language?

Regardless of why, in this post you will find a plethora of resources that will guide you in your endeavors of love this día de los enamorados. By the end of this post, you will know how to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish, learn new vocabulary and phrases associated with Valentine’s Day and you can gain access to FREE and paid Valentine’s Day resources to use with your kiddos this year!

 You will for sure celebrate a happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish this year, ¡sin duda alguna!

Happy Valentine's Day in Spanish

Does Latin America Celebrate Valentine’s Day?  

Did you know that not all Latin American countries celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th?

While most of the northern hemisphere— United States, Canada, Mexico and even countries like Guatemala and Peru celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th, other Latin American countries celebrate the day of love on different dates.

Some countries even celebrate their loved ones on one day, and friends on another, such as Argentina, which celebrates lovers on February 14th, and friends on July 7th. Interesting huh?

In Colombia, el Día del Amor y La Amistad is celebrated in on September 16th. According to Canal Trece, this is because in September, there is no other big holiday to celebrate which is why the month of September was selected to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Interesting huh? They also play a fun game of “amigo secreto,” a secret Santa of sorts where they choose from a name and provide small gifts for their chosen person.

Happy Valentine's Day in Spanish

This might be a fun activity to add in the classroom, but instead of gifts, a drawing or an encouraging note of sorts. Food for thoughts?

Some countries that do celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 14th are: Mexico, Guatemala, Venezuela, Uruguay, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Panamá, Nicaragua, Cuba and Costa Rica.

To sum up this section, since we are learning a little more about celebrating a happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish, it’s important to be mindful that not everyone might celebrate this holiday like celebrated traditionally in the U.S.

Does your country do anything fun for Valentine’s Day? Let me know in the comments below!

How to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish

First things first, how do you say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish?

Below, check out three ways you can say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish:

¡Feliz Día de San Valentín!Happy Valentine’s Day!
¡Feliz Día del Amor y la Amistad!Happy Love and Friendship Day!
¡Feliz Día de los Enamorados!Happy Lover’s Day

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Words in Spanish

Now that you know a few variations of ways to say Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish, let’s look at some vocabulary about el amor.

Useful nouns for Valentine’s Day in Spanish

El besoKiss
El abrazoHug
El cariñoAffection
Los labiosLips
El amorLove
La AmistadFriendship
El anilloRing
La joyaJewelry
El chocoalateChocolate
El oso de pelucheTeddy bear
El corazónHeart
El CupidoCupid
El dulceCandy
La flechaArrow
La florFlower
La rosaRose
El globoBallon
El regaloGift
El novioBoyfriend
La noviaGirlfriend
El esposoHusband
La esposaWife
El sentimientoFeeling
La tarjetaCard

Useful adjectives for Valentine’s Day in Spanish

Enamorado/aIn love

Useful verbs for Valentine’s Day in Spanish

AmarTo love
BesarTo kiss
AbrazarTo hug
AdmirarTo admire
QuererTo love
EnamorarseTo fall in love
ApreciarTo appreciate
TocarTo touch
GustarTo like
NecesitarTo need
ExtrañarTo miss
SoñarTo dream
SentirTo feel
AnhelarTo yearn for
CuidarTo take care of

Spanish phrases for love

Alright, so far we have learned a little bit more about Valentine’s Day in Latin America. We have also looked at a few ways to say Valentine’s Day in Spanish. Lastly, we have reviewed some relevant vocabulary for this special day.

Let’s put all this to work in some simple and short phrases that you can say to your love one this Valentine’s Day in Spanish.

Then, I will link to some posts with longer Spanish phrases that you can share with your loved ones.

Below you can find some short Valentine’s Day phrase in Spanish:

Te amoI love you
Te quieroI love you
Te adoroI adore you
Me gustasI like you
Eres el amor de mi vidaYou are the love of my life
Te extrañoI miss you
Estoy enamorado/aI am in love
Te necesitoI need you
Te amo cómo no tienes ideaI love you like you have no idea.
Eres especialYou are special
Eres mi todoYou are my everything
Eres la mejor cosa que me he pasado en la vidaYou are the best thing that has happened to my life
Te quiero tanto/muchoI love you a lot

Wait what? There are two ways to say I love you in Spanish. Sí señor.

So how do you know which one to use?

To keep the explanation short, te amo is typically used for husband/wife/long-term and serious relationships. Depending on the country, te amo is also used between parents and children.

Te quiero is used between friends. However, it can also be used between spouses, family members and close friends.

Happy Valentine's Day in Spanish

For more clarification on when to use te amo vs te quiero, check out this post by Homeschool Spanish Academy. It includes infographics which will help you decide which “I love you” to use when and where.

More Valentine’s Day Phrases in Spanish

While the short Valentine’s Day phrases in Spanish that I listed above might be perfect for a text message to a loved one, if you want to include a longer phrase in a Valentine’s Day card, check out some of the following posts for more ideas!

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Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish: Activities for Kids

Now that you know all about how to have a Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish, I want to share some more resources that can help children learn more about El Día de los Enamorados.

Happy Valentine's Day in Spanish

Spanish Books about love for Kids

There is no better way to learn a second language than through reading. So let’s learn about Valentine’s Day in Spanish through one of these picture books in Spanish about love!

There are 18 titles to browse through in this list of Valentine’s Day books in Spanish, but my favorite is Te quiero (casi siempre) by Anna Llenas. It is the perfect book for children, ages 3-5 and it’s about two bugs with very distinct personalities that learn to love each other very much.

16 Valentine's Day Picture Books in Spanish

Spanish Printables for Kids

Another great way to have a Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish with your child or students is through some of my free and paid Valentine’s Day printables in Spanish.

Below are some printables available in my Free Spanish Printable Library and my Etsy shop.

To receive access to the free printables, subscribe in the box at the end of the post. Once you subscribe, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Confirm, then you will receive a welcome e-mail with a passcode to get into the free Spanish Printable Library. There you can find over 40+ free printable activities, including the following Valentine’s Day activities in Spanish.

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Go on a love hunt this Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s Day Scavenger hunt available in Spanish and English.

On this scavenger hunt you can find words about love such as un corazón, un abazo, un beso and more! Hide love artifacts around your classroom or home, and watch your kiddos have fun searching for them!

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt

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Valentine’s Day Flashcards

Next up is Valentine’s Day vocabulary flashcards.

Download and print of the flashcards. Below are some fun ways to use the flashcards:

  • See if your child can identify any of the Valentine’s Day vocabulary in your Valentine’s Day book in Spanish selection.
  • The best ways to memorize words is to print off two sets and use them as a memory matching game.
  • Play a fun game by having your child stand on the opposite side of the room as you, or even better outside. First, shuffle the flashcards. Then, lift a flashcard and show your child. Lastly, if they guess it right, they can take a step or hop forward! If they mess up, a step backward! Will they make it to where you are?
  • You could play a bilingual game and say the version in English. Have your child repeat it in Spanish and vice versa.
  • Place the flashcards face up on a table and see how fast your child can recognize the Spanish space vocabulary.
  • Another fun way is to play Slapjack by placing all of the flashcards face down on a table. Say a word on the list and have your child flip the cards over until they find the correct space vocabulary word.

Valentine’s Day worksheets

Also available in the Free Spanish Printable Library is a kit of Valentine’s Day worksheets geared towards preschoolers and elementary school children.

In this kit you can find:

  • A fun Valentine’s Day word activity that is perfect for school-aged kids to find all of las palabras de amor.
  • A color by word heart activity. Your child can learn Valentine’s Day colors in Spanish by coloring in the heart with the corresponding color.
  • A match the number activity. Have your child draw a line to connect the hearts with their corresponding quantities.

Valentine’s Day Tic Tac Toe in Spanish

Are you looking for a cute tic tac toe Valentine’s printable to play in your Spanish classroom this Valentine’s Day.

Or perhaps you are arranging some cute classroom favors for your child’s Spanish class? This tic tac toe Valentines printable in Spanish will be a great addition!

This tic tac toe game is a super fun and easy Valentine’s Day activity that will keep your children or students engaged for a while as they battle out and try to get three of the same color hearts in a row!

Valentine’s Day Classroom Cards in Spanish

Also available in the Free Printable Spanish Library is a set of Valentine’s Day cards in Spanish to use in the classroom or for your all your child’s friends. They have cute sayings such as:

Gracias por ser mi sol.Thank you for being my sun
¡Eres una estrella!You are a star!
Solo tengo ojos para tiI only have eyes for you
Valentine's Day Cards in Spanish

Valentine’s Day Bingo in Spanish

This last resource, Valentine’s Day Bingo in Spanish, is not a free printable, but it is available in my Etsy shop for $2.97.

It comes with twenty Valentine’s Day vocabulary words in Spanish and six bingo sheets to play with up to six players.

Valentine's Day Bingo in Spanish

Valentine’s Day I Spy Printable in Spanish

Keep the littles busy this February 14th with this free I Spy Valentine’s Day Worksheet in Spanish.

This is a great activity to do in the classroom or at home to get your child speaking in Spanish. It’s also a fun way to get your little learners counting their numbers and executing their fine motor skills.

Well, amigos, I hope that I have set you up for success to have a Happy Valentine’s Day in Spanish. Stay tuned for future resources that are in the works.

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Even more Valentine’s Day activities for the kiddos

Happy Valentine's Day in Spanish